Hello everyone, this is lucky i am here with an One shot.. Sorry if u feel that i made any mistake..

Sanskar Maheswari : An arrogant business man… And a Womanizer.. Always decide with his mind..
Swara Gadodia : strong indepant girl… always decide with her heart..


Morning sun distrub the sleep of our hero Sanskar.. he open his eyes and turn other side.. one woman is laying n*k*d beside him with a bedsheet.. due to his moments she also wake up and smiles at him.. He smirks and goes to her.. He touches her bare back sensously and she also respond to his touch.. he take out the bedsheet which is barely covering her body..and take a look of her bare body.. then started to kiss her.. and that time his phone rings.. both were irritated but he still received the call..while the girl goes to washroom..
Sanskar talk in the call for some time then cut the call while the girl come after changing her dress..
Girl : Sanskar i need some money..
Sanskar : (smirks) :how much kavitha ?
Kavitha : 10 lakhs..
Sanskar : in an hour u will get it in ur account..
Kavitha come close to him and abt to kiss him but sanskar pushes her and warn her..
Sanskar : i will come to u when i want u but not u.. understand ?(strongly)
She nods !! Kavitha known that she can’t do this but still she try to make him as hers forever for his money but she failed always miserebly..
Kavitha leaves !! After sometimes
sanskar get ready and goes to office..

there he meet his father who is waiting for him.. soon he wished his father and went to his cabin and start woring.. In evening his PA come and tell him abt the singer whom they were going to launched
PA (scared): sir the girl we are going to launched as a new singer came to meet u..
Sanskar : sent her to my cabin.. (smirks seeing her scared face)
After five minutes he hear the knock of the door.. sanskar in watching his files so without seeing the girl he ask her to enter
Sanskar : yes comin (with attidute)
Girl : Good morning Mr maheswari (with her melodious voice)
With her voice sanskar upper his face towards her.. A beautiful girl with blue denim jeans and white-rose combined v neck blouse and scarf.. with simple make and earings.. simple look but yet she look gorgious like an angel.. sanskar couldn’t take off his eyes from her..
Sanskar : i want her !!!
but his thoughts are broken by her sweet voice..
Girl :Excuse me Mr maheswari !
Sanskar : yes..
Girl : i am Swara Gadodia.. new singer
Sanskar : yeah.. welcome to maheswaris..
Swara : thank u (smiles normally)
They talk some professional talk but sir sanskar glanced at her many times.. she feel his gaze and didn’t say anything.. When she was abt to go out ram prasad enter sanskar’s cabin..
Swara and ram looked at each other..
Swara : Ram uncle..(she tok blessing from him) how are you ? how is suji aunty ?
Ram : (understand who is she bcz only swara used to call sujatha as suji aunty) Swara beta ?we both are fine beta.. (he hugh er her and tears rolling from his eyes.. swara is so happy) how are u beta ?
Swara : i am fine uncle.. i am a new singer of maheswaris uncle
(sanskar is giving them confuse look)
Ram : so Swara Gododia is going to be a new singer !! ur sujii aunty will be so happy to see you..
Swara : i also want see suji aunty..
Ram : So where are u staying. ?
Swara : its ok uncle.. i am staying in XYZ hotel..
Sanskar : DAD !!
Both swara and Ram turn towards sanskar.. Swara look at sanskar with so much love and pain but smile
Sanskar : u both know each other..
Ram : yes beta swara’s mother and ur mom are childhood friends.. and swara’s papa is my best friend from college.. they are like family to us.. but now they are no more !!
(swara get teary eyes but compose her which was noticed by sanskar )
Ram : (to swara) u r not staying in hotel u r going to stay in our house !!
Swara : but uncle !!
Ram : no excuses is that clear !!
Swara (smiles) : As ur order (she start to laugh)
Ram smiles while sanskar is mesmerised to see her.. After that swara and ram leave to MM !!
Sanskar POV
OMG what a beautiful creature.. she is tempting i can’t even take off my eyes.. when she simile the curve on her lips oh god i just want to kiss her till eternity.. Oh sanskar what are u thinking ? she is close to mom and i can’t do that.. i am a womanizer but i never forced anyon.. normally girls fall for me for my money or for my physic.. i need to relax i need a woman to change my mind from swara.. POV ends
Sanskar : (think) kavitha is going out of town oh shit.. (call someone) hey sent some beautiful lady to me tonight..
Caller : yes sir .. place ?
Sanskar : Same place where u used to sent them for me..
Caller : ok sir.. when u reach there she will be waiting..
Soon sanskar leave for his farm house..

Soon he reached at his room saw a beautiful girl waiting for him in the bed.. She is wearing a s*xy short gown.. But when he saw her his mind directly think how swara was beautifel even in her full covered jeans and top…. he try to erase her thought but he couldn’t.. He take off his blazer and moves toward her.. She looks at him lust.. when he was abt to kiss her swara’s face come in his mind.. He jerks.. the lady look at him..
Sanskar : lets have drink (he come to know that if he stay in sense he can’t forget swara’s face)
Soon both drinked till become tally and undress themselves make out.. For sanskar its never making love its always having S*X..
Next morning he wake up and as usual find a girl near him.. but today he couldn’t do his morning s*x bcz again swara’s face in his mind
Sanskar : (thinks) oh god this girl will make me crazy… why i am feeling like i already know her.. and now morever she is going stay in my house..
Soon girl leaves and sanskar also goes to his house as its Sunday..

When he enters in to the house he can see servants prepaing break fast !! His mother ask him to join him for break fast he want to deny but when he see swara coming in white salwar with light make up he join them to breakfast.. He thought his parents would be shoocked but they didn’t say anything they just smile.. servant start to serve everyone but he didn’t serve to swara..
Sanskar : Ramu what is this ? (angry)
Ramu : (scared) sirrr
Sanskar : why are u not serving anything to her (pointing towards swara) we must serve to our guest first..
Ram is scared and abt to reply but sujatha reply..
Sujatha : i only asked him to not serve her..
Sanskar : WHAT ?
Sujatha : bcz i am going to feed her with my hand..
He look at swara who is smiling and then sujatha..
Sujatha start to feed swara and she happyly eat with her hand.. some tears are coming from her eyes..
Everyone notice it..
Sujatha : Remembering abt ur mother ?
(swara nod her head like child) (then swara take a peace of chappati and feed sujatha.. Sanskar sees their bonding and shocked.. bcz sujatha was never closed with anyone her love is always for him..) (he understand that she is very close his parents)
weeks pass.. swara is now permanantly staying in his house as ram-sujatha order bcz they don’t want her to stay alone.. Now a days sanskar couldn’t touch any girl bcz everytime swara’s image come in his mind.. Swara used to greet him in the morning with a great smile and they talk some official talks.. he now mostly stays in house now.. But to distract his mind he used to drink so much..

Now it has been 1 months swara is staying in MM..
One fine Sunday evening sanskar is siting in garden and thinking.. soon swara see him join him..
Swara : hello Mr maheswari !
Sanskar : hi Swara, and call me sanskar..
Swara : but i think Mr maheswari is more good.. u know attidute (laugh)
Sanskar (suprised bcz mostly girls scared bcz of his charecter but she is speaking with him normally)
Swara : Uncle & aunty called and told me that they are stuck due some accident in high ways so can’t come home.. and while searching the hotel they met uncles old frd and going to with him
Sanskar : (look at her if she is scared to stay with him alone for the first time but she is not) Are you not scared ?
Swara : why should i ? u r there na ?
Sanskar (suprised) : but r u not scared of me ?
Swara : why ? are u any ghost ?
Sanskar : u know abt me right ?
Swara : yeah i know but i also know that u will not touch me without my wish..
Sanskar (shocked) : how ?
Swara : SHONA’s magic (sayiing this she leaves and goes inside the house)
Sanskar : shona ?? (aaaahhh)my head
Same Sunday night at night..
Sanskar couldn’t sleep bcz there is no more sleeping pills and he couldn’t find alcohal bottles.. he break everything bcz his head so much paining… swara come to his study room and shock to see the scenenario..everything is broken.. She run and hug him..he was shocked but having her in his arms give him some relax feeling.. She cups his face and kiss his forehead.. Slowly she bring him to his room and make him sit in his bed.. still his head is paining..
Swara : sanskar what happen ?
Sanskar : u know i am addicted to women or alcohol but now a days i am taking sleeping pills to control my self but there is nothing today… (ahhhh) my head (he screams)
Swara : (can’t see him in painso come close to him and kiss him.. it was so passinate kiss)
Sanskar was shocked but response in same way.. after ten minutes they broke the kiss due to lack of oxygene..
Sanskar : SWARA !!!!
Swara : just relax sanskar.. (huskyly) make me as urs Sanskar..
Sanskar : swara u will regret it… see now i am more better than before.. i don’t know why but ur hug and kiss made me so calm.. so now don’t worry..
Swara : (smiles faintly) u can sleep with that kavitha and also call girls but not with the girl who was just born for you
Sanskar : (shocked) what do u mean ?
Swara : do u remember when u was fifteen years old u met an accident and u don’t remember anything which happened before..
Sanskar shocked like how she know but nods in yes..
Swara : so do u want know abt the past which is unknown to u ?
Sanskar nods

Flash back before 13 years…

Sanskar was 14 years and swara was 9 years old.. both family are close frds.. shomi and sujatha are childhood frds … shehkar and ram are college frds.. both families are neighbors too.. from the day swara was born she was princess of both family.. sanskar and swara are inseparble.. sanskar used to call her shona.. they share everything with each other.. one day when they went to the temple they saw a wedding of their neigbour girl.. After reaching house they ask some question to elders..

Sanky : papa mom why lavanya (wedding bride) di is going with that new guy ?
Sujatha : bcz now she is married to that guy so now she will leave her family and goes to live with that guy.. all the girls will leave one day with their husbands.. when a boy fill her maang with sindoor and adorn her neck with mangalsutra they are bind with each other for life time..
Swara (cry): why ? i don’t want to go with anyone i want to stay u all..and i want stay with sanky always..
Shomi : (jokingly) for that u should marry with ur sanky..
Swara : (smiles) yupieee and jump in exicement.. and hug shanky..
Sanky think something and hug her also..

Next day sanky bring shona to the temple and does the same thing which he show in that wedding.. he put sindoor in her maang and mangalsutra in her neck.. then take 7rounds around the akni.. both doesn’t know abt 7 promises but they think in mind to stay together forever.. when both reach their house everyone is shocked.. angry and what not.. but when they asked both reply WE WANT TO STAY TOGETHER FOREVER WITH EACH OTHER.. both family accepts this bcz they also want this but now.. so they promise their children that they will grow up they will make them marry again.. both shona and sanky become happy..
It has been one after this incident.. both children, family are living happily.. its was sanky’s fifteen bithday.. when he was crossing the road to meet shona (as both house are opposite to each other) there was a truck who come in high speed clash with him.. shona who was playing in the garden who hears sanky’s screming run to the spot and shock to see her sanky in full of blood.. she cries, scream.. both family also shocked.. soon pick him and goes to hospital.. somehow after many ours of surgery he is saved but lost his memory..

Sanky waked up.. but don’t remeber anyone but some how he accepts his parents and shekhar and shomi but when shona come he start to get some flash of boy and girl running ant etc.. so she start to scream.. and ask her to go.. shona and everyone is shocked..
doctor call ram and shehkar..
Doctor : his operation is done.. but he forgot everything related to his past.. he can’t stress him self to remeber anything bcz its will cost may be his life.. so its better to keep him away frm his memories for few months..i mean still he get stable..
Shona who came near docter’s cabin is shocked.. she don’t know much but understand that sanky forget her and need to go from here.. she start cry loudly… Ram and shehkar is shoced.. after that shona didn’t went to meet sanky.. and one week after sanky and his family left to USA.. For many weeks shona used to cry.. But few months later shekhar dies in heart attack bcz of business lose.. soon shona’s family was forced to leave the city.. but shona never forgot sanky and when she understand the meaning of mariage she also understand that she is married to sanky.. but her ma and dida asked her to forgot abt it and moved on but she couldn’t.. years passed

Before few months her mother died and she was all alone.. that time she got an apportunity to be a singer..


Swara (crying) : i got know abt ur habit of being addicted to women by many peoples when i reached delhi.. but i don’t know that u was my sanky.. bcz my sanky is just for his shona
Sanskar is super dupper shocked.. He can see the pain in her.. he was somehow feeling guilty of not remembering her.. He keep her hand on her shoulder and next second swara hug him tightly.. he feel guilty to hurt this pure soul.. he can feel her love.. ,now he understand why he couldn’t touch any girls after meeting her.. He understand that his mind forgot her but not his herat that’s why whenever he try to goes close to anywomen only her face is coming infront of his face.. he hug her back with full love.. he can’t see her crying but she need let out all her worries so he let her cry… he just caressed her hair.. after few hours she fall asleep in his arms.. he make her lie on the bed.. and sit in sofa and think abt his life after the accident..

Sansar’s point of view
I don’t remeer anything before the accident.. but whatever she told me is true i can see in her eyes.. and that hospital incident and leaving india i remember that.. yeah after that we lived in USA.. But i got many bad frds bcz of that i start drinking and smoking.. night outs.. fighting and many more.. then i got admission in University both LAS VEGAS.. where i got used to drugs and womens.. firstly i was not but after taking drugs i was not in my control.. i used sleep with many womens.. all were behind my money or my look.. i started to addicted to drugs.. when my dad and mom got to know abt it they was broken.. i somehow control my drugs habit but due the addiction of over doses i took i can’t completly come over so as a relaxation i used to sleep with womens or drinks till i faint or took over dose of sleeping pills but i never forced any girl.. kavitha was my frd’s one night stand she used sleep with all for money.. i also know that she want to trap me forever with her.. but no i don’t.. then many girls want to marry me for my money but no i can’t.. i don’t know why i always become hyper by listening abt mariage but now i understand because i was already married that’s why

Sanskar wake up and doesn’t find swara.. he goes down staires but he saw his parents.. he asked his parents abt his past.. they told him the same.. when he asked why didnt they tell him abt swara and family.. Ram replied..
Ram : after going to usa i was always contact with shehar but after few months he talked to me less.. when i asked him he told me some business tension.. i want to help him but he didn’t took my help.. after that the next time i called him i got to know he is dead and shomi shona left the city.. i searched everywhere but couldn’t find them.. that’s why i didn’t tell anything.. (crying)
He understand the situation.. when he again asked abt swara.. he saw swara coming in Blue colour salwar.. looking really beautiful..

Sanskar goes near swara and too her hand..
Sanskar : Swara i know i am not a good guy but from the i saw u i feel connected to you.. before i never used to stay in house at night but now i love to stay here bcz i can see you in early morning when u sing arrthi.. i like ur smiling face !! i want to be the reason of ur smile.. i can’t change the past but i want make the future beautiful.. as u said we were married in childhood which i don’t remember.. but now i really want marry you again.. i know i don’t deserve ur pure love but still will u marry me ? and i promise i will never touch any other women here after..

Sujatha and ram are happy.. Swara is crying.. Sanskar thinks it as her denial.. he was abt to turn when swara come and hug him tightly.. He hugh er back tightly and then kiss her forehead.. then Both took blessing from ram and sujatha.. they want to make mariage arrangement for next week but sanskar ask to make it after two months.. In these two months both fall in love with each other unconditionally… as he promised he never goes to any girl..
Marriage happen very grandly with media, bussiness mans and etc.. many are shocked and jealouse… After the function swara is sent to her room..

Sanskar’s room ouppps SWASAN’s ROOM
Swara is standing near the window when sanskar come inside and close the door..sanskar come and keep his hand on her shoulder.. she turn to him.. he make her sit in the couch and he sit beside her by holding her.. He explain swara that he asked mariage after two months bcz he started his treatment to come out of his addiction (swara widens her eyes).. he also tell her that before his ego doesn’t let him go for the treatment but for her he wanted to become normal.. Swara was beyond happy.. then slowly the atmosphere become romantique.. both sowly move towards each other.. and their lips meet together both feel current passing sensation.. the kiss was so intense.. slowly he look at her eyes which is full of love but still he need her permission.. she understand his unspoken word and say : i was born for you sanskar !! this was enough for him.. he took her in his arm and place her on her bed.. he leaned toward her and again their lips meet.. she slowly caress his hair while he caress her waist.. he then move toward her neck and kiss passionately and bite there.. she mourn his name in pain and pleasure.. he lick and suck at the biten area to less her pain.. slowly he removed her dress and now she is in bed with her inner wears he kiss her everywhere.. she also took his sherwani and kiss him in his naked torso.. but still she was shy to take off his pant.. he smiles at her shyness.. slowly he remove her upper inner wear and start to kiss her bo**oms and also suck it.. she is mourning just his name.. he also took off her lower inner wears.. then he took off his pyjama and innner wears.. swara feel shy to look at him but sanskar make her look at him.. both kiss each other with lots of love.. and finally he enter into her.. She scream his name and he kissed her to make her calm.. after some minutes she become calm.. both start to enjoy their union.. and this time for sanskar its not having s*x but making love..

Both promised in childhood to BE WITH EACH OTHER FOREVER TOGETHER and now they will live forever together..


  1. Maryam

    Awesome dear….actually dear lucky I am very lucky to read such a fantastic and heat touching story of yours

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    Beauuutifull…comeup wid more such os…but story ended wid selfless love btw swasan which ws amazing….

  3. Kritika


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    It’s damn awsm dr..waise I have read it before only..u know Na!?? So appreciating u here as well.
    Loved it..

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