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Hello 🙂 Although there weren’t too many comments last time, I’m guessing it wasn’t good enough or something. But I’m really thankful to all those who commented on it 🙂
Anyways, today’s episode of Ishqbaaz was amazing with Shivaay and Sahil’s scenes. Priyanka and Ranveer’s part was not that interesting or anything, according to me. I’d love to know your views on it too guys, so feel free to share it.
Today’s update is all about Shivaay, Anika and Sahil, that’s why I mentioned it in the name. And it’s mostly inspired by Nakuul Mehta’s acting today! To put it simply, I fell in love with him. Again. And I hope this post comes within a 10km radius of the impact it must have left on all of you! Honestly people, fingers crossed for this one! Here goes the next episode.
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I watched as he went into surgery. Even though he was lying on a stretcher, his bright smile didn’t fade at all. He was as brave as his sister; maybe even more than her. I watched with a blank expression as his tiny hand left mine while Anika held tight for a second, raising his other hand to her lips, trying her best to not let the tears spill. “Just keep my gift ready when I come out. Okay?” he said in his own cute and spirited way. I forced a slight smile on my face, giving him double thumbs up. He patted her hand and then ordered the nurse to take him in while waving to everyone else standing behind me. I took a long deep breath to steady myself, willing myself to be optimistic. “It’s just a little surgery; nothing too life threatening. The best doctors are working in there, and I should trust them. Just calm down Shivaay”, I told myself.

Anika was still standing there in front of the operation theatre with her shoulders hunched a little, just like me. OmRu and Prinku came up behind us, prompting us to sit down on one of those cold metal chairs they had in the hospitals. I sat next to Anika, clenching and unclenching my hands to keep my head engaged in it. I looked around me, seeing most of my family there with us. Even Bade Papa and Dad had come to give Sahil the best wishes, though they had left now. I had cancelled all my meetings, sure that I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else besides that little boy whom I had come to love in such a short time. I replayed the first time I had seen him in Diwali. He had come with Anika, walking beside her, lightly holding her hand with one hand and gripping the crutch with another. A huge wave of emotion had arisen then and I drowned in it without a struggle. I felt rather insignificant next to him. I noticed the way he held his head high, pride and love coexisting in the warm glow he radiated around him, just like his sister.

I had tried approaching him first, still talking arrogantly, assuming him to be intimidated by me, like the others were. But he had put me in my place, calling me as “Billuji” and “SSO” and talking to me like an equal. We had become kind of friends since then; after having made me fulfill his cute small demands, of course! I had long realized that it wasn’t pity or sympathy that I felt for him. I had seen his aversion to that the first time itself. I kind of admired the kid, looking up to him for courage; coming close to something like hero worship. I would never admit it out loud, but I knew it was true!
OmRu were sitting quietly across the narrow hall with their heads resting on each other. Ishu wasn’t here and I briefly wondered why. I glanced at Anika, restraining myself from holding her hand, for fear of breaking down. She was too much like her brother! It was almost funny how that phrase had gotten turned around in these few weeks.
Another memory that played in my mind was the day we were talking to each other in the park and I had unintentionally brought up the subject of his injured leg. “Don’t you ever feel like using your other leg too?” I had asked while watching the other kids playing around. We were having ice cream and I stopped with the ice cream in my mouth, suddenly realizing what I had said. I glanced at him sideways and saw something I never had. His face had fallen after hearing my stupid question.
I wanted to apologize and say that I didn’t mean it, but a small voice in my head said, “I wanna hear what he says.” So I waited for him to find an answer. “Yes”, he breathed in an ancient sorrowful voice. That voice didn’t belong to the chirpy kid I knew. “But I have kinda forgotten how it feels to walk with two legs instead of a stick for one. I haven’t thought about it, but now that I do, I think I’ll like that.” His chin, which used to be high up in the air, was now tucked into his neck. I nudged his arm with my elbow, trying to cheer him up. “How about we go somewhere different for our next outing? Is that okay?” I asked hesitantly. He immediately picked up on my train of thought. “Are you thinking of going to a doctor? I don’t think it’ll work. Anika didi also tried a lot to get me on my own feet, but it didn’t work”, he said, still sad.

I so wanted to wipe that sulky face away. I tried again. “One more try couldn’t harm anything, right? And I’m kind of selfish enough to try it for me. I want to make your wish come true. Will you let me try?” I asked in the sweetest voice I could. It seemed to work and he looked up with those dark eyes with a twinkle of happiness that I so longed for. “Okay; but just once. And don’t tell Anika didi. She’ll be sad if it didn’t work. Okay?” I had marveled at his maturity, nodding to his request. I was too speechless to manage anything more than a squeak!
There were those happy moments too. Like when we would go out to the park and I would carry him around on my shoulders on his request. It was more like emotional blackmail! Or that one time when we were having ice cream and he smeared some on me, just to see my reaction. Well, that ended up with me copying his act and then an inevitable ice cream fight!
My eyes started burning thinking about him. How could that little kid battle any bad thing if anything went wrong in that operation theatre? And yet he had already fought so much unfairness in life. I was starting to have a panic attack now. When will those damn doctors be done with it? How much longer would we have to wait? I saw Dadi and Badi Maa go to the small hospital temple. I didn’t believe in praying to God, but I kind of did it, mentally, anyways. Anika was watching them go and I looked away again, before she could see the fear and anxiety in my eyes. She quietly held my hand, and it felt like she was transferring some of her energy to me while drawing some of my own. I closed my eyes shut and waited for the doctor to come out.


The door finally opened and one of the doctors came out finally! I felt like an eternity had passed! I waited with bated breath as Shivaay rose in one fluid motion. He went ahead to talk to him with OmRu behind him. I sat there like a stone, not finding the courage to even ask about the result I was so impatient to hear. I couldn’t even see their faces as they talked for a long time. Somewhere between that I found my legs to be strong enough to stand. But before I could do so, Shivaay turned with a radiant smile on his face and I felt the air rush into my lungs! OmRu came running to me and hugged me tight. I let the tears I held in for so long flow out like a burst dam. I couldn’t hear Rudra’s overjoyed words or see Om’s happy eyes. All I saw then was the tears flowing from Shivaay’s hazel eyes as his face lit up in a blinding smile. As if from far away, I heard Om say, “Anika, we can go see him from outside now. He’ll take a while to wake up, and until then we can’t go to him.” I nodded while sniffing and wiping my tears at the same time.
I didn’t see how he came to be there, but he was next to me, offering me a handkerchief. I took his hand instead and we went together to the glass window. My Sahil lay there amongst all the wires and machines. His recently operated leg seemed huge under the sheet; it must have been bandaged. He had one of those oxygen masks from the movies and he looked so tiny in that big room! It was worth marveling how, in the fight with life, he had emerged victorious again! I looked up at Shivaay beside me, and quietly whispered, “Thank you.” He shook his head at that and quietly pressed his lips to my forehead.
I reveled in that happy moment for a minute, before remembering Ishu. I turned to ask Rudra to inform her and got the pleasant surprise that Om was already doing that. I saw Dadi and Jahnvi Aunty come back from wherever they had gone and they were evidently overjoyed at the update.
I felt so lucky for having such amazing people as my family. I looked into those happy sea green eyes flecked with inviting golden and thought to myself, “There’s my luck! You brought my wish true!”
“Thank you, Billuji”, I smiled at him as he narrowed his eyes a bit; irritated by my show of gratitude. “I love you, Billuji”, I breathed as I rested my head on his chest. He simply touched his chin to my hair and said, “I love you too, Anika.”

SNEAK PEEK: Om asks Ishu why she didn’t come to the hospital.

Hello again guys 🙂 Today’s episode was longer, so can I expect more comments today? I’ll sign off without much talk as I gotta wake up early tomorrow as it’s a very important day for me. Bye bye… Keep smiling people 🙂

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  1. Priyali

    It’s awesome Samm.. I’m totally astounded with this episode… just no words to say because it was tooo good!!????

    1. Samm

      Thanks priyali ? I’m glad you liked it

  2. Mihra-101


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      Thanks mihra ?

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      thanks lalitha 🙂

  4. Hey Hi…

    This episode was god frankly speaking I really really liked the Precious FF of your, I always say that you have an awesome way of writing its very close to the novel writing, the way you explain the situation and feelings of people. But somehow in this FF may be something is lacking, or it could be that i am more into Shivaay and Anika love story that is why..

    But overall this episode was nice…

    1. Samm

      hey himanshi 🙂 thanks for letting me know your thoughts 🙂 i really appreciate that… i know that there’s nothing that i could do to make this episode better, but i will try to make the upcoming epiosdes more realistic and heartfelt. i hope you’ll find it more, umm… for lack of better words, complete, i guess…
      honestly i was feeling rather down while i wrote this, maybe that could be the reason why it didn’t reach you the way i wanted it to 😐 i love shivika too, but i wanted to make this ff based on om and ishu more than shivaay and anika. it’s true that i can’t omit their story completely, but i’ll add parts of them… for example, their wedding and other such stuff closely related to them will be written with their points of view. so i hope you’ll like that.
      thanks a lot for your love! i’m so glad for your love for precious 🙂 and thanks for your honesty too… do continue sharing your thoughts 🙂

  5. Nansshivika

    I was so present in that corridor of hospital looking at shivay n anika emotional trauma.its fab

    1. Samm

      thanks a lot nans 🙂 i’m glad you liked it! 🙂

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    wow just awesome yaar

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