Lucky (Om and Ishu) Episode 39

HEYYO GUYS! This is Samm here with the last episode of ‘Lucky’. This might seem more like an epilogue or something rather than an episode, but I really wanted to write this part. Those of you who followed my previous ff, ‘Precious’ might find this one a little different and yet similar to that one. This is an Om-Ishu exclusive, with almost no part of the family. If you guys want a proper epilogue too, let me know right away and I’ll be only too happy to write it. 🙂
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“This is getting out of hand! Literally!” I finally let it out. Munching on my Snickers bar while sitting on top of the second floor balcony railing, I tried my best to avoid the huge glittering pink stone on my finger. Well, to be honest I was very pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed to have such a surprise fairytale proposal from my Prince Charming. And that was a big fat lie. Who am I kidding? I was going mad and felt like breaking down and crying like a kid, complete with tantrums and all. The obvious follow-up question: Why? That’s because my minutes old fiancé and to-be husband scored zero on the romance test.
Actually that wasn’t completely true. He was extremely romantic without meaning to be, but there were also times when his eccentricities were unbelievable. Like that night when he had kicked me out of his room and pushed me all the way to the second floor guest room! The reason: “You’re driving me crazy!” I still had no idea what I did to deserve that, but all that night I had tossed and turned in my bed, fuming at my unfair banishment. That was until he literally carried me back (while I was scowling at him and kicking the air) and tucking me in, he told me, “Sleep quietly, okay? I’ll work on a sculpture, so go to sleep. Okay?” I had pouted at his weird behavior but melted right away when he kissed my forehead and left quietly.
I would like to think that this was another of his craziness. But in my defense, who would have thought that the previously-commitment-phobic Omkara Singh Oberoi would be so unpredictable yet resolute on the marriage front?

During the one month that I have been here, I have formed a kind of routine: exercise and breakfast, work, lunch, work and snacks again and back home in the evening. The evenings at the Oberoi Mansion were almost always a family time, so I always tried to be home as early as possible, unless work held me back. I was also getting better with my anger management around ‘those people’ and it seldom bothered me nowadays. The only damper on my mood was Om’s weirdly distant behavior.
I was still sulking as Om had chosen a drawer over me! A plain, wooden, boring drawer in his desk over The Amazing Me! I had been looking for my mobile at his desk and was about to check in one of the drawers too. He had abruptly jumped up from the bed and totally scolded me for trying to open that drawer without even listening to me once. I continued with my silent treatment to Om while Prinku talked about something interesting at her office, but I had noticed the sideways glances his brothers gave me frequently whereas Om determinedly avoided meeting my eyes. “I’ve never seen them fight like this! I just hope this passes soon”, I heard Jahnvi Aunty say to Pinky Aunty. At least that ended when Anika and Saumya came out of the kitchen with tea for the elders and I joined them with Prinku.
I saw Shivaay Bhaiya and Rudra move away from him and come towards us and a (childish) superior smirk formed on my face as if that earned me a point or something! I picked up a Snickers bar and was about to take the second bite when my left wrist was captured. By now I was a pro at recognizing his touch, so I was just surprised that he would do something like that while his entire family was watching. Being the slow tortoise that I am, I was still hung up on the drawer incident. So I acted angry and tried to tug my hand free; unsuccessfully.
In one smooth movement, he held my hand gently and slipped on a ring on my third finger.
The ring was as simple and beautiful as they came: an entwined band of platinum or something with a big, unique looking stone at the center. I couldn’t help but note that it looked really good on me. My gaze travelled from Om’s nervous eyes to the others who didn’t seem as shocked as me. Jaw, meet Ground. Heart said Bye to Brain, Air said Bye to Lungs, and I said Bye to him. And then I bolted.
I bounded up the stairs and ran at my max speed all the way to the second floor. Gasping for breath and struggling to control my heartbeat, I finally climbed up to sit on the wide wall of the balcony and munched on the chocolate I had carried with me.

I felt cheated. Where was my magical proposal on one knee with flowers and music and everything? He didn’t even ask me the big question! My heart was still racing as I contemplated the unique, light pink stone throwing light in different angles. It was only much, much later that I came to know it was the famously expensive Pink Star diamond. ‘Does he really want to spend his entire life with me?’ I thought to myself and blushed. I swallowed back a squeal and smiled at nothing like an idiot.
“Momma, Daddy, is it really okay if I be with him forever? Do you like him as your son-in-law?” I asked the vast sky in a whisper. A cool wind blew across my face, tousling my hair lovingly as it passed. A new dampness appeared in the corner of my eyes. I stayed there for a long time, until the twilight faded into night and I guessed it was almost dinner time when he finally came looking for me.
“Ishu!” he called out from behind and quickly wrapped his warm arms around me in a kind of back hug, pulling me a little backwards, away from the danger. I turned to see his worried eyes lock into mine and his reaction was immediate again. One large, warm hand cupping my face, he softly asked, “What happened?” I pulled on my cutest angry-pout and returned, “Aren’t you worried I’ll reject you? It’s unbelievable!”
“You haven’t taken it off”, he pointed out, making me go red again. But I regained my composure and tried once more, “That wasn’t even a proper proposal! You didn’t even ask me! I was tricked into this!” I held up my hand for emphasis. He practically rolled his eyes at me before pulling me down from my high seat and making me face him. I looked into his chocolate eyes and saw the emotions simmering under the surface. “You don’t need to say anything. I can see it all. Right here”, he said holding my shoulders and bending down to my eye-level.
I suddenly voiced my doubts, “Oh! That’s what was in the drawer! And everyone else knew, right? They knew you were going to propose, right?” He looked away sheepishly and admitted, “I wanted to do it properly, but then…” “You chickened out!” I teased while he glared.

“No, then you started making faces at me. So I decided to put us both out of our misery and…”
I was distracted by his hair swaying in the breeze, so I didn’t notice him trailing off. We looked into each other’s eyes intently, lost in the beautiful moment. ‘To hell with the baddies of the world! I know I can’t stay away from him, so why bother? Let’s just stay with him and be happy, Ishu. To love and to be loved, it’s not a bad way to live, right?’ I thought to myself. Taking a step closer to him and reaching up on my tiptoes, I said to him, “Let’s seal the deal then. No backing out, okay?” And I’ve never seen him so happy before!
He spun me around and kissed me and hugged me again. “Thank you, Ishu, for walking into my life and for not leaving”, he whispered. “Thank you, Om, for being my reason to live”, I replied. As he pressed his soft lips to mine once more, a song echoed in my head.
“It’s a beautiful feeling
What we’ve got deep inside
We got a flame that’ll last forever
Together, you and I
Such a rush of emotions
There’s no way we can push it away
‘Cause they’ll never tear our love apart,
Our bond will never break…
Do you believe in the power
Of everlasting love?
We can make it if we stay together
Our love is just enough.
Promise me this forever:
We’ll always stay this way,

We can start at the end of time
And do it all again!
Oh my love!
I’m all yours…
And there’ll never be another one
‘Cause I’m eternally yours.
My heart’s a flame
And it’s burning in your name,
Even through the sands of time,
My love will always grow,
And I won’t let go.
No matter if you’re near or far,
Our bond will never break.
Promise me this forever:
We’ll always stay this way,
We can start at the end of time
And do it all again!
Oh my love!
I’m all yours…
And there’ll never be another one
‘Cause I’m eternally yours.
My heart’s a flame
And it’s burning in your name,
Even through the sands of time,
My love will always grow…
My eternal love…

This is it, guys! This is the happily ever after of my story of Ishu and Om. It’s been a hell of a ride, but I managed to finish another ff with zero regrets. All credit goes to my dearest readers who have always encouraged me to reach deeper into the hidden writer in me. Thanks a lot for not giving up on me and not letting me get stuck with any percentage of negativity. As usual, I’m uploading this at night, so sorry that I can’t reply to your comments right now. I’ll do it later when I am not as sleepy! 😀
Any kdrama addicts here? Though it’s a slim chance, yet if you guys watch kdramas like me, I’m sure you’ll recognize the song. It’s the ‘Healer’ OST, ‘Eternal love’. It’s one of my favorite songs and I really thought the lyrics and the song as a whole fits for Om-Ishu.

On a totally different topic, and this is something I wanted to say: I really liked Om-Gauri’s bonding in today’s episode of DBO. It’s been a long time since I tuned in to this show, but I didn’t dislike it all that much today. Also, our favorite couple, that is Shivika, was so damn romantic in today’s Ishqbaaz. Shivaay’s killer smile today totally made my heart flutter! I would have liked it more if they weren’t romancing while Saumya was crying for help, but since this show isn’t perfect, I’ll just have to take what I get, right? Loved Rudy in today’s episode too! 🙂
That’s pretty much all that I can say right now. So, drop your comments if possible and let me know your views on this ff. I’m already missing you guys!! 🙁 love you all and please keep in touch with texts and all, I’d love that. 🙂 Looking forward to all your ffs and os’s and waiting for your comments.
Bye! Samm signing off! 😉

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  1. Aarti32

    Lovely story..I have read it from d middle of d story..I hv a tendency of not reading from d beginning..Commenting for d first time..Do write more on Ishkara

    1. Samm

      thanks aarti 🙂 i know i tend to write in pieces and then tie them up together around the end of the series. so if you could still appreciate it, it’s a huge thing for me. thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Diyaa

    How beautifully you ended it. Ishu in her quintessential element , yet happy at last. The ring sounded so beautiful ? I’ll go looking for a cheap pink stone ring now. The song was beautiful. I don’t know what kdrama is but I’ll check it out.This really was a “love conquers all” FF in every sense. It really is better that you chose the happy ending. Hopefully, someday in the future, you will start another FF. Or maybe an OS here and there? Keep writing. I’ll miss reading your deep and beautiful descriptions. ?

    1. Samm

      thanks diyaa 🙂
      the ring is a really famous diamond, the pink star. i think it’s one of the costliest ones in the world right now or something. anyways, i happened to see a pic of it and i liked it a lot, so up it went in my story! 😀 and kdrama is short for korean dramas, or rather miniseries. although i’ve to watch it with subtitles and i don’t end up falling in love with every good-looking actor (there are a lot of them!), i really like to know about the korean culture and films through these. the songs (music, as i rarely understand the words 😉 ) and the stories and in some cases even the writing and directing, i love them. so, i couldn’t help but add a bit from it! if you ever decide to give it a try, look for recommendations first! there are a few not-so-good-ones too. 😀 jokes aside, i’m glad you liked it. i’m happy that i didn’t disappoint anyone happy-ending-story-wise. i can’t say when i’ll write next, but i’ll definitely be waiting to read 🙂 love you

  3. Please write an epilogue to it. Anyways awesome update ????

    1. Samm

      thanks sanchi 🙂 i’ll try to post an epilogue too 🙂

  4. Super awesome…. Loved it. Are you going have any story on Rumya?

    1. Samm

      thanks fffan 🙂 i like rumya too, but i don’t think i’ll be writing on them anytime now. nothing’s set in stone, though! 🙂

  5. It is beautiful…. Dearrrrrr … this beautiful awesome journey of om and ishu relationship is come to an end… A PERFECT HAPPY ENDING……
    Lots of love dear…. Come soon…

    1. Samm

      thanks nikita 🙂 love you too 🙂

  6. Lovely… fabulous… loved it dear…. n yaa plz write an epilogue too…

    1. Samm

      thanks ankita 🙂 i’ll try to write one 🙂

  7. Superb yaar?

    I’m a gaurika fan too, so can u start an ff on them too?

    1. Samm

      thanks shraddha 🙂 i’m not sure about gaurikara, as i haven’t been following their story too closely. but i might give it a try later 🙂 thanks for asking 🙂

  8. Ishanaomkarakiwife

    thank u so much samm for this ff it was very nice and i felt like ishkara were there again thank u so much do write somemore ishkara ffs

    1. Samm

      thanks iokw 🙂 i’ll try to write more on ishkara as i’ve grown attached to this couple while writing on them. although i’m more of a shivika fan, i’m not sure about what i’ll try next 🙂

  9. Kehkasha

    Hey Sammie….
    Awesome marvellous…..
    U know what this was a blockbuster ending…..
    I loved it to the core…..
    But seriously I will miss this like anything…..
    As usual I read it today’s morning itself …….at 7:00 and then went college for my test….
    And now being super late I am commenting…..
    Anyways as I said…..that I am in love with ur writings…..the way u mould each and every word to perfection is markable……
    And I am just trying to learn it…..
    Plz do come up with something else…..
    And yeah if there is any scope for an epilogue for this story then do post it…..
    I and we all will love to read that….
    Plzplzplz….come back soon with another new story….
    I am waiting like a crazy fan of urs….
    See u in my next update……whenever I post……or may be urs….
    Till then take care….
    Luv u lot…

    1. Samm

      thanks kehkasha 🙂 i’m so glad you liked it 🙂 i’ll try to post an epilogue too, but i don’t when i will be able to do that 🙂
      love you too

  10. Yashu

    Awesome loved it yaar….come soon….

    1. Samm

      thanks yashu 🙂 will try to 🙂

  11. I know I’m late to comment and it was even possible I would not have commented on this or even read this, haven’t I come across the 38th part…Some people are blessed with the art of thought and most importantly put that thought into writing and you are definitely one of them…I hope to see a new ff from your side soon…
    Your new fan/follower

    1. Samm

      thanks a lot tanz 🙂 i’m so overwhelmed with that last line! 🙂

  12. Renimarenju

    Samm……i am speechless today……I find hard 2 describe how amazing this is…..The way u created ishu and omie bond is something unique and totally i could rate this as an outstanding one only……The song which u added in midst… was like a feather in the crown only……Really hats off dear….and defenitely i want u 2 write an epilogue for this…..This was like the rain in desert, Like the light in darkness and don’t know how 2 explain it….ur way of writing is just beyond of imagination and it visualizes each bit so beautiful……Really i loved ishu a lot and om also…..U did a great job dear……Pls come back with epilogue or with another ff….
    Waiting for ur master piece…..with lot of love and regards, renima……

    1. Samm

      thanks so much renima 🙂 it’s one of my fav songs and i’m glad it worked with the episode 🙂 also, thanks a lot for all the poetic compliments 🙂

  13. Super awesome. Lovely read…

    1. Samm

      thanks fffan123 🙂

  14. Mrunal

    I’m back in my late lateef mode again…
    I’m commenting so late….
    anyways leave mine…
    this was perfectly what i wished for…
    happy happy ending…
    the description u gave for ring was so awesome….
    ishu’s perspective was USP of this ending…
    i just loved that act of her ‘asking her parents’…
    so basically I’m gonna miss u and ur ff a lot…
    hope u will comeback with another bang on ff…
    love u buddy…
    will miss u to the core….

    1. Samm

      it’s ok yaara! turns out i’m a bigger late lateef in this case 😉 😛
      kidding aside, thanks a lot 🙂 i’m so glad that so many people liked the ring 🙂 also, thanks for liking that little part of her asking her parents. i’m a huge fan of parents giving blessings to their children, and although ishu is not their biological child, she will always consider only them as her parents. this also showed her uniqueness in loving people loyally and deeply and increasingly with time. or maybe it’s just my wishful-ness that i was able to create a nice, ideal character for our om. 😉

      1. Mrunal

        ohhh ho yaara… i think we r competing for bigger late latif…. let it be we both r on top in this list i’m sure….

        u know the little parts which u portray about any character that’s i like and adore most…
        and of course u have created an amazing character for om….
        i’m just waiting for ur next work… if possible plzzzzzzz it should be shivika….
        i’m missing precious… and ur amazing work….

  15. JanviSingh

    Acha sabse pehle I would say that im super duper…. Ultra n mega sorry for being your ever late commenter….
    I’m feeling terrible for not commenting on the previous updates….
    Sachiiiiiii I’m really sorry….
    N the ending was nothing but a picture perfect ending….
    I really luvd it…..
    The proposal…. The setting….
    The mumma papa approval….
    Everything was just sooo perfect…..
    N I have a little request sis…
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz return with another story… Plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..
    Luv u loads…..
    I’ll miss u?????????
    Do consider my selfish request..?
    Your ever late commenter????

    1. Samm

      i already said this, but anyways… don’t feel sad for not being able to comment 🙂 i’m really happy that you found time to do it now! i miss you guys too 🙂 i’m really over the sky for all the love this ending and this ff has received from you guys 🙂
      i cannot promise anything now but i’ll try to return with another story soon. actually i have an exam in a few months and i’ll be busy with other personal stuff too, but to be honest, recently i have been toying with an Ishqbaaz idea to write on. let’s see when that comes to life! 😀

      1. JanviSingh

        Wooooooow….. New idea…..
        Waise no worries sis… I’ll be patient n wait for your exams to finish …….
        N luv u a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttt?????????????????

  16. There are some interesting points in time in this write-up but I do not know if I see all of them center to heart. There’s some validity but I will take hold opinion till I look into it further. Excellent post , thanks and we want much more!

    1. Samm

      thanks for your comment napoleon 🙂 i’m not sure about much more right away, but will try 🙂

  17. Shivika22kapoor

    Hi Samm di, here I am back again at the same schedule with a super Sa bhi uper late comment ?.
    Di as usual you rocked the show. The story, characters, revelations every little thing is outstanding. At times one single word can explain what millions can’t so for you that single word is “BEAUTIFUL”. You are just epitome of perfection whether it’s the story line, characters, songs, vocabulary, writing or anything. A picture perfect ending to an amazing start. But the thing that stole my heart in today’s epi were two, first was the pink star diamond ? ring aww I will just crazy over this, second one is this part “Jaw, meet Ground. Heart said Bye to Brain, Air said Bye to Lungs, and I said Bye to him.” That’s what I am presently feeling after reading your ff “Words say bye while writing, Heart said bye to brain and I am speechless while my mind is workless and the epi is making me restless for the epilogue?.” Well sorry for murder of your such a beautiful thought. Yes I know I have said this a thousand number of times but still I will say again you made me fall for your work once again #IN LOVE WITH YOUR WORK.
    Ishu’s character was so beautifully portrayed by you hats off for that and her confusion, her thoughts, her actions every single little thing acted as a heart snatcher.
    But reading your episodes is genuinely a treat to heart and mind it takes me to my own fairy world where your thoughts act as a mind cooler.
    Di please do publish the epilogue I would love to read that. And do come up with another story asap but at least by June or July you should be up with a story specifically I want to read your work in June and July. Okay don’t think much it’s just that most probably I will be completely free by then as I am preparing presently for my competitive and by June I will be free so I want a treat by reading your work.
    THANK YOU ? SOOOOOOOO MUCH DI for such an amazing story and ya no good bye as I am sure that you will be back with some of more good stuff again and I will be waiting for that.
    Please be back soon and do post the epilogue.?
    Good night ? sweet dreams ? take care ?
    Bye ? catch u super soon ?

    1. Samm

      i missed you so much, shivika! and thanks a lot for this cute comment 🙂 and don’t worry, you didn’t murder anything. if anything, i think you have perceived, carried and reflected that sentiment really well! 🙂 as for the epilogue, as so many people have asked me to write one, i’ll post one really soon; because it turns out that i’m having severe ‘Lucky’ withdrawal syndromes 😀 😛 but about another ff, i’m not so sure about it now as i have some things to take care of and prepare for… but shivika, i need to ask you this- june-july…. ?? why did you come up with that specific timeline?! 😀 kidding aside, thanks a lot for all your love and support 🙂 i’m so glad to have such amazing friends 🙂

      1. Shivika22kapoor

        Di I missed you moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I can’t explain how badly did i miss u and ur ff. And about June and July that is because by then my competitive will be over and I will be completely free so no other special reason. Even I am having withdrawal symptoms that is why I want a looooooooooooooooooooooong epilogue ?? and that too super sooooooooooooooooooon.
        Ok bye ?
        Good night ? Sweet dreams ? Take care ? di ??

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