Lucky (Om and Ishu) Episode 34

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She stared straight at us, hatred and anger spelled out in caps in her features. I tried not to flinch as I thought to act on my first instinct of running her over. “Bhaisahab!” I barely heard Shakti’s frightened gasp at the increasing speed. Her mouth twisted in a weird, scary smirk and I hit the brakes and turned the steering to avoid collision. The tires screeched to a stop as Shakti clung to his seat, trembling with fear. Sweat beads on his forehead glistened in the sunlight, making him look feverish.
We were centimeters away from hitting a tree which was almost on the narrow road. I struggled to catch my breath and turned to look at her smirking at our cowardice. She hadn’t moved and even her posture was exactly the same too. Palms on the seat, leaning back a little, ankles crossed in front of her, head tilted arrogantly; too cool for me to be sure what was going on in that pretty little head. I unfastened the seatbelt and stumbled out to get her, sending an emergency text before leaving my phone in the car itself.
“Wrong move”, she called out. I had to admit, the high ponytail was unnerving. But there was nothing I could do about it. I looked back at Shakti staring at us open-mouthed through the closed window. He clearly didn’t want to follow me to our deaths, but I definitely wouldn’t go down alone. I gave him an irritated look to silently order him out of his shell of fear and turned back. Ishu saw this exchange with some interest, as if it confirmed her theory or something.
“What do you mean wrong move?” I got back to her question directly. She snorted derisively and stood up straight to answer, sliding one hand inside the tight black jeans pocket. “Where do I even begin? Oh let’s see, how about killing my parents?” My eyes lowered automatically, but I regained control and looked at her as I calmly said, “We didn’t kill them. He drove into a wall.”
My cold rebuff fanned the fire and she leaned towards me intimidatingly. Shakti, who had joined us, looked ready to run for dear life. “Your pathetic brother didn’t do much to help them either, did he? And if I’m not mistaken, he was there to get some kind of info for you. Right?” she asked in a screeching voice. I forced myself to stay calm and try the good guy façade. Maybe she’ll fall for it and go away. I kind of regretted not killing her back when Shakti had asked me to end it before this issue turned back on us. I regretted taking her words the other way round and assume Shakti was mistaken about her memory loss. I regretted sending her the money to ease my guilt. I regretted sending her the location of her parents. But I had merely tried to ease her pain by not extending her hope. And it had backfired on me.

“Get your head together, Tej Singh Oberoi”, I mentally chastised myself.
“Ishu, we never meant to do it. We just wanted to protect our stocks from our rival. It was simply unfortunate that your parents were caught in the middle of it.” My words seemed ineffective in calming her down. Of course she wouldn’t let it go so easily. But she did back down, as in taking a step back towards her black bike. I thought I was on the right track and continued, “Besides we were feeling so bad about it that we even sent you the money to make sure you had nothing to worry about. Now, why would we do that if we held any ill will towards you?” I almost purred with conviction.

But I was wrong. Again. It was a wrong move indeed, because I hadn’t realized her silence was the calm before the storm. Before I could even begin to wrap my head around what was happening, the heel of her boot had crashed into my chest and thrown me flying into the woods. From far away, I saw a shocked Shakti watching me writhing in pain. He started backing away, but not fast enough. Ishu had his neck in her grip and hissing something into his ear. Her expression was enough to bring a prayer to my lips, “Please come fast and save me! Someone, anyone!”
She threw him to the ground, making him cower in terror. She walked over to me like a predator sauntering to her prey. Planting her foot on my chest with more force than necessary, she leaned closer. “Still bearing no ‘ill will’ towards me?” she droned with ire. Removing the pressure, she wagged a finger at me, motioning me to get up. I dare not incense her, so I did as she asked. Behind her, I saw Shakti trying to crawl away, but she didn’t notice him. Holding my collar, she corrected me, “You should have had some malice for me too, or you shouldn’t have messed with me at all.” Her words struck more alarm within me as I contemplated attacking.
Raising my hand swiftly, I meant to slap her away, but she was quicker as she twisted my hand behind me and hit my shoulder with her elbow. The impact threw me off near my car and a sharp pain echoed through my body from the shoulder that was probably dislodged now. She turned to him now, and I was a tiny bit grateful for the little window. I managed to open the door of the car and hunted for my phone.

“Your second-worst mistake was to think you could ‘eliminate’ me!” she screeched as I heard something snap; Shakti’s bones, maybe? I was too busy finding Shivaay’s number with my shaking hands. I hadn’t realized when she came back to me, except when she held me by the collar too, urging me to stand up straight. My height and weight didn’t seem to have any effect on her as she easily punched my guts, throwing me near Shakti this time. When she spoke next, her voice was so low that I could barely hear her. “Your worst mistake was to not kill me when you could.”
Another kick to my ribs and then I passed out.


The memories which had racked my entire being were resurrected and driving me to do what I knew I shouldn’t. Kicks, punches, blows by elbow, shoving those two filthy brothers off my shoulders when they tried to take me down together; I could do it all day for the sheer pleasure of watching them groveling in the mixture of dirt and blood for some mercy on my part. Their weight was no match for my agility and lithe figure, and I gained the upper hand pretty soon. At one time, there was another car coming that way, and I put up the act Shakti Singh Oberoi had done almost three years ago. I had acted like they were like this when I was passing and I had called for help already. When the other man appeared suspicious, I simply pointed out the other route he could take and for some reason, he didn’t argue. ‘So that’s what it feels like to be evil!’ I thought to myself. I suddenly realized my targets didn’t even have it in them to call out for help! And then I hit their jaws with my elbow until it bled.
Only once did I find the will to stop this madness: when the elder one cried out “Oh… mm…” in pain and it sounded like ‘Om’ to me. I landed another hit to the elder one’s spine and another punch to the younger one’s knees and left them whimpering in pain. The image of my Mom whimpering like that sprang to the fore of my mind and I itched to hit them just one more time. Only one name held me back. I would never do anything to hurt Om, directly or indirectly. I went to fetch Tej Singh Oberoi’s phone from the dirt where he had dropped it earlier and called for an ambulance. I had deliberately left mine at home in case he called.
I remembered Anika’s words: “You’re better than this Ishu.” And Director’s words: “No one in this world has a right to decide who deserves to die or live. Also, no one has a right to kill or not to kill.” And then Om’s words: “I don’t want you to be destroyed over this. They’re not worth it Ishu.” And from the night when the pain wouldn’t go away: “My family” and “I’m right here for you.”
I calmly went and sat on my bike, waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Now that my anger was under control, as it was nothing close to quenched, I decided to let them be. My parents won’t be proud of me for this, I reminded myself. The exertion had made me thirsty and hungry, but that will have to wait. I wondered if I should let Shivaay Bhaiya know, but then he’ll come to know anyways once they’re in the hospital. Not having anything more to do, I looked over myself to check for injuries. Luckily, there weren’t any major ones. At least I won’t have to go to the hospital with them! Or should I?
To resist the urge to hit them one more time, I held my own hands, tapping my foot in anticipation of seeing Om for the last time; I was too chicken to stay with him after this. I also had to return the bike and get my stuff from my room before he figured it out. As I went through the kinda-sorta-plan in my head again, I heard the sirens in the distance. When the front of the ambulance appeared from the turn, I started my bike. But I was surprised to see a black car following not too far behind. I drove away before they could see me.


She had listened to me. They were alive.
I had gone to the hospital directly after Shivaay’s call that they were found on a remote road. Beaten up and bloodied, but still alive. They didn’t need operation or anything serious like that, but Papa’s lungs could give out anytime, and Chhote Papa’s head exhibited a bad gash; nothing serious, though. Both of them were in the ICU and the entire family was waiting outside to be allowed to meet them. Shivaay had already told me Ishu wasn’t there when they reached. He also told me that the Moms and Dadi didn’t know about Ishu and it was better to keep it that way. I had stuck around for like five minutes before relocating to an empty corridor. I never knew how difficult it was to find one in a hospital, but I finally found one on the second floor. I sat down and let my head rest in my hands and the breeze from the open window cool down my heated body, when I felt someone watching me.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Guys, do you want an Om-Ishu confession and kiss before the ending or do you want dessert at last? 😉 I’m asking because I’m honestly confused about how to proceed from here. Although I wrote a longer chapter, I wasn’t sure about it, so it’s saved in a draft and I’m waiting for your reply to continue working on this. Also, I can now assure you there’ll be a happy ending to this one, just because I love them too much 😀
Don’t forget to review this one and please do send me the links of all that I missed 🙂 also ignore typos or grammatical errors as i didn’t even read it twice before posting. That’s a first for me! 😀 have a nice day guys 🙂

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  1. Diyaa

    Awesome update!! The action scenes were written so well that I could visualize them. I am so curious to know where do we go from here. Waiting for the next update!

    1. Diyaa

      Forgot to mention, the bit about her hearing the Oh…mm sound and thinking of Om was really good.

    2. Samm

      thanks diyaa 🙂 actually me too 😉 😀

  2. I it is awesome dear…. And waiting for the ishu and om convo… Plz update soon

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      thanks nikita 🙂

  3. Suchitrasai

    Woah that was beautiful. Actions scenes are described very well. You are making every word alive❤ as if the scene is happening in front of our eyes. In such condition Ishu thinking about om was the best one. Waiting for the next one❤

    1. Samm

      thanks suchitra 🙂 i’m glad you liked it 🙂

  4. Pls make ishu and om reconsile……

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  5. Loved the flow of your story…
    End it in a breath taking way as always you do….
    Awaiting the end yet another beginning…

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  6. Kehkasha

    Hey Samm superb dear……..
    And plz show anything u like…… I will be happy with both the situations……….
    So its all upto u…..
    And plz if u can……then clear me…..what was that ishana and ishu confusion…….i mean that story……actually I was rewinding ur story from the starting……..and I stuck there…….
    So plz clear me why u mentioned that……is that story having any connection with the plot……

    And plz do tell us before at least five episodes…….that when r u ending…..plz don’t end it soon…..and this I am saying coz …… will take time for me to prepare my mind that u r ending it soon…..plz plz plz……remember this…..

    Anyways post the next asap…

    1. Samm

      thanks kehkasha 🙂 your reply got posted below 😀

  7. Samm
    this is the chapter you’re looking for, i guess. actually this part was explained in the beginning.
    ishu and ishana are twins who were separated when they were kids. but that time also, ishu couldn’t remember anything. but even after knowing, she chose to have nothing to do with them. so, that’s ishu’s story.
    and as for five episodes warning, i’m not sure about it, because the length of each chapter is different, so i don’t know when it’ll end. but i’ll try to let you guys know as soon as i decide how to go with it. 🙂 thanks for asking so clearly 🙂 and thanks for liking it too 🙂

  8. Yashu

    Loved it esp action scenes…gr8 man…eagerly waiting for nxt episode…

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      thanks yashu 🙂 i’ll try to post it soon, although i’m kind of stuck now 😐 🙂

  9. Renimarenju

    Wow….super episode form brilliant author…..I loved ishu’s perspective here… memories will always arise us and we can’t stop them…..about life and death……the view of omkara was 2 gud….and i felt that as the catchy one here……A painful but a conscious man whose life is nothing just an unsolved puzzle only……And ishana is a person who is connected with him knowingly or unknowingly ……and u know what ….today really u proved this one very well through this part…….And from the depth of my heart i really enjoyed and it influenced me also…..Great work……keep it up…

    About ur confusion…..well its upto an author’s creativity……i want an intense scene …..among them….whether its a happy ending ……or a confession or…..some thing else….am ready 2 read it……and if u are planning 4 happy ending certainly i need om-ishu confession …….because i think it will be a treat 4 ishkara fans.,……Well its ur wish……

    1. Renimarenju

      Ok….this is my ff’s last part……read it when u will get time

    2. Samm

      thanks renima. 🙂 actually you got it all right, and i’m so glad to see that my words are being understood by my readers so well. 🙂 also, the next one will be kind of om-ishu exclusive, maybe. also, thanks for your suggestion. i’m really glad that you trust me so much that you’ll enjoy whatever i write. it’s truly heartwarming 🙂
      and thanks for the link too, i can’t believe i missed it! 😐

  10. Kavya347

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!what a fight….really i’m just tooooooo much inpressed now. The actions scenea described sofine amd perfectly…woh girl…you really got a HUGEEE amount of talent to make every single episode just a thrilling, exciting and warming one. Loved it a lotttt!!!! And show the upcoming scenes in any order u want dear…they are gonna be just as awesome as you..

    1. Samm

      thanks kavya 🙂 i’m so happy after reading your comment 🙂

  11. JanviSingh

    Hey Samm……
    Well first of all I’ll answer to the question that u asked…
    N all I want to say is just write whatever you feel like cuz I’m sure it will be awsm….
    N coming back to the update…
    It was brilliantly portrayed as always…
    N I’ll be waiting for the happy ending as u mentioned below….
    Till then… Take care sis….
    Luv u…??

    1. Samm

      thanks janvi 🙂 also, extra thanks and hugs for taking time and reading and commenting on this even when you’re busy with your studies. i hope you do really well 🙂 love you too 🙂

      1. JanviSingh

        Awwwwwww… That’s so sweet of u sissy….
        N itna toh definitely banta h…. For my special sister….????
        N lots of hugs n kisses from my side too…???????

  12. Amazing update…

  13. Mrunal

    hey samm…
    u know what plzzzz don’t ask yaar for our opinion bcoz i read it for ur work which comes through ur awesome mind…
    and I’ll be most happy to read ur version of it’s end…

    coming back to this epi…
    this was marvelous… specially the action scenes… and the way u gave an emotional touch to that action scene was fantastic…
    very eager to read next episode…
    and I’m happy that this is gonna have happy ending…

  14. Shubhadra

    I want the desert towards the last,Samm…Loved Ishu-the mix of strength, intelligence, honour and responsibility.. This was too..To.. Good.. Very realistic…,,?????

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