Lucky (Om and Ishu) Episode 25

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My mind was a mess. It was getting difficult for me to even make it through one whole day. Anxiety coursed through my veins thinking about the mere possibilities. The few times that I had seen her in action, I hadn’t thought of the scary risks she took on. Admittedly, I was too mesmerized by her then to notice such details. But now that I think about it, this constant worrying about her is driving me nuts.
Kneading through the clay, I focused on calming my nerves and convincing myself that calling her won’t do me any good. Presently it struck me that I had only been thinking about her for so long. Nothing else, but her. When was the last time I thought about someone endlessly? And in the positive way too!
I decided that some air would do me good and ended up in the kitchen. Sipping at the glass of water, I went into flashback, thinking about our kitchen and balcony moments. My mind drifted back to our farewell when she had hugged me tight. That was another one of her unpredictable wordless emotional instances. For some reason, I seemed to forget my own problems around her, but she was the only one who turned my head around and made me see things that I had never seen before, mostly with Mr. Oberoi. There were little flurries of mystery around her too that added to her enigmatic nature.

Flashback mode again; this is the one when I saw her come from Mr. Oberoi’s study on Lohri eve. She was literally trembling all over, agony spelled out clearly in her transparent obsidian eyes. On my way back to my room, I strolled around aimlessly, finally finding myself in the one place I usually avoided. I peeked into the big white room curiously. I saw my Mom looking for something inside the cupboard while Mr. Oberoi drummed his fingers on the sofa.
She turned around with a smug smile and a file and said, “See, I told you it was right here. But you can’t even find a file without me!” Mr. Oberoi rose and holding the file with both his hands, he said, “Jahnvi, only you can find my things. I am absolutely hopeless with them. It’s like they know you and come to you on their own!”
For a second there, I was lost in his crinkly-eyed smile, just like Mom was. When he smiled like that, it was easy to see why Mom had fallen for him in the first place. All that waiting and caring for him while he didn’t care for her one bit; I could see it was all for this one moment’s affection. A long forgotten childhood longing started floating up to the surface before I caught myself in time. I hung my head in a rather bizarre blend of desolation and joy and walked away. I could somehow empathize with Mom now, unlike all those times when she defended that man and forgave him for everything he did, as long as she held a place in his heart, and I silently criticized her for that. I wasn’t sure from where this newfound understanding came to me, but I knew I was happy with it.
I ended up at the other corridor in front of Mr. Oberoi’s study-cum-office. It hadn’t changed much in the last decade, just like me. The room was made to give off a warm, comfy feeling. The large table was undoubtedly the center of attraction. Nostalgia washed over me. Shivaay, Rudra and I used to play in this very office in the absence of its owner, always leaving it in the messiest possible state to irk him. We always had fun together while it was difficult to even keep ourselves together when we were alone. I briefly wondered how different our lives would have been if Ishu had been there too. Would she have kicked Mr. Oberoi’s knees then as well?

A small laugh escaped my lips before I realized that if she could hit him, she could have hit me too! I shook off my unproductive imagination and proceeded to look around, at peace with my inner demons for once. The bookshelves housed some famous volumes and I ran a hand over them, again reminded of Ishu’s apartment scattered with books and snacks wrappers all around. On a hunch, I took out a book and leafed through it. As if by pure dumb luck, a bookmark fell and while I kneeled to pick it up, I heard someone at the door.
As they were coming closer, I realized it was a sullen Mr. Oberoi and an exultant Chhote Papa.
“I’m sure you liked ‘that’ very well, Bhaisahab. Am I wrong?” he laughed. A grumpy Mr. Oberoi replied to him, “Drop it Shakti. I told you already, and don’t expect my answer to change. Providing that she doesn’t pose a threat to me, and that means as long as she doesn’t remember anything, I don’t see why we need to eliminate her.”
These words were enough to urge me to hide in the empty space behind the desk, such that if either of them doesn’t come over to sit on the chair, no one will be able to spot me. And this was one time that I sure as hell hoped for just that.

SNEAK PEEK: Om punches a guy for Ishu.

So guys, thoughts? 🙂

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  1. Renimarenju

    Short……but a beautiful update…….Loved the way u described the thoughts of omkara……
    I was able 2 visualize whatever u wrote in this part……And it made me 2 think more about omkara’s character from IB….I must u have well observed the character from Ib and through this part u just put it in ur own style……Really an impressive part……Samm…….I loved it a lot…….because u have done total justice 2 omkara… this part…..keep it up……

    1. Renimarenju

      * I must say… sorry 4 typing mistake

    2. Samm

      thanks renima 🙂 i’m glad you liked it 🙂

  2. Diyaa

    How interesting!! What does Tej hope she does not remember! Eliminate her!? Exciting times ahead. I loved the update. Om’s POV was as usual a pleasure to read. Cool! Om punching someone for Ishu. Waiting for that?

    1. Samm

      thanks diyaa 🙂 you’ll see in the next, of course! 😀

  3. It is awesome dear………… Excited for precap….. Plz update soon……

    1. Samm

      thanks nikita 🙂 i just uploaded the next one 🙂

  4. JanviSingh

    Superb episode Samm….
    Luvd Omkara’s part….
    U did complete justice with the character….
    N congratulations on completing 25 episodes…..
    N many more to come…?????????

    1. Samm

      thanks a lot janvi 🙂 means a lot to me

  5. Kehkasha

    hey sammie…….wonderful…..and awful epi……..loved it a lot…….seems like om is gonna to know the truth………and along with him our wait for revelation will also end………..
    post the next one soon…..

    1. Samm

      hehe! thanks kehkasha, but [spoiler alert] not so soon! 😀
      i know, i’m wicked, aren’t i? 😀

  6. Yashu

    U did complete justice with om…i loved it man…it was so very cool…n om turning action hero…kya baat hai…it will be fun…waiting 4 nxt update…post it asap….

    1. Samm

      thanks yashu 🙂 i just uploaded the next one. it should be posted by morning or something. 🙂

  7. Amazing update…

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