Lucky (Om and Ishu) Episode 24

Hello everyone 🙂 I know nowadays I’m leaning towards the deeper and philosophical aspect of our leads’ love stories, but as I already said, there’s the Shivika wedding coming up, so this is only temporary. Also, I really hope you guys like this episode. Ignore mistakes please 🙂
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Episode 23


That warm feeling, which I had run away from, started creeping over me again. Even with the undercurrent of resentment running throughout, there was an overall warm, homey feeling of security and happiness too. Good for me, I had to leave soon. Just as I thought that, Tej uncle remarked, “You’re lucky Shakti. Not all parents are blessed with such dutiful and responsible sons.”

Like a wildfire, the argument grew and soon Om and Tej uncle were exchanging insults with Jahnvi aunty caught in the middle of it terribly. They were standing right in front of me, and I was seated comfortably on the sofa. I was focusing on Om’s facial expressions so much that I kinda didn’t listen to anyone else speaking. It was a little comforting to see Shivaay and Rudra stand up for him. I didn’t understand why I should be feeling bad at Tej uncle’s harsh words, except that I was. Shivaay tried to get everyone to settle down, but Pinky aunty, in return, asked him to stay out of it. Anika looked disturbed with all this, but she held her place for now.

When Tej uncle said, “The fault is mine, because I’m the one who foolishly thought that my son wouldn’t want his father to lose out on such an important deal. If only he wasn’t so busy playing in the mud!” I felt like a knife had been twisted in my gut. A faucet that was dripping had broken and water was flowing out uncontrollably, causing a flood.

“Whose fault is it then? You’re responsible for this because you’re the one who thinks of ‘your son’ like a business asset rather than an actual person! I’d warned you before, but you thought that I was bluffing. Sorry for your loss, but I am not your property to use as you wish to.”

Everything happened in a matter of seconds. I saw Tej uncle’s hand rise slightly and I knew he was about to hit Om. But I reacted in self-defense, lunging forward to hold his hand and twisted it behind him. Turning him around and knocking his knees under him, I held his collar bone, ready to snap it with a flick of my fingers if he attempted any other move. Presently I realized what I had done and turned to see gaping mouths and shocked faces around me. Shivaay had come in front to Om to protect him from Tej uncle’s slap, which was not required for now. Om was just as flabbergasted with my action as everyone else, but there was also a hint of recognition, as if he had expected this to happen.

I turned my attention to the groaning man at my feet who was too stunned to move. Straightening my position and helping him up, I cried, “I’m so sorry, uncle. I reacted rashly, but it was purely in self-defense. Please forgive me.”
Frankly speaking, he was scared of me. I could see it in his eyes. And much as I didn’t want to, I felt good watching his fear filled eyes and trembling body. And I hated myself for that.

“How dare you attack Tej Singh Oberoi?” he asked in an angry, yet shaking voice. I bowed my head and tried to go with the cute and innocent child charade. In a small voice I continued with my apology, “Sorry uncle, I didn’t do it on purpose. Of course, he’s your son and you can hit him. Why should I stop you? It was completely illogical and it will never happen. Please go ahead and hit him if you want, I won’t interrupt this time.”

Before I could go on with my nonsensical and absurd speech, Om put a finger to my chin and lifted my head up. It was incredible how I recognized his touch this time, but I didn’t have time to dwell on that as surprise registered in my brain. The hall was almost empty now and everyone was returning to their own rooms. I saw Anika turn back to look at me in a strange mixture of concern and pride. Tej uncle was limping while holding his hand, with Jahnvi aunty following close behind. I directed my focus to Om who was waiting for my attention with an angry expression.
At length he said, “So you’d let him hit me?” My chin lowered again as I recalled my inexcusable actions.
“He’s your father. I didn’t have any right to do that. I hope he’s okay”, I mumbled into his hand which was still at my chin. His towering height and narrowed eyes bugged me to no end. Of course, he was mad at me now! No matter the differences between them, the father-son bond doesn’t break so easily. And I was the third rail which no one wanted around. Ugh! Why did I do it? My self-berating came to a stop when he pulled his hand away and I heard him snort derisively.

Folding his arms across his chest, he interrogated me, “You think I care about that man?” Unable to catch on to his train of thought, I truthfully answered, “Yes. Don’t you?”

I saw his face go blank as he kept looking at me without even blinking. I snapped him out of his daydream and he squirmed under my gaze. Finally he decided to just leave and turned around to go back into his room. I watched him go, but then I remembered I had to tell him something.

“Om, wait up”, I called out. Before I could go near him, he walked towards me, such that we met halfway. “I told you about my two days shooting, right? I’ll be leaving tonight itself. So, if you wanna stay there, you can totally do so. Okay?”
I could tell he was thinking deeply about something, but it wasn’t what I had just told him. He quickly replied, though. “It’s okay. I’ll be here. No problem.” Not wanting to push it, I simply nodded and turned around to leave. He held my hand again, but for once, I took my time recognizing the big and soft palm and found myself amazed at its feel on my wrist. With a smile playing on my lips in appreciation of my accomplishment, I turned back to see his sad eyes. Somehow, they seemed sadder and deeper because of his hair falling on his forehead. Taking a deep breath, in a rough voice he said:
“The brave and the foolish

Meet the same fate.
Some more time won’t hurt you,
Just let the future wait.
Elders taught us once
That trouble won’t fail
Even if you’re looking
In a field or a jail…”

[A description of this poetry: Om is telling Ishu that the brave and the foolish people have the same future, which is possible death, or rather, hardships. She shouldn’t try to be either one, and she should let that particular future wait for some more time. It is a reference to her tendency to put herself in danger all the time, and hope for death. He also indicates that he wants to spend more time with her and it can’t possibly hurt her. The next stanza means that experienced people ask us to be careful because if we go looking for trouble, even if it’s in a harmless place like fields or a place crawling with suspicious characters like a jail, trouble will never disappoint us and it will come to us instead. Another interpretation is that even if you’re in a simple and safe place like a field, or holed up in a prison, you should be careful if you don’t want to be in trouble. It’s meaningful for Ishu as she does exactly that, but no one ever told her like Om as she never let anyone know. Moreover, she has been trying to get into serious trouble, but it has never worked out. So, it’s kinda ironical for her.]

I could only stare at his angelic face as he said this. After thinking it over for a while, I replied in a bittersweet tone, “Not soon enough, dude!”
He was a little taken aback by my response, but also sadder. His hand covering my wrist was positively burning now, but he didn’t remove it. His head tilted downwards as he quietly said, “Ishu, be safe. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Overcome by emotion, I instinctively moved close to him and wrapped my arms around him tightly. For such a long time, I had been saying these very words to so many people in my life. Although it wasn’t a very long life, I had been waiting indeed. Finally, after all these years, when I had given up on it, I received my reply. I couldn’t believe my luck! Blinking back the tears that threatened to break out, I rested my head against his warm chest. Om seemed to understand my unspoken emotions and he simply touched his chin to my hair, waiting for me to compose myself before pulling away. When I was sure I looked okay, I pulled myself away from him and smiled happily. I didn’t think I could manage anything more than a squeak, so I patted his hand in gratefulness and left quietly.

I didn’t notice the four pairs of eyes following my exit from the first floor, but the one pair of dark chocolate eyes bore a hole through my back as I walked away without a parting glance at them. I was sure I could never leave if I looked back now, and I thought of Dadi’s words:

“I know my grandson hates lies and values relations, but if he said something like that, there must be a reason behind it. Even if you’re not in a real relationship, take care of my child. As he trusts you, I do too. You know very well, I believe in Ishqbaazi between people who are well matched; not in the social sense, but personality wise. When I looked at the two of you together for the first time, I thought you are well matched in your virtuousness and humble nature. Both of you are so trusting and bold at the same time! Anyways, that’s all I wanted to say. Think about it if you don’t mind.”

Dadi’s innocent but wise countenance and kind words and Om’s profound eyes were all I could think about during my journey.

SNEAK PEEK: Om spies on someone.

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  1. Diyaa

    Ishu attacking Tej was great. Some people just need to be physically bashed up to stop their bullying! I can feel the delicate attachment between Om and Ishu developing and as far as I am concerned that’s achingly romantic. Physical aspect of romance is easily attained but deeper connection at the level of mind and soul…That us mind blowing. Loved the update.?

    1. Diyaa


    2. Samm

      hehe! thanks diyaa 🙂 i’m so glad you liked this one too. i was rather nervous about it 😀

  2. Amazing dear. Plz post next part ASAP.

    1. Samm

      thanks nikita 🙂

  3. Yashu

    Awesome it was too good eagerly waiting for nxt episode

    1. Samm

      thanks yashu 🙂

  4. Kehkasha

    what sammie……what have u done……….ishu bashing tej and tej seemed afraid of the girl……..omg……lol..i laughed a lot……..don’t know how much but…… other words……u turned a step ahead of me………means i just let ishi bash tej through words……..but u……..omg don’t know what to say……..i really liked that scene……..hahahahahhaa…..

    and om saying ishu……..that be safe…i would be waiting for u………ohh..i loovvveedd it a lot…….
    and could u plz explain me that line by ishu……….which she said after the description of poetry…….at which om was taken aback….

    by the way nice poem……amazing dear waiting for the next……..

    1. Samm

      thanks kehkasha 🙂
      ishu is not a bad character, and she doesn’t even judge tej for what he has done. but when he raises a hand at om, she reacts as if she was there in place of om. that’s what i tried to show in this episode. also, personally, i felt he needed that when i was watching the show 😀 also, as you let ishi bash up tej using words, that was in frustration because of the constant father-son argument. of course, there is no comparison, but in this part ishu acted defensively rather than righteously. and i’m so glad you liked it. i thought it was fun too, but i wasn’t sure if it was appropriate.
      also, in om’s poetry, he says that trouble will find ishu if she goes looking for it, but ishu replies that she has been doing that for a long time now, but she has always managed to escape unscathed from every dangerous situation. so, ‘not soon enough’ means trouble/ disasters cannot come following her soon enough. om was taken aback because usually people try to be careful for the sake of their loved ones, but here she was, saying hardships could really hurry up in her case.
      and i’m glad you liked the ‘i’ll be waiting’ part. it was a huge milestone for ishu as she had waited for so many people, like her actual parents to come and find her, her adopted parents to return since they went missing, even for death; but when no one else had said it out loud as she had, she had given up hope. but now, om was here for her, and that warmed her heart to the core. i had deliberated over that if it was too soon or too late already, but i’m so touched that you guys liked it 🙂
      and i just realized, i have been going on and on about it! 😀 consider this as reply for all your previously missed episodes comment 😛
      thanks again 🙂

      1. Kehkasha

        Hey sammie even I know that ishu is not a bad character…….its just that she is innocent…….if Om is innocent and simple and good at heart……in his way then Ishu is equally innocent……simple……and good at heart……in her own way……this is what I like the most….

        And thanks for clearing my doubts…..actually I got that…..but not completely so I asked u……and now i am clear with……everything…..and as i said I love ur writing skills……plz keep it up……and post the next soon…..dear…..coz I am waiting…

        And for the first time ever I have got such reply……at such a gooooood length…..thank you so much dear……and yup…..i am loving it…..:)

    2. Samm

      i’m happy you asked me, kehkasha. 🙂 and it was my pleasure. 🙂

  5. Wooow!!! Absolutely loved it!!

  6. Shubhadra

    I loved Ishu’s response to Tej…..Time someone put him in his place….. The most realistic part and your USP is delving into Om’s intensity and philosophical aspect…. Especially philosophical writing needs deep thinking…….You are excellent there…Wow…??

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