Lucky (Om and Ishu) Episode 15

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I wanted to clear one thing before we move forward. Shaan, aka the Director, is just a supporting character for Ishu. How they met or why she’s working with him or why she’s close with him is not explained yet. However, there are a few things to know about Shaan. One, Ishu considers him like a big brother although they are not related. She shares almost everything with him which is not the case with others. But she still calls him as the Director instead of his name. Second, Shaan is a very quiet and intense character too, a little like Om. There are differences too, like Om is a quiet person whereas Shaan is fun loving and authoritative when he needs to be. Third, Shaan is just a support for Ishu when she feels like she is breaking down or becoming weak. He can get her to forget her tensions, behave more responsibly and take care of herself during stunts which she never does. Although, he hasn’t been able to do much about her humongous appetite! 😛 Anyways, you can consider their relationship like a king-father and his spoilt princess. So, hopefully I have cleared this one up and please don’t hesitate to ask me about any other doubts you may have.
In today’s episode, I have tried to recreate and try to explore an alternative to Om and Tej’s clash which had taken place before. As according to the spoilers, there’s another one coming up, I thought I could try experimenting with that one. Heads up, this is nothing like the show, so don’t expect the same junk from the show. Personally, I don’t really like that they keep on doing the same thing over and over again without learning anything from it. I might come off rude, but when they do stuff like this, I feel like they could be a bunch of apes from the prehistoric age!
Another point, the show focused on Om’s love interest being someone who believes in lying as opposed to Om’s obsession with the truth. But I think it’s not necessary that the girl needs to be a liar for Om to fall in love with her. In my story, Om has already encountered Ishana’s false identity and he sympathizes with her reasons for choosing lies over truth. But he can only sympathize with her, and not empathize with her situations. Ishu is different from Ishana. She is just a fun loving person who is honest about a few things and keeps a part of her hidden from the world. They come out in moments like when she attacks a person who even dares to touch her without a second thought. Another such time is in the hospital when she was so afraid of doctors and nurses. The point being Om is not afraid of showing his real self to the world whereas Ishu is, and Om talks about saying the truth always, but there are moments when he himself isn’t sure if the truth is the best option.
Also, I know it’s been fifteen episodes but they don’t seem to be getting any kind of romantic. But you know patience is always rewarded. So, I gave this long kinda-sorta character description to clear up any doubts or questions you might have about them. Hopefully, I did it right. 🙂
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I was still stuck with my untouched canvas when Mr. Oberoi knocked at my door. “You got a minute?” he peeped in. I was noticeably annoyed with his mere presence but he came inside ignoring my not-so-welcome expression. The file in his hand wasn’t a very impressive touch but he held it securely between his hands and that made me feel strangely angry.
“What are you here for, Mr. Oberoi?” I asked stiffly trying to get it over with as soon as was humanly possible. He looked up with a hint of frustration but he concealed it behind clearing his throat. “I want you to look through this.” His statement was nothing unusual but something about it felt different. ‘Look through it?’ I repeated in my head. That was a first as far as I could remember.
“What is it?”
“You’ll know once you look at it.”
“Since I know you don’t think about anyone else but yourself, I’m gonna ask you to save yourself some time and energy and just tell me directly.” My words brought him up short and he surprised me again by not arguing further.

“A girl’s bio data for marriage.” His phrase was followed by shocked silence on my part. It became uncomfortable after a few seconds and I could see through his efforts to not squirm under my disgusted gaze. I even tried to put my finger on what was wrong but I failed at it and decided to disillusion him shortly. If only sarcastic and biting words came to me so easily!
“What’s the catch?” I asked at length. He wasn’t alarmed at my disbelief and calmly replied instead. “No catch. I’m your father and…”
“Are you?” I cut him off. This really threw him and he became the haughty selfish man I had known him to be.
“Yes Omkara. I’m your father and it’s not a crime for a father to be looking for a prospective bride for his son. So I found this girl for you. She comes from a good family, is well educated and beautiful. No reason why you wouldn’t like her¬…”
I cut him off again, snatching the file from his hands a little too harshly. Flipping through the few pages, I confirmed what I needed to and threw the file at his feet.
“How dare you think I’d be willing to be part of this business deal?” I unleashed all of my pent up anger on him and he did as was expected of him; defending his pathetic actions with lame excuses.

“What’s wrong in having a business merger with marriage? And it’s not for my profit! This will only increase your shares in the Oberoi industry”, he tried to explain. It took all my strength to not throw him out of my room by force, but I did it. Taking a deep breath to settle my mind, I spoke as quietly as possible. “Please leave.”
He gave me an exasperated look as I held my hand towards the door. “I might have forgotten your insolence but that doesn’t mean you can behave in any way you feel like. You still live in this house as my son. So try behaving appropriately once in a while.” His words fell on my deaf side, except for the last part, which fanned my fury more than ever.
“Look who’s talking about relations! The man who never gives a second thought about family!” I retorted. “You…” he began saying, but I cut him off again.
“Will you please leave? I have work to do.”
“Work!” he scoffed. Before he got another word in, I said, “Looks like you won’t give it up. So maybe I should be the one leaving.”
“Do whatever you feel like! But you’re meeting this girl tomorrow evening. Don’t let me down like your mother!” he tossed at me and stomped away. The next thing to know is I left my crying mother and Dadi and my so-called arrogant father at the doorstep while I left without turning back.
I knew Shivaay and Rudra will come for me once they come to know about it, but this time my mind was made up. I headed straight towards Ishu’s place, that is, after I drove around for like half an hour.

Well, in retrospect, that was a bad idea. Had I known she would try to convince me to go back home, I would have found another place to stay. The only problem with that was I knew I would go looking for trouble if I left myself alone. It had been more than three hours since my argument with Mr. Oberoi, but my mind was still not at peace. Images of where I hid the last injection came flashing to my head as I thought of those traumatic years which had led me to my personal hell.
Ishu was trying to point out all the reasons why I shouldn’t be so hasty about leaving home until she hit the target. “I just don’t get it why you’re hiding out here!” she said throwing her hands in the air. I looked up from the article I was engrossed in and we locked eyes for the tiniest second before looking away again.
“No way! Really?” she sat in front of me, viewing me as if I was an alien specimen under an invisible microscope. In her extra loose hoody/sweatshirt, she looked really funny; except for the constant jabbering and the now scary mind-reading. She suddenly looked like something hit her head and she plopped down on the couch beside me. Turning to me with wide unreadable eyes, she asked, “Om, why did you come here?”
I gave her a blank look and she elaborated, “Why did you come here of all places? What made you come here?”
“Nothing. I was just driving around, and then I thought of coming down to your place.” My reply relaxed her and she slouched with a pout while apparently thinking how to make me go back. She jumped up and skipped away to the kitchen giving me quite a fright. Again.
Soon enough, I smelled something funny and I got up unwillingly to check in on her. Empty packets of Maggi and a few pods of peas were visible from the kitchen door. “What are you doing?” I asked finally.

“I’m making lunch. It’s a little late for lunch, but still… Aren’t you hungry?” she asked so innocently that I would’ve certified her to be the cutest kid in the world; if I hadn’t known that we had eaten less than an hour ago! I voiced my thoughts and saw her face fall the tiniest bit. “Okay, so what are you making with peas?” I asked enthusiastically, immediately on my best behavior.
She laughed at that and exclaimed, “You were the one who told me to eat vegetables!”
Really, the girl was impossible! I wasn’t even sure she belonged to this world! I took a moment to compose my words carefully so as to not sound rude. “Ishu, when I said ‘eat vegetables’, I meant eat them as vegetables, not with more junk food! Besides, why is it smelling so funny?” She was a little confused at first, sniffing at the air to make sure. Realizing that her beloved food was burning, she quickly turned off the stove, giving me a cheeky smile when I looked on quizzically.
“What?” I almost barked. She walked over to me confidently and said, “I texted them you are here.”
And that’s when I totally lost it.


I ran down the stairs after receiving Ishu’s text and Anika was following close behind. I did not register the skirmish continuing right away. Badi Maa was still crying on the sofa and Mom was defending her against Bade Papa, as usual. Dad was trying to stand up to Bade Papa, as usual again. And Dadi was trying to get everyone to calm down. Rudra, Saumya and Prinku were sidelined by the elders and they were desperately trying to hold themselves together. It pained me to see my family broken up like this but I was still angry with most of them because they had made it so. I snapped a command for quiet. Everyone was taken aback and afraid with my outburst but they went silent for a while.
“I’m going to bring Om back. When we return, I don’t want to see anyone bringing up disturbing subjects. I won’t tolerate it if any one of you becomes the reason for his pain.” Dadi looked like she wanted to show her disapproval at my choice of words, but I knew she wouldn’t say anything right now. The rest of them took a minute to comprehend my anger, but they kept quiet as well.
“Rudra, come with me”, I told my brother who happily hopped to my side. Before I could turn to Anika, she said, “I’ll stay here with them. Bring him back soon.” I nodded at her once and began leaving when she touched my arm gently. I turned and saw her sad eyes. “And Ishu…” she trailed off, unable to say more. I touched her hand and nodded again, indicating that I understood and I’ll try to keep her away. She breathed deeply and let me go. Rudra and I drove silently to Ishu’s apartment according to the location she sent. Thank God for advanced technology! And no thanks to Om or our family members for using the technology in situations like this!

SNEAK PEEK: Om’s words leave the brothers and Ishu speechless. Shivaay is sad.

So guys, how’s this?
Plus, I’m so sorry I’ve been too busy lately, so I haven’t been able to read and comment on all the ffs. I’ll try to catch up soon and get back to you guys soon. 🙂
Keep smiling and enjoy your day 🙂 love you all 🙂

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  1. Diyaa

    As usual, read it with baited breath. I don’t know what I think might happen if I breathe freely while reading your episodes ? The Om Tej exchange was so well developed. And I am loving it how patiently you are developing Om and Ishu bond. It’s not easy. I also liked your clarifications at the beginning. And thank you for writing what you did about what they are doing to the actual show?

  2. Diyaa

    “they could be a bunch of apes from the prehistoric age!”??

    1. Samm

      🙂 thanks for your comment diyaa 🙂 also, i really think that the clash-in-family scenes are so cliched. not a single resolution is reached with that shouting and criticism, but they do it anyways!
      also, in the current situation of my ff, shivaay is already angry with his family. so it made sense for his outburst. i kinda loved that about shivaay in yesterday’s episode of the show as well. 🙂

  3. Kehkasha

    O God Samm its really amazing…i am just getting involved in this…..while I am reading…..
    Plz..plz..plz…post the next one soon…..and yes I can wait for some cozy scenes between ishkara….
    And plz clear this mystery as soon as u can….

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    Wow loved it samm…just amazing……I wish i could type more….but am in office…….so… one word am commenting…….simply beautiful…….u nailed it……

  5. Fabulous… loved it… Waiting for the next update…

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