Lucky (Om and Ishu) Episode 12

Hello everyone 🙂 Thanks for your love and support and I really appreciate you guys making time to let me know your views. This episode is especially dedicated to Kehkasha, Janvi and Renima, who scolded me a great deal for my pessimism and encouraged me a lot to continue my work. I love you guys 🙂
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Episode 11


The day passed in a daze. The war of decisions and emotions raging in my head had only gotten worse with the passing time. Anika had thrown herself into work to keep her mind busy and she had asked me to do the same. The only problem was that over the years I had become too good at managing my work in the least possible time; the motive behind that was to spend more time with my family. Now that I wanted to avoid them and my problems, I didn’t know what to do! I had asked my private investigators to find out the truth behind that man’s words hoping that a miracle like last time saves me from my biting thoughts. Till now, there was no sign of that miracle.

Seeing how nothing could hold my attention for long, Anika took it upon herself to get me some peace. She sent me on various little errands like picking up Sahil from school and helping her put on the decorations in the hall and lawn. Generally, we would have bickered over such topics and argued about my qualifications to do this, but today I was grateful to her. It somehow helped me keep my sanity in place. And I had to admit, Anika was the only one who could perfectly juggle the problems and the heap of work and caring for me, all at once. When we were done, Anika sat down on the grass with her legs folded under her and I unthinkingly sat beside her.

The gentle wind played with her curls and I took inspiration from it. Entwining and weaving my fingers through the dark hair, I heard myself speak, “Anika, when are we getting married?” She was surprised by my sudden question and she raised her eyebrows at me. Her wide eyes asked the question before she had to even open her mouth, “What happened to you?”

I breathed in the fresh air and after a moment, I said, “This would be the perfect time to go on a honeymoon.” She was more than shocked at my words and my now favorite shade of red tinged her cheeks. ‘Of course that’s what she would think!’ I said to myself, laughing inwardly. It amused me to no end when she blushed for silly reasons like this, giving me excuses to tease her. “Shivaay, how can you even think about it right now?” she huffed self-consciously. I acted innocent and asked, “What did I say?”
My fingers still played with the soft dark cloud and for some reason, it felt more comforting than anything else; not the grass or the breeze, or the excited buzz for the festival among everyone else. I was enjoying myself while she stewed in embarrassment. “I should have known. Men will be men!” she muttered under her breath, assuming that I couldn’t hear her. And nothing made me happier than proving her wrong! “Hey, what do you think of me? I simply meant it will be good to go away for a while, like on a vacation. Don’t get wicked thoughts in your head”, I chastised falsely, barely holding in my chuckles.

She caught on my drama and a soft look came into her eyes while she threatened, “I won’t forget this. But I still have a lot of work to do. I’ll catch you later?” I nodded and she got up and held out a hand for me to take. I hit it with my fist as if putting on a stamp. “What’s that?” she asked. “I stamped something on your palm”, I told in a matter-of-fact way, causing her to get more confused. “What stamp?” she asked impatiently. Her curiosity was amusing as well and I noticeably deliberated over whether I should tell her or not. Since I wasn’t thinking straight, the childish act was probably forgivable, but I was truly having the best time.

Finally, I decided to give in and said, “It’s a stamp to tell everyone that you’re a crazy woman.” As soon as she understood it, her eyes narrowed and I made a quick escape to avoid her volcano-like fury. When I was sufficiently far, I laughed aloud. The sound of my laughter reverberated in the hallway and it was so good to hear it. The employees working all over the place stopped to see this rare sight, but I didn’t care at all. The laughter felt liberating and I reveled in its afterglow.

A text on my phone gave me pause from my madness and the name flashing on the screen made me happy again. “Ishu and I are coming back home now. Where are you? There’s something I wanted to ask you.” Om’s text sent a shiver down my back. Did he come to know about it from someone? Or is it something else?

I called him and he picked up on the second ring itself.
“Hello”, his voice sounded fine, unlike the deep and loud tone of his anger or hurt. I guessed everything was fine. “Hey Om, what did you want to ask me about?” I said as casually as I could. He seemed to recognize the odd lining to my tone, but knowing me, he didn’t ask anything. Instead he proceeded to ask about the Lohri party and the timing. Apparently they wanted to make a detour before coming back and I told him it was fine. When I put down the phone finally, the burden of lying to my brother weighed heavy on my heart. ‘I so hate the side effects of love!’ I thought to myself.
Sometimes; rarely, but sometimes I think that it would have been easier if Anika hadn’t come in my life.

She had brought to me the world of sensitive emotions and righteousness and the fact that I too had a heart was important to me only after I had met her. Whether it was the first time we met and fought when I was irrationally angry with her, or the time she had been there for me without asking any questions, or now, when even her thoughts are enough to make me aware of my heartbeat. Maybe I had actually been the Stone Singh Oberoi she used to call me. The name brought a smile to my face as I made my way to my room.


Anika had done a wonderful job without doubt. And according to Rudra’s reports, Shivaay had helped her with all the arrangements and organizing too. The stuff that love can make people do!
The holy bonfire was lit and the party had run smoothly till now. A bhangra group with live music had been invited and considering the number of people swaying to the Punjabi beats, they were doing their job well. Some people were moving towards the dinner tables. I let my eyes roam around the vast ground and spotted almost everyone who was worth knowing.

Shivaay and Anika were standing together, chatting with a few of his high profile business associates. Even their outfits were matching; a floral print royal blue flared skirt and shiny silver cold shoulder top for Anika and a silver/golden checkered kurta-payjama for Shivaay. Anika’s discomfort on being in the limelight was well concealed in her polite smile and Shivaay always tried to make the exchanges as short as possible to give her a little breathing time. Playing the part of a to-be Oberoi couple perfectly!

Occasionally someone or the other would walk up to me and I would smile and say hello and then move away as soon as possible. I saw Rudra talking to two girls in dresses that were too short for ethnic wear. I sighed at his talent with girls; it was out of my understanding. Saumya and Prinku were entertaining their friends just like Dadi, Mom and Chhoti Maa. My eyes suddenly met the ones that I usually tried my best to avoid. Mr. Oberoi was introducing a girl to one of his friends. “What the hell?” I mumbled under my breath. Could it really be?

Chhote Papa approached them and the girl turned to see him. I was shocked to see my guess turning out to be right. Ishu looked absolutely stunning in flowing white colored high-low top in red floral prints with mandarin collar, front slit and full sleeves. She carried it well with red leggings and silver and black colored wedges. Her hair was rolled up all over the back and held in place with little shiny pins that looked gorgeous in her luscious dark hair. Small ruby studs and a single kada in the same combination completed the look of a rare beauty.

I knew my night’s sleep was gone the second I set eyes on her. This was worth painting and now I was dying to hold a brush in my hand. I don’t know how long my eyes had been following her to notice each and every detail about her. Rudra came and shook me out of my reverie and took me with him to meet some more people. I can’t wait for this party to be over!


I had no idea why Tej uncle wanted me to meet those people I had nothing to do with, but I politely obliged him and stood through it all. Once in a while, I would notice Shivaay, Anika or Om looking at us; or just me, in case of Om. I tried to ignore it and concentrate on being a good host, as according to Tej uncle, I was now as much a part of this family as Prinku, Saumya and Anika. I would say it was sweet of him, but by some weird sixth sense, I didn’t feel like that was it.
Exhausted from all this pomp and show, I excused myself and went inside with Jahnvi aunty to help her with something. After getting her some plates and other such stuff from the store, I was going back to my room on the top floor when I saw Shakti uncle coming out suspiciously from Tej uncle’s study. I was reminded of their conversation I had overheard and instinctively I went inside.

The study was actually a large office. It looked more like something out of a movie or a popular décor magazine than a study. What piqued my interest was the antique wood table with carvings on the legs and the top which was covered by a glass. I walked over to it to examine it closely, forgetting my original motive for coming in here. But as fate would have it, I saw a single white piece of paper neatly folded on the top next to a laptop. I didn’t know why I felt gravitated towards it; just that I did. As if possessed by a higher power, I reached out and picked it up. I wondered if this was top secret or something like that. But if it’s that important why would it be lying here? I decided to read it anyways and opened it and stared at the printed paper.

“Whoever you are, I know you are watching over me. So you should know you can’t hurt me in any case. Why don’t you show me your face? I won’t file a complaint or anything if you come out with your identity now. Or at least you can tell me the reason for sending me all this money. Contact me whenever you feel like doing so.”

The paper shook in my hand as I shivered violently. I barely managed to hold the chair behind me and sunk into the seat breathing heavily. “It isn’t possible. There must be some misunderstanding”, I told myself repeatedly. But the truth stared me in the face, and it looked scary as hell. “Why?” the one-word question rang in my head, making me dizzy. I looked at it once more and dropped the paper suddenly, as if it had caught fire. I strove to control the shaking and finally had it under control. Putting the paper back in its place, I left the room with hurried steps, trying to get away as fast as possible; as if the distance will make the truth vanish or whatever.
Hardly had I reached the turn to the stairs when I came face to face with the one person I had come to trust in merely weeks. Omkara Singh Oberoi stared into my eyes as if he could see right into my tormented soul.

SNEAK PEEK: Ishu says, “I have to back to work, Omkara. If I don’t, I might end up somewhere completely different, where I don’t want to go.”

So guys, I know it’s becoming more confusing than ever, but I’ll try to explain everything properly in the next episode. So stay tuned and keep commenting 🙂
Love you all guys, keep smiling and take care, all you Ishqbaaz-ians! 🙂 😀

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  1. Your story is sooo interesting Sam, I loved it!!!! ?

  2. Beautiful story Sam!!! Really interesting 🙂

    1. Samm

      thanks nia 🙂 i’m glad you liked it 🙂

  3. JanviSingh

    Awsm yr…..
    It’s turning out to be very interesting day by day…..
    N thanks for continuing….. Luvd d note in the starting……. Luv u dear n take care….
    Whoa these lineesturned out to be poetic…☺☺????????????????????????????

    1. Samm

      thanks janvi 🙂 i’m glad you liked it 🙂

  4. Yashu

    Wow Amazing sweetheart loved it……too good girl

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      thanks yashu 🙂

  5. Deepika12

    Oh It was just superbbbbbbbbbbbb di???. I read all the previous episodes of the ff and loved all of them??. Wish u will continue it for long di. I feel “lucky” reading your ff that i m teading such a smart mind’s ff(u might be thinking that i m surely flattering u, u may think so. I don’t have any problem if u think so. But plzz do continue your ff. Plzz)

    The story is fairly going good. But i get a bit confused due to some really complicated words which i don’t understand. So can u plzzzzz make the writing with somewhat simple words.(but its totally your choice di. I m not forcing u. So don’t think soo..)

    The ishkara and Shivika scenes were considerably very good????????????.

    Love u too di????????-Deepika

    1. Deepika12

      *reading(in place of teading).
      And sorry for the long and stupid comment.

      1. Samm

        hey, you don’t have to be sorry. i like long comments a lot, and there was nothing stupid about it either 🙂

      2. Deepika12

        I have the habit of writing long comments. I can’t write short comments. And thanks.

    2. Samm

      thanks deepika 🙂 i’m obviously flattered, but i’m happier that you actually went through all the episodes and liked it too 🙂 it means a lot dear. also i will try to make it simpler, but as it is, i try to use specific words to describe a particular situation or a feeling accurately… so, that will be difficult to change 🙂 thanks for your suggestion though 🙂

  6. Kehkasha

    Beautiful…..yeah that’s the word to describe my feel……each and every emotion……shivaay stamping anika’s palm……giving reason……anika realising late…..what he meant…..awesome…..dear…. Then the scene of rare device……laughter of sso….

    Then om’s view…….description of ishu’s look……omg…….and specially…….cliffhanging…… I can’t wait now…..
    And then the most attracting thing…..u mentioned my name…….omg….dear…..dear I never meant to scold u but anyways this was really amazing……and yes if that words u took as scolding…..and result….of it is this……then I can scold u lifetime…….just kidding….

    And u can eat my head for sure…..with and without ur ideas……i would never mind…..coz in some cases I also do the same……

    1. Samm

      haha! thanks a lot kehkasha 🙂 and btw, i was kidding too 🙂
      i’m glad you liked it… and i’m also kinda grateful for that ‘scolding’ 😛 😀

  7. Amazing episode.. loved it..

    1. Samm

      thanks ankita 🙂

  8. Renimarenju

    Samm….this episode… too good dear……the way you portrayed shivaay, and omkara’s views……..I felt… am watching real IB……..Beautiful way of presentation…….added with shivika dialogues…….which rewarded a worth reading………Really praise worthy……episode…….And i must say ur writing skills are really good ….And samm……..loved ishu’s perspective also…which was interesting and lot of suspenses are awaiting… am waiting 4 next part….another thing …..again i want 2 remind u…….dear………please……send the links through pm….when u will update ur ff…….ok….And thanks 4 dedicating this episode 4 kehkasha, janvi and me………dear……do u felt that we scolded u…..ok…..sorry…..but remeber….. one thing…. a friend in need is a friend indeed……..and ………we are always with u….ishqie…..

    1. Samm

      hey renima, so sorry for not sending you the link. actually i slept right after submitting the episode and in the morning, my net stopped working after i replied to nia’s comment… and i’m shocked with myself that i spent the whole day without using net! 😀 😛
      anyways, i’m so glad you liked it 🙂 thanks a lot 🙂
      also, i was kidding about that whole scolding thing. so you don’t have to be sorry for anything at all! 😀 i love you guys 🙂

  9. Shivika22kapoor

    Waah di hum thoda dinon ka liya idhaar Sa udhaar kya Hua aap toh total dhamkibaaz hi baan Gaya aur vaah kya maast dhamkiyaan di hai. Chalo Vo sab chodo.
    Ek baat kehni toh banti hai Ki chahiya Shivaay & Anika ho ya Om & Ishu ho the charm continues even today. Moreover, Om’s love story has been put on hold by IB but the way you expressed it and your imagination it came out to be sooooo beautiful. The way Om takes care of Ishu on knowing her past. Their shopping, he buying Anarkali for her, carrying her to her flat and then not disturbing her sleep and taking care of her. I must say you are amazing in writing romantic scenes di. And the way he admires her during party + his will to paint her there and then everything showed him falling for her badly. His morning breakfast and cleaning Ishu’s house and Ishu asking him that weird question and not willing to apologize. Trust me I could imagine all those scenes. You have done brilliantly well on their story. Perhaps when is he giving her that Anarkali, please make it soon.
    Coming to Shivaay & Anika it seems like you have done P.Hd. In knowing Shivaay’s feelings, you explained his P.O.V. in the most spectacular way and Anika understanding him is something that make me remember of yesterday’s IB epi. Both are perfect couple and Shivaay & Anika special epi was super amazing, hopefully soon you will give another episode with the two in limelight.
    Now coming to your tadu suspense, I don’t get one thing why do you always keep bichaara Shivaay in dilemma can’t you see him happy ??. Always pareshaan and pareshaan. One day he will only sing: Ma pareshaan pareshaan, ohhhh manzilain ha kahan. Although I am loving Shivaay’s P.O.V. Now a days but please don’t make him so much pareshaan. Shivaay and Anika’s chemistry is superb.
    But I have a sought of instinct that it’s Shakti and moreover he was the one to keep the letter I think soooo.
    Ishu and Om together is always a wonderful treat ? to read. I am just loving their story. ?❤ .
    And dear your writing has a magic I don’t know about others but it always casts it’s spell on me that’s the reason I am always attracted towards it. So please keep all your negativity aside and keep writing and keep rocking because you are an amazing writer with a beautiful imagination. I have missed you like hell and your ff too. It was awesome to read it in one go. ?
    Perhaps the shock list keeps going on till now and you have turned out to be a packet of shocks and surprises.
    (Wanted to apologize for being late and one more thing actually the long lecture that I had written in my previous comment as I didn’t want you to end your ff dear and I am sorry if I have been too harsh ever. You are an amazing person and a really very sweet friend. Just can’t see you losing hope on something that you are fabulous at just because few people do not comment).
    Okay let me dedicate a song to you dear before I leave:?
    Tum Jo Ho Toh Gaa Rahi Hai Yeh Hawa…
    Tum Jo Ho To Reshmi Si Hai Fiza…
    Jao Na…
    Phir Na Yeh Raat Aayegi
    Phir Na Yeh Rut Chhayegi
    Phir Na Yun Milna Hoga
    Phir Na Jaane Kya Hoga….
    Jao Na…
    Yeh Raat Thodi Toh Dhalne Do
    Dheere Dheere Isko Pighalne Do
    Aage Hai Do Raah Maana Magar
    Thodi Door To Saath Chalne Do
    Khone Wali Ho Kal Tum
    Ruk Sako Jo Do Pal Tum
    Kuch Tumhari Tasveerein
    Rakh Loon Apni Aankhon Mein…
    Jao Na….

    And thank you ? for all your well wishes ? ?.
    Love ❤ you.
    Keep writing and keep rocking ??.
    Post next soon ?

    1. Samm

      i’m so overwhelmed shivika 🙂 and please, you don’t have to say sorry yaara! after all you’re the one who has always encouraged me to write, so how can i feel bad because of anything you say 🙂
      i hope your prep and exams are going on well. 🙂 and thanks a lot for all your love! 🙂 i can’t tell you how happy i am after reading your comment. i was so tired after working for so long, but your comment refreshed me totally. and since you asked me to post the next one soon, i think i’ll write it now before going to sleep 😀
      you must be thinking what a crazy girl she is! right? 😛 😀 i’m kidding, of course. but it’s true that after all this time, i wanted nothing more than going to bed while reading all the other ffs that i needed to catch up on, but now i think i’ll just write one episode and then sleep all through afternoon tomorrow 😀 😀 😀
      anyways, thanks again for the lovely heartwarming comment 🙂 loads of love from your Samm 🙂

  10. Mrunal

    super duper hit…..
    as always a very very very interesting episode…
    shivika scenes mind blowing….???
    specially the stamp one…..
    om’s perspective was fabulous..
    specially in case of ishu….
    last but not the least ishu…
    I’m dying thinking about the mystery…
    i tried a lot but I’m unable to come at any conclusion…
    so in short what….
    U R GREAT….?
    LOVE U…?

    1. Samm

      thanks mrunal 🙂 i’m glad you liked it 🙂

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