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Hey guys 🙂 Its Samm, back with episode 1 and without much ado, let’s get started.
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Where was everyone? I tiptoed around the living room, immediately on my guard. I was already suspicious when I didn’t see anyone outside, but the pin drop silence gave me the creeps. I checked the bedroom and the kitchen as well but still there was no sight of Anika or Sahil. I pulled out my phone and was about to call her when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Although an attacker would have hit me, rather than making me aware of his presence, I acted intuitively and twisted the hand around the intruder, knocking his feet under him. I could hear the shoulder length dark hair swish against the collar of his beige jacket as he softly groaned in pain.

“Ishu! Surprise!” I heard the voice behind me as soon as I went to turn his head around. “Wow! We must have been exceptionally quiet!” I thought subconsciously. I looked at the happy faces of Anika and Sahil turn into masks of shocked distress and I too turned around to look at him. Om’s face was twisted up in agony. I felt apologetic immediately for my rash actions.
“I’m so sorry!” I cried as I held out both my hands to help him up. He gave me a half angry, half rueful look. Rudra also came in then and he was so horrified at the sight. He knelt down beside his brother and started crying and cursing the one who had done this to him. I said sorry again, trying to help in any way I could. Why couldn’t I keep it down? Not everyone was a wolf or a fox in this jungle, I reminded myself again. Anika and Sahil seemed worried about Om too, but they just ignored Rudra. It took me a while to get that he was just overreacting. That was only when Sahil told him, “Rudra bhaiya, he’s fine. At most, his wrist could have been sprained! So stop crying.” He did stop crying at that and I got an ice pack while Anika went to call a doctor.
His wrist wouldn’t have been sprained, if I had done it as gently as I did in my shoots. But I wasn’t sure myself. I held his hands as tenderly as possible, being extra careful. Anika came and informed us that she had called the doctor and Shivaay.

The focus of all our concerns then spoke up for the first time. “You called Shivaay for this? Why? He’ll make such a huge deal out of this!” he said exasperatedly in his mellifluous voice. I looked from his heated face to the puzzled one of Anika as one of the guards I had been looking for before came to check on something. He looked at the view with three of us on the floor itself. I helped Om up and he limped to the sofa. I must have kicked him harder than usual too.
He told us that he had come to greet us and take us to the Oberoi Mansion as Dadi wanted to meet us too. Sahil was happy at that and he immediately left to get a few of things that he claimed were his ‘special and important stuff’. It was around twenty five minutes since my dangerous little stunt when Shivaay rushed in. I stood up instinctively seeing his expression. With the grey sleeves rolled up to his elbow, he looked uber-cool; although his features were painted in the same color as his shirt! Anika too came with a tray of tea for us and she set it down on the table ignoring his overcast mood.

“What happened to you?” he asked at length. I was prepared with an apology and begging for my life if necessary. If anything had come out of being in the Oberoi Mansion, it was that I now knew how similar Shivaay and I were. I assumed that I would kill anyone if they ever hurt Anika and Sahil, and I figured that was what he would do. But before I even got a word out of my mouth, Om said, “I’m perfectly okay Shivaay. It was just a misunderstanding.”
That was the understatement of the century but I still decided to go with it. “I’m so sorry, Shivaay. It’s all my fault. But don’t you worry; the doctor should be arriving soon. I’m sure it’s nothing serious.” I hoped he heard the remorse in my voice. “It’s nice to see you, Ishu”, he said politely, even though his mind was clearly on Om’s hand. What a gentleman! Rudra assured him and I noticed Om and Shivaay exchange a private kind of look between them and I weirdly liked that. Anika claimed his attention by tugging at his sleeve like a kid and he turned to see her with worried eyes.

She reassured him that it was a misunderstanding on my part and that he didn’t need to worry too much about it. I knew that was easier said than done, but Shivaay simply nodded at her as his eyes grew wider, or so it seemed to me. He plopped down beside his brothers, running his hand through his perfectly set hair. The doctor came and went. Apparently, it wasn’t serious, and he would just have to keep that hand wrapped up for a few days. Well, that was a relief!
“Could this day be any more unlucky for me?” I thought to myself as I locked myself in a room to stew in my own pool of guilt. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a new chapter in my life!

SNEAK PEEK: Sahil’s surgery.
Hey guys, I think this episode might have a few errors. It’s probably because I’m writing this kinda sleepily! 😀
There’s something I want you guys to know. First, this is an ff based on Om and Ishu, but Shivaay and Anika’s points of view will also be portrayed; mostly because I love them! 😀 Second, Ishu is a new character and she’ll be nothing like Ishana. Third, Rumya fans don’t have to disappointed for long as I’ll add some of their scenes too; that’s because I began loving Rudra more ever since he outright insulted Tia and her Mom! 😀
Now, I think most of you did not like the prologue since I got just a handful of comments, which was really shocking for me. So, I’m going back to my own category of blackmailing by saying that I’ll make it a small story kind of thing if this rate of comments continues. Even if you don’t like it, just tell me directly; I’ll honestly appreciate it.
I hope you guys understand that writing an ff at 02:00 am, which is literally the dead of night, has to be driven by a strong motivation. But I don’t think you people know that motivation is you. I’m really nervous about this ff, more than my first ff, so please help me out here. I’ll truly appreciate it if you share your suggestions on the characters, or the storyline, or my style of writing, or just anything. So, I’ll leave my request at that and sign off with “bye bye and take care”! 🙂

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      thanks yashu 🙂

  2. Diyaa

    I love strong heroines as you probably know by now Samm.?Just loved Ishu’s and Om’s meeting, although, Om getting hurt is a very sad thing. But oh well nothing serious. This show has made a nutjob out if me. I love Anika and Om, but there is sthg. about Shivaay that I can’t quite shake off. So I love how you included Shivaay in Ishu’s POV. Very interesting episode. Waiting for the story to unfold.

    1. Samm

      😀 thanks diyaa 🙂 i hope i don’t disappoint you!

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      thanks nans 🙂

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  3. Shivika22kapoor

    SORRY to say Samm di I literally laughed out at the beginning when Ishu twisted Omi’s hand.
    Well why don’t you actually go for night ? shifts, well that’s because your ff seems to have no change even if you write it in night or day. It remains as spectacular as it was.
    I loved Ishu’s re entry and reaction of Rudy was super cute. While even I was a bit scared ? of Shivaay’s reaction but glad that he played it cool ?.
    Anika’s way of approaching him was really childish but sweet ?.
    Poor Om got such an amazing takkar Ki partner and I am soooooooo happy ? that you would be adding Rumaya as well. Well OmRu are perfect.
    Superb update but pls no blackmailing I just hate it and especially when it comes from you di.
    Well I think so we should celebrate ?.
    Any idea WHY?????
    ok I will tell you, it’s my first morning comment on your ff ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Well post asap as I am always waiting for it and keep smiling ? take care ? and bye bye ? ?.

    1. Samm

      oh yes! i didn’t realize it until you pointed it out! well, i’m certainly glad that you commented during daylight 😀 😛
      i don’t think i even need to say that i’m glad that you liked it 😀 thanks a lot dear 🙂

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    wowwww superb dear

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