Lucky to meet you (Shivika OS)

Hi guys!!! Kriti here, writer of how I met my healer. So I have written an OS on shivika. So let’s start.

Lucky to meet you

Life is not a fairytale. Every relation have ups and downs. Our relation had ups and downs too. But as he was with me nothing was hard.

A curve appeared on my face as I found myself sleeping in his embrace, my Shivaay’s embrace, his one arm wrapping around my waist. I love when he does that.

I don’t know what I would have done without him. He’s my support system, my Knight in the shining armour. He doesn’t make me feel that my family abandoned me for their so called reputation.

We have a small yet happy family. I remember when my fiancee ditched me because he thought I was not good enough for him. Shivaay stood by my side even when no one did.

When I was broken I found solace in his embrace. He taught me how to love again and before that how to love yourself.

We did have some fairytale moments in our life, when he proposed me it felt like eternity. But I rejected his proposal because I thought he deserved someone better than me. Though I rejected his proposal he always stood by my side, no matter what.

Shivaay you are the best thing that happened to me.

When I asked him “why are you with me? I rejected your proposal.”

“Anika love is not about expecting love in return. I’m still complete because of my love for you”

His words touched my soul. Slowly and steadily he taught me how to love again. At times I started to give up on myself, I was losing faith in me but his faith in me never decreased.

He filled my life with love and colour.

Our wedding was not a grand wedding. It was a private affair, small yet memorable.

Then after 2 years of our marriage I found out that I was pregnant. My happiness knew no bounds. When I told Shivaay about this he was beyond happy. He started to be more protective about me.

Then we were blessed with a baby boy. We named him Ansh. He is carbon copy of his father. I’m so proud to be addressed as Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

My trances were broken by a sweet voice.


Ansh, our baby who is Now a 4 year old boy spoke in his sweet voice. He looked innocent but he’s a devil.


“Oh! My little devil! What happened? Did maasi go? ” I picked him up in my arms and flicked his hairs.

“Yes mumma”

I kissed his cheeks. Although he hates it when someone kisses him but I love teasing my son.

“Huh… I won’t talk to you” he made a pout.

“Aww… My baby is angry with me” I made a puppy face and soon enough he gave me a big smile and I knew exactly what he wanted.

“Only on one condition”

“What? ” I pretended to know nothing.


“Ok let’s go”


And we went to park. We came back after about one hour and Ansh went to his room and immediately fell asleep. Shivaay was up.

“Where have you been?”

“We just went to park”

“Not again… “he sighed.

I smiled sheepishly.

“You and your son won’t understand”

“Shivaay not a word against my son”

“Fine” he replied defeated.

“Let’s so something else” he said with the classic SSO smirk. He came closer to me and he wrapped his arm around neck.

Our lips were just few inches apart. I could feel his hot breath on my lips. It sent shivers down my spine. It has been 6 years to our marriage but the spark is as strong as it was 6 years back.

But before he could do anything else Ansh knocked the door. I rushed to open the door. He ran to Shivaay.

“What happened Ansh?” Shivaay asked picking him up in his arms.

“Papa I want ice cream” Shivaay melted on hearing Ansh’s voice.

“Come Ansh let’s go” he held my hand and headed to car..

He drove to an ice cream parlour and we sat on the table.

“Ansh, which flavour do you want? ” Shivaay asked him.

“Vanilla….umm… No chocolate” Ansh was stuck between vanilla and chocolate.

“What about both Ansh?” Shivaay asked him.

“Really? Yay!!” his face lit up like a bulb.

Ansh jumped on Shivaay’s lap.

“I love you papa” Ansh gave him a kiss on his cheeks.

“I love you too my baby”

“Hey what about mumma?” soon enough he was in my lap.

“Ansh, till Now you were in my team. What happened Now?” Shivaay’s jaw dropped.

I giggled and our order came. Ansh jumped on the ice cream and within two minutes his whole cup was empty.

Then Shivaay drove us back home. It was night and Ansh fell asleep and was sleeping peacefully with his maasi, who just returned from work.

Shivaay came in the room and locked the door. He came closer and wrapped his arms around my neck. His lips brushed over mine. Not innocently, like tease but hot and passionate. Soon our lips met. It was a passionate kiss. Our tongues were busy in exploring each others mouth. He was pulling me by his waist. My hand were in his hair and other pulling him by his collar.

Soon our bodies met and were one once again.

“I’m so lucky to meet you shivaay” I muttered and soon sleep took over my thoughts.


Guys this is my first attempt at writting an OS. I hope you all like it and do comment.


  1. Samm


    |Registered Member

    just awww… so sweet! i would love to see this happy ending in the real show. or can i just admit, it felt like an early epilogue to the shivika story. 🙂

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