Lucky Everyday Manmarziyan Chp 5 Part 2 The broken pieces together


Docs rush Radhika to operation theatre..Arjun,Nesam and dilip,mala and grandpa were waiting for doctor to tell how is Radhika.Doctor comes and announces she has only 10%chances of survival as lot of blood has already been lost.Dilip and Mala sit shocked and Grandpa is trying to assure nothing will happen and NEsam too trying to console.Arjun shocked to hear goes in shock and starts walking on road without seeing where he is going.WHen suddenly he sees a group of bhakt shouting Jai Mata Di.They see Arjun is about to be hit by a truck but they manage to save him.The leader of the group asks if he is in some problem.The leader was some old lady who had lovely motherly smile with care.Arjun did not know what to say,but before he goes to say,the old lady says see that temple in front of you.It is said if u climb those 200 steps and do darshan in navratra your wishes get fulfilled.Arjun looks at temple and thanks the lady and starts to walk.The lady smiles and the group continue their journey.Arjun starts to climb and faces much difficulty.A thorn is stuck to his leg.But he continues to climb.His legs are hurt but he still continues to do.He is so tired that when he reaches the temple he is almost crawling.He lays down himself in front of Mata Rani and says,”After the loss of my parents I lost my faith and decided to never have faith and to never beg in front of anyone not even in front of you.But today,I have come to beg for my wife’s life.Save my Radhika.Pujari lifts him up and says I heard your prayer,belief in mata rani she will grant your wishes and gives him aarti thali and says to do aarti.There Radhika starts becoming restless and doctors rush in.They give her shock.There Arjun continues to do aarti and it gets completed.There Radhika’s life is saved and doctors are relieved.They come out and announce that she is out of danger.They will soon shift her to general ward.They even say it is a miracle that survival chances increased from 10% to 100%.They thank doctor.Arjun is crying there thinking about Radhika.He gets the call of Neil and neil tells him radhika is out of danger.He thinks to give Radhika papers for signing so they can be free of bond.

Radhika is shifted to general ward.She is not awake still as docs had given her injection.Dilip,mala and grandpa bless Radhika.Nesam advises them to go to home and they will stay here as they all have to take medicine.Neil jokes if radhika wakes up and finds we didn’t give u medicine she might eat us up.All laugh.Soon they leave.NeSam are sitting there.Sam says to Neil I know what Bhai did.I will have to find out why he is giving pain to Radhika.Neil tells Sam Arjun is giving pain to protect Radhika from Rohit and NaRal.He thinks if she stays with him her life will be endangered always.Sam says I wish their marriage bond never expires and continues till life.She says I have seen love in both their eyes.Neil nods.Soon Arjun comes with envelope in his hand.NeSam leave her with Arjun.Arjun thanks them.As soon as they go,he sees Radhika eyes opening slowly.He comes near Radhika and asks if she is fine.Radhika nods.He makes her sit.He asks if she trusts him still.Radhika nods.Arjun says please sign this bond again.Radhika looks on teary eyed.Arjun gets it signed and he smiles.Radhika asks if he is happy.Arjun says yes.He says do you want to see this bond.Radhika says no,I don’t want to see my destruction.She suddenly sees Arjun’s leg hurt and asked how this happened.He says sometimes to get something we need to keep faith(he thinks about Mata Rani completed the promise,I now truly believe her.)Radhika grabs the first aid box and says to Arjun to give his leg.She makes him sit.BG SONG Hum marr jayenge plays…

She bandages his leg and Arjun looks on.A tear escapes remembering the teenage arjun and a girl who bandages his leg and says don’t hurt yourself always.She says looks Like I am the cause always so I must go out of your lif..when Arjun kept finger on the girl’s lips and says not to say such things.She says fine.

Radhika has done first aid.She looks at Arjun and asks if he is pained.He says it was before but now it is not.He comes closer to Radhika.He pins her to the bed.Radhika asks what is he doing,he now doesn’t even now have those rights in bond as she has signed the bond for expiry now.Arjun smirks and says you have just now signed the bond of marriage to be continued for lifetime.That means I have right on you now for whole life.Arjun says I know I have given much pain and those ugly names but for….Radhika suddenly lightly kisses his lips and says she knows it.She heard someone’s talk(thinks about Nesam talk)and knows his reason.She says But promise me you will never leave me.Arjun nods and kisses her forehead.He says But that Anshika….radhika says I don’t believe her I believe my love.He says I will now handle Saral and Rohit,but Radhika stops him and says it was Amaya and Amiya not Saral and Rohit who shot her.Arjun looks on shocked.

Precap: Radhika and Arjun again married in a temple(secretly but only Nesam present there) and Radhika teasing Arjun but arjun grabs her and they fall down in bed and they look passionately at each other.NeSam marriage date decided.

SO how was it?Nowadays so much busy so getting less time.Thanks everyone for comments and plz continue to give your comments and suggestion.You might be knowing why Amiya and Amaya tries to kill Radhika,try to guess.

ANd yes,A SPOILER:Rohit to turn into a positive character and Anshika to team up with NaRal.

Till then,Love u all lots.

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Hey tanya dear… h r u.. finally arjun radhika happy…. lots of twists are there dear…. plz update soon…

  2. superb one..Finally the ardhika is this one when arjun says that i have every right on you whole life.Keep update when you got the update.
    precap is making me curious.good tanya.please continue

  3. Wow Tanya wonderful episode. . Bond for life time mrg. superb. ..arjun such a sweet heart…love ardhika n nesam… eagerly waiting for nxt episode. …

  4. Omg Tanya, it was fantastic and very very cute. With all the thrill and emotions I got sweet smile with teary eyes…just an awesome episode…Keep it up…you are very talented…Eagerly waiting for the next episode…Love you loads and very very tight hug, muaaaaaaaahhhh

  5. Really awsme.. Finally aradhika happy 🙂 really I love ur stories.. I really miss ur stories.. 🙂 keep it up

  6. amazig yaar tanya finally both rads and arjun are togather…waiting for next u dear…

  7. Hey tanya…wonderful episode….finally arjun-radhika united happily…loved nesam too…and who is the teenage girl whom arjun remembers always in his childhood…plzz reveal it soon…

  8. Heyyy Tanaya…. It was clearly a superb one…. Love your story a lot… And please pray for me GUYS as I got injured….

    1. Thanks Brity!Praying and hoping your injury gets better.Get well soon dear.

      1. Thanks…

    2. Hey brity get well soon yaar..I will pray for ur speed recovery…love u dear

      1. Thanks …. Dude … Valli…

  9. woooow tanya mindblowing episode dr.eagerly waiting for nxt buddy.

  10. Awesome epi buddy…keep going on and I like ArDhika’s scenes and waiting for next part…pls post soon if u r free..I think they ( Amaya and Amiya ) killed Rads to help her friend Anshika..Wat Rohit is going to turn +ve Superb yaar..take care ? buddy..waiting for next epi..

  11. Hey Tanya,tight hug for u buddy,ur so excellent,the story is getting interested with lit of twist emotion and romance,great applause to u buddy,precap I’d awesome finally arjun and rads together,post next episode soon buddy

    Brity what happened yaar,y injury

    1. Actually I fell down from my scooty… So got little injured…. Thanks for the concern…

      1. Brity get well soon. ..hope u r fine…may allah bless u

  12. Nice☺☺☺

  13. Wow nice episode yaar

  14. Hey wooooooooooooooow, tanya, Loved the episode dear.

    Rohit character is going posiitive nice . Well nice to see anishika as negative . As loved to read her character is new and loved her insulted dialogues at last she is d one who bear now rads heavy weight dialogue loved track dear.

    and OOOOOOOOOOOOh ardhika wedding Loved when rads kissed arjun and he sighned a marriage bond So lovely

    waiting eagerly to read their lovely relationship , Romantic story is going to start with a new blossom .

    Hey one song is for our beloved couple aradhika. Well I recommend 2 songs before one is for when arjun going sad in the memory of radhika when he see in his hands and then with d temple scene and all .
    ye dil tanha kyun rahe kyun ye tukdo me jiye
    Mujhe teri zaroorat hai mujhe teri zaroorat haiiii from ek villain

    And the other one when he comes to the hospital to meet her .

    And he sighned that bond and then she kiss her and he kiss her forehead and informs her about the signing of the marriage bond
    the song plays

    Pal.. do pal ki kyun hai zindagi
    Iss pyaar ko hai sadiyan kaafi nahi
    Toh khuda se maang loon
    Mohallat main ek nai
    Rehanaa hai bas yahaan
    Ab door tujhse jana nahi…
    Jo tu mera humdard hai
    Jo tu mera humdard hai
    Suhaana har dard hai
    Jo tu mera humdard hai

  15. woww….superb episode tanya….loved it a lot buddy

  16. Wat an episode my god ….u r amazing yaar ..luv u sooooo much …..ardhika rocks ….waiting fr nxt update..

  17. Finally…..tanya superb yaar. .loved this epi. A tight hug for u….I think the girl whom arjun remember is radhika. ..because of her memory loss she forget arjun…

  18. hi tanya sorry for late commenting.
    superb episode!!!!! but we couldn’t imagine that amiya and amaya wants to killed radz but why… again mysterious story!!!!
    but felt good to saw that how much arjun concerned about his wife… mean for radz life he climed 200 stairs then praying also done pooja! !! amazing love
    omg radz signed on marriage bond papers.
    awesooome! !!!!!!
    we are eagerly waiting for next dazzling episode.
    tight hug with lots of love.

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