Lucky Everyday Manmarziyan CHP 5 part 1 Broken little apart

Radhika gets happy that Neil and sam are going to marry.She hugged them both and said,”This is the one of the best day of my life.What could be best my bestie my soul sister getting married to my beloved and best brother,Neil.”Arjun comes after talking to phone and announces,”As this is the best day,I am announcing a Garba party for both of you.”He turns to Radhika and says,”Plz dress appropriately,you must look like my wife.”Sam looked at arjun with angry eyes.He went away.Neil hugged Sam once again and took leave as he had to get ready.Sam turned to radhika and said how could she tolerate him?She said,”Love helps and yes he is not so bad.”Sam smiled and they went to get ready.Arjun called Sam and said he will be waiting for both of them in venue with Neil.

Arjun and Neil were waiting for their beloved ones.They wore sherwani which showed their well toned muscular body.Soon Radhika and sam arrived.Arjun and Neil were awestruck by the beauty of their beloved.Radhika had her specs removed.She looked beautiful in Orange chiffon chaniya with black and golden border with The work was indeed little heavy but radhika did not mind she always loved the traditional dress.Her looks complimented with oxidised jewellery with jumkas and her tied in a neat bun look.Sam too looked beautiful in pink and velvet chaniya choli.Her lehenga was indeed elegant.Her hair were in waves and she wore too oxidised jewelley.Both came near to their hubby and made them come back to their senses.Arjun smiled at her.Arjun called for everyone attention and announced Sam and Neil wedding in 1 week.They were going to do now official engagement.There was indeed a happy environment.To their surprise Dilip,grandpa and Mala too came dressed in navratra attire.

They bless both the couples.Soon Nesam exchanged rings.Soon the entry is shown of Rohit with a gun.Arjun sees him(not the gun) and is enraged.Radhika stops him.Rohit says,”Oh my ex-fiancee won’t you welcome me?”Neil becomes enrage and tries to beat him when sam stops him and calls security.As he leaves,the 3 idiots(Anshika,Amiya and Amaya) enter.Sam asks who called these idiots.Radhika says I called as they too studied with us.Sam says wait,i will make them leave.But Radhika says not to do it.Sam says fine.Anshika says hi to them.Sam comes in between and says to her go at those section,specially for girls like you who do gossip,that part where the aunties are gossiping,what Are you waiting,go.To make things light,Radhika starts dancing on shubhaarambh(from kai po che)People start dancing.NeSam too dance and go garba.Radhika does with Arjun and Anshika sees them evily.She soon drags arjun on pretext of talking about a deal.Arjun tries to avoid but she drags him to a corner.Radhika sees Arjun missing and sees Anshika and Arjun going,she follows them.Anshika brings him to corner and tries to be close to him and says,”Leave that ugly duckling what’s her name,yes Radhika.What she has that has led you to marry her.Come with me I am beautiful.Come with me.”She literally comes near Arjun and Arjun resists her when she leans in to kiss Arjun.Suddenly they hear Radhika calling Arjun.She is shocked and has tears in her eyes.Anshika quickly says,”Oh no you know our secret.Please leave him now you know why he avoids you.”Radhika pushes her way through Anshika and says to Arjun,”I never knew you loved Anshika.Had you told me I would have not stayed at all.But my trust feels broken,I don’t know why,Arjun alone and only trust was between us that had made our relation and that too is broken.”She runs towards the main gate when Arjun says to Anshika who is approaching to him,”Stay away from us.And yes she has the inner beauty which you can never have.”He searches Radhika.Radhika is at gate when someone shoots a bullet at her.Radhika falls but Arjun catches her with Grandpa standing there with NEil there as they had come out for talking.They rush her to hospital where Arjun is crying profusely and saying nothing will happen to you.

Precap: Radhika critical.Arjun going at temple of Mata Rani and saying,”I NEVER HAD FAITH IN YOU BUT TODAY I HAVE COME TO BEG FOR LIFE OF MY RADHIKA.”

So how was it?Plz give comments and suggestions.Missed u all terribly but am having so many tasks nowadays so it takes time.And yes ignore the mistakes coz i typed it in hurry.and yes try to guess who tried to kill radhika.You will soon know the motive of the evil who keep trying to kill.Till then,Love u all.

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Very nice.. Loved it.. I want arjun to be a bit soft towards radhika now.. BT really awsme ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Very nice episode dr…ur narrative style is grt…want ardhika together…waiting for ur next update

  3. Nice epi..liked Arjun and Neil waiting for their beloved ones and their dance too…Obviously its Rohit yaar as u said na he entered with a Gun…waiting for next part..Arj praying for Rads..that’s so sweet..pls post next epi soon…

  4. Tanya really missed u yaar. …today’s epi was nice n I think saral is the one who tried to kill radhika. ….plse unite aradhika soon

  5. OMG!!!! Got remind of real MMZ…. How Radika saved Arjun… And Arjun’s praying… And Stupid Nandini’s entry…. Anways… Tanaya loved it dear…. Keep going…

  6. Superrrrrrrrr…yaar great story Tanya… usual great episode no words to say….please update regularly…tanya ur story is great yaar….I just love it……superb….want to know who tried to kill rads

  7. Tanya dear i missed sooooooo much plz update maha episode type…. i think rads is the owner of whole property…. i guess

  8. Hey tanya dear…. i missssss u so much…. how r u….. mysterious story.. can u plz update maha episode dear… i think radhika whole property ka owner hai….. i think so…

  9. Hey tanya dr really enjoyed it ma.pls update nxt part asap u loads.

  10. loved it…awesome…

  11. Hi Tanya, awesome episode.Very interesting and mysterious story, precap reminded real mmz scene when Arjun pray for Radhika after accident. Nice going. Please continue and update the next episode soon. Eagerly waiting for the next episode….Love you loads…Take care…

  12. Hey dear tanya,

    Woooooooooooooow, just loved the episode of today.

    Loved the ardhika dance and loved the episode very much.

    Dear I loved to watch rohit evilness as he had going to marry radhika in past. So little expected to do something bad to her or flirting with her or something .

    Actually the point is never seen arjun in Jealous avatar for radhika not in serial.

    Well in your beautiful words if you can succeed to make it in any of your episode.

    Loved you dear.

    And yes loved the garba song it makes the atmosphere nice.

    Rangi par ud aavee, Khushiyon sang laavee
    Harkhaye haiyo haaye.. Haaye.. (x2)

    Aasha ni kirano bikhraaye
    Umange vi chhalkaaye
    Man halvethi gungunaaye
    Haaye, haaye, haaye, haaye..

    Hey shubhaarambh
    Ho Shubhaarambh
    Mangal bela aayi
    Sapnon ki dehri pe
    Dil ki baaji re shehnai
    Shehnai.. (x2)

    Khwaabon ke beej
    Kachchi zameen pe humko bona hai
    Aasha ke moti saanson ki mala
    Hume pirona hai
    Apna bojha mil ke saathi humko dhona hai
    Shehnai, shehnai, shehnai..

    Raas racheelo saaj sajeelo
    Shubh ghadi chhe aavyee
    Aaja aaja tamtamaata
    Shamna ojhe laavee
    Oh.. Laavee
    Ho ho ho Laavee

    Rangi par ud aavee
    Khushiyon sang laavee
    Harkhaye haiyo haaye haaye…
    Rangi par ud aavee
    Khushiyon sang laavee
    Harkhaye haiyo haaye haaye haaye

    Haan maza hai zindagi
    Nasha hai zindagi
    Dheere dheere chadhegi ho
    Duaa de zindagi, bata de zindagi
    Baat apni banegi ho

    Khwaabon ke beej
    Kachchi zameen pe humko bona hai
    Aasha ke moti saanson ki mala
    Hume pirona hai
    Apna bojha mil ke saathi humko dhona hai
    Shehnai, shehnai, shehnai..

    (Hey rang lo mhara naa… aye thayi thayi)

    Hey shubhaarambh
    Ho shubhaarambh
    Mangal bela aayi
    Sapno ki dehri par
    Dil ki baaji re shehnai

    Raas racheelo saaj sajeelo
    Shubh ghadi chhe aavee
    Aaja aaja tamtamata shamna ojhe laavee
    O Laavyee…

  13. Hey tanya,

    This one is for you which makes you to live your manmarziyan again .

    This is for all the moments when you live your manmarziyan here..

    Fly like a free bird in the big sky of writing.

    Loved you dear Listen to it YOu fee it by heart and your feet feel like dancing automatically.

    And for all the deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies too.

    mandy zara, tasnim lulu , brity hayathi chinni vanni anwesha harani

    mil gayee aaj aansman se

  14. hiiii tanya- how r u? ??
    omg-who’s that guy wants to kill radzz, rohit or saral…. it seems interesting and mysterious! !!!!
    ahh I hate anshika, how dare her to talk with radzz in this way…disgusting
    poor innocent radhu I felt bad for her.
    wooow again we can see how arjun praying for her beloved in temple … its reminds our mmz…
    awesome Tanya! !! am eager to read next epi. plsss update soon. till then waiting waiting waiting. ..
    loveee you buddy. โ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅ

  15. hey nishaa love you dear. how r u?
    love your lovely comment and songs too… ๐Ÿ™‚
    misss you buddy.

  16. hey tanya…hi dear…this epi was one of the best epi….u wrote it so brilliantly n beautifully… i liked the ghagara choli of both the girls… how that b*t*h anshika dare to lie…n i guess he rohit who come with gun…n aftr ths incident rads can see arjuns live for hrt….nice dear…keep going… luv u..

  17. Love it…..mi8 ‘ve been Rohit who hit rafs……arjun praying 4 hr……..hp she’ll b fine soon n arjin ‘ll b a lil bit sft 2 hr…..

  18. Hii tanya…missed u dear…nice episode….interesting precap…it makes us remind manmarziyan wen radhika met with accident n arjun praying to save her…come soon with next update…why someone wants to kill radhika…reveal it soon…

  19. Thanks everyone for your comment.I will soon update the next part.

  20. Hey zara, Loved you dear Lots to love to u.

    Dear I am fine dear.

    Lots of hugs dear. Somehow we all manage to visit heree at once to meet each other and finding our own manmarziyan here.

  21. Helo guys? hw r u all??
    These r my fav parts in te epi:?
    did u al notice Arjuns prayer?”……….2 beg 4 life f MY RADHIKA.”???????? I lvd? it.
    he also goes n SEARCH f hr………..
    he cries PROFUSELY n says” …NOTHING ‘ll HAPPEN 2 YOU”

  22. Tanya dear
    ….. i am waiting for ur update… plz update soon

  23. Tanya pls update the nxt episode. .. eagerly waiting. ..

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