Lucky everyday Manmarziyan chp 4 part 3


Radhika comes to Arjun after talking to Neil.She searches for Arjun and comes to storeroom.He is searching his file.She asks if he is busy so Arjun says do you want to say anything?Radhika says yes,its about Sam.Arjun turns and asks if Sam is ok.She says Sam is in love.Arjun smiles and says who is that lucky man.She says it my bhai,Neil.Arjun says Are you joking.She says no i am serious.Arjun says it can’t happen.Radhika asks why is he opposing.He says I don’t want this marriage to happen.Radhika says but why are you opposing,he says i can’t tell you but i won’t let this marriage happen.He shouts angrily and says If this marriage happens he will not leave her.Radhika says This marriage will definitely take place in 1 week and why is he threatning?She says I am not afraid to see consequence if it means happiness of my Sam and my bhai Neil.He angrily pushes her and goes away.Radhika falls down and hits her hand on some boxes.She feels pain not physical but her soul,her love broke her.Was he so selfish?She did not understand she stands up and sees some photos and diaries and some papers.She sees it and takes to her seperate room.She sits and sees the photos of little arjun and sam.She sees Sam tying Rakhi photo to little arjun and their bonding.She smiles at this photos.She sees their parents photo but she sees there is one more elder girl,she looked like nandini.Radhika wondered if Nandini was real sister of arjun and sam or is she just is in photo.She keeps photo back and looks at his personal diary.It was of his school days.It was written about his true love,his crush.How she was simple,loving and her simple features.He wrote his inside agony of his childhood which he had suffered by his chacha and how he brought up Sam with the help of his grandpa.But some pgs were torn.She kept back those diary and saw some papers.It was bond,perhaps something like being in job bond.She opened the envelope.She was shocked that Neil Mishra,was the slave of Mehra empire.She kept on reading where it was stated that Neil was the slave as the Mishra third generation as their great grandfather had large debt and had to clear it so he had written bond.She was shocked.She understands that Arjun was disagring that is why.But she is too shocked.She sees the adoption paper of the girl,RADHIKA MISHRA.It was her.It was written she will be not be a slave as she was adopted and down was the signature of grandpa.She is shocked and is crying.

Precap: Radhika talking to Neil about adoption and saying no matter what she will change Arjun thinking and make this wedding happen.

How was it?Radhika is adopted and she is shocked but she has our chasni quality to do good for everyone.Plz give comment and suggestion.
Love u all

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Wow… Heartbeating episode…. How can destiny be so rude to Neil and Radika??? Arjun is quite myesterious… He always shouts at our Chasni… So Bad… Anyway… Tanaya I love it…

  2. Tanya dear why so short yaar plz update maha episode like plzzzzzzz…. dear

  3. Tanya excellent job. ..what a twist. …radhika is adopted!!!! Plse unite nesam……thanks for the update….plse update soon

  4. Awsome………. Yaar ur a fab writer … I was a grt twist I wasn’t expecting dis…..
    Truly fab……..
    I reallyy luv ur story now a days there r no slaves u no naaa
    Cmon its illegal everywhere in d world

  5. Hi Tanya ,,loved the twist yaar..its becoming interesting day by day Dr…arjun don’t b rude to rads she is very innocent…. Fabulous yaar keep it up buddy

  6. make it a bit practical
    no slaves anyeh3ere

  7. Hi, nice twist. Lovely episode.Please continue..Eagerly awaiting for the nextepisode. Love you loads

  8. hey tanya…nice episode dear…u have so many twists in ur story..but i like it…..come soon with next update..

  9. Cool Tanya !!??

  10. so sad….niel slave…din want tat 2 happen n rads adopted….. ..s tat y arjun s always shoutng at hr?????????????

  11. Amazing yaar

  12. luved the episode dr.update the nxt chapter soon ma.

  13. Hey tanya dear,

    Really loved your story,

    Now the tist got open.

    Wooooooooooooooow, Loved Radhika is adopted, AT least in future we have an option to get to know about her real parents history.

    You make it more interesting . Do you or Don’t ?

    But slavery ??????Well Its not like that I didn’t like it or other readers doesn’t like it .

    But yes, it was difficult to connect with this word as slavery is very old .

    But yes, I know you have very interesting thoughts . Make an old story of their grandparents.

    And explained it wisely so that we ( all readers) also get to know how this slave pratha, comes in this story and how come neil’s Family become slave of mehara’s.

    I know you have magical words and beautiful thoughts . Make it dear. YOu can make it for sure.

    Well yesterday you give us a scene in which ardhika are romancing in Rain.

    Dear I have a song for that moment .

    Arjun’s feeling comes forward to see radhika’s mesmerizing beauty that increased from each and every drop of rain.

    He just can’t stop his eyes watching her staring her , want to caresses her hair. Want to love her .

    Check out the song for that scene tanya , zara(arijit song) , mandy, tasnim, and all my deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies,

    Saanson ko jeene ka saahara mil gaya,

    Tu mila to khuda ka sahaara mil gaya

    1. Hey nisha yaar tum seriosly ideas ka bungla ho I mean very creative !!!

      Hey y dont u rite ur own fanfic ???

      Hey jus love d song but did u c d movie ?? Wat happens ny clue ?? Hey yaar video is really somhw not ok !!!

      Hey pls nisha I like a song har kisi ko nahi milta yahan pyar zidagi mein !! Pls tell for wich fanfic wud dis suit perfectly !!!

      Hey if u can pls send d link yaar of d song plss!!

  14. hey really nice twist yaar but that slave thing is not good…our neil as slave…please change thatr one line yaar

  15. Hey mandy how r u?

    Loved you dear. Hey shree how r u dear. Think u r busy for not updating your story.

    Hey mandy dear . Doesn’t recommend u to see the picture. Songs are awesome to listen videos are ok but the song is exceptional coz of the lyrics and arijit voice and fit suitable for ardhika couple.

    That’s d reason for recommending dis one.

    for u dear specially . for sure recommend dis one if I would witness a situation or reading any episode of fanfic related to dis song . Situation inspire me to recommend a song.

    Har kisi ko nahi milta Yahaa pyaar zindagi mein.

    Enjoy it dear Mandy.

    Hello zara, tasnim where r u dear. how r u.

    Hello to all mmz fans. …………………………..

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