Lucky Everyday Manmarziyan (Chp 3 Part 4)

It was night time when Radhika got up.She was thirsty and there was no jar.She decides to go to kitchen.She thinks to ask Arjun but she thinks not to wake him up.She goes to kitchen.She drinks water.while returning to kitchen she hears some guitar noises.She peeps to the room.It is Arjun playing guitar.He is singing “Jeena Jeena” and infront of a small photograph which Radhika cannot see.He sings very beautifully.He has some tears.She too cries seeing him.She thinks to ask him but she decides not to ask him now.she goes back and wonders if he is love with that picture.She thinks that if he still loves that girl she will bring that girl in his life because he has not only saved her but also her family.She sleeps.

It’s morning.She gets up and sees around.And suddenly hears splashes.She thinks maybe Arjun is bathing.She takes her clothes and brush.She goes to another room for bathing so that they can get ready quickly.She goes and brushes.She soon began to take shower which soothe her mind and body.She soon smelled of lavender.Meanwhile Arjun came to room and he had forgotten his shirt in cupboard.He sees Radhika not there.He runs to all room to search her as he gets afraid if someone has harmed her and finally goes to the room where Radhika is there.He enters the room without making any noise and sees her.She was wearing a bathing gown.Arjun just entered the room and hugged her.He asked Radhika,”Don’t ever leave my side this way!Where were you?”She said,”I thought to get ready fast so that I can prepare breakfast and then go to Grandpa house.”Then soon they noticed each other.Both averted their gaze as Arjun did not wear his shirt and was showing his bare muscular body whereas Radhika was dressed only in bathing gown.While he was going out,Radhika said,”Well shouldn’t you apologise as you entered room without permission and you didn’t even say sorry for you came and saw me like this.”Arjun smirked and came closer to Radhika pinning her to the tiled wall of bathroom and said,”Nope I won’t because this is my house and secondly you didn’t inform me and third and most important,you are my wife and I can see and do anything I like with my wife.”Radhika pushed him and ran out of the room blushing though she acted as if angry.She dressed herself in Pink saree.She still wore her specs but difference was Sam gave her better stylish ones.She applied sindoor and looked at herself.She looked truly like a newly wed.While she was trying to tie the strings properly her hair were obstruction.She was trying hard when she felt someone hot touch on her back.She saw in mirror it was Arjun.He slid his fingers through her back and slowly put her hair aside on one shoulder.He then slowly tied the strings of her blouse.While Radhika was just feeling his touch.He looked at Radhika.Arjun just wanted to grab her and kiss,the lavender scent made him mad and to furthermore make him mad was she wore the pink,his favourite colour saree which suited her perfectly.He was in thoughts when suddenly he jerked out of the room.She wondered at his actions.Then suddenly she remembers about the girl whom Arjun was seeing and crying.She thinks after sometime she will try to find out.She goes to dining table and sees Arjun already eating the breakfast.She asks if he wants anything more and he says you come and eat first.They eat and soon go out to Grandpa house.

Grandpa blesses the couple and gives the will of ownership to Arjun and says he will soon announce to his company about this decision.While Arjun gets a call,grandpa talks to Radhika and says,”I just want you to keep my Arjun happy.Give him the love and care he deserves.Oh he deserves much more,He has faced much betrayal,hatred and no love of its own except Me and Sam keeping him alive for the only grandparents love and sister love.Give him all love he deserve.Please.”There are tears in grandpa eyes and folds his hand infront of Radhika where Radhika nods and tries to promise him that Arjun will get his true love.Arjun comes.GrAndpa says he will announce it but according to will if there is something wrong of you which I know is not wrong but can happen wrong then it will be transferred to other one.You know who they are.”Arjun nodded and said he will work hard and make company reach heights.

Later Arjun and Radhika reach home.Radhika enquirers about Sam and Arjun tells Sam has gone to other place with Neil.Radhika smiles thinking what Sam had said about Neil.Arjun then grabs Radhika hands and takes her to study room.He has kept some papers and asks Radhika to sign the paper.She sees it.It is contract where it is written once Arjun gets ownership Radhika atmost can stay only for 1 week.Arjun asks her to sign because but before he can complete Radhika says I know you love someone else,I saw that you were singing for someone,I understand.She signs and says she does not want anything from him.She is already indebted to him.And goes to other room and closes the door and cries.Suddenly she gets a message from grandpa that she has to join office as there is vacancy and she perfectly is fit for it and she cannot deny him.He has also send a laughing emoticon.She thinks how will she manage to be with him when she wants to stay away from him.She continues crying.In background song playing Teri meri Meri teri prem kahani.Both shown crying.

There Arjun wanted to answer the reason but when she said that he loved someone else he didn’t say anything.It was better if she stayed away he thought but he felt pain at the thought Radhika was crying.The person who took revenge of the person who made his Radhika cried was himself a reason now. Well he was torturing himself too by breaking Radhika’s heart.

At night,Radhika refused to eat anything and slept in another room.She did not talk to arjun fearing she won’t be able to hold her feelings.

Pre cap: Radhika in the office.Radhika completely ignoring Arjun.Later,Radhika trapped in storeroom when suddenly someone grabs her and shuts her mouth.

So how was it? Plz give your valuable comments and suggestions.Try to guess who might be the person who shut Radhika in storeroom and who grabs her.

Keep commenting,love u all.??

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Hey everyone there is a mistake I have done that is Arjun is torturing himself by breaking Radhika’s heart.

    Msg from Team: Corrected.

  2. Hey tanya superb yaar pls continue if possible am waiting for next episode

  3. Thank you for update ur story. .. nice episode. .. i like this arjun. . Totally awesome episode. ..nice songs…

  4. super here u showed us new story love …

    ………..I love tis

  5. super here u showed us new story love …

  6. Hi tanya i think it must be arjun no second thought….
    Nice one yaar can you please make sure ur updates daily


  8. Tanya first of all I missed u. ……today’s epi was fabulous. …..aradhika scenes omg it was so nice. ……it wad radhika’s photo right?

  9. episode is super yaar.waiting for nxt episode. pls…update daily buddy.

  10. Loads of luv dr…the story is soo interesting dr ..pls update as soon as possible..

  11. Fabulous tanya…liking ua story ..
    Keep writing. ..

  12. Hey tanya…nice update dear…n does arjun loves radhika??den why is he behaving rude wid rads??…nice going……waiting for next update…

  13. It was simply awsome
    Ur the beeeessssstttt

  14. Wowwwww…. Tanaya, after a long time…. Just rocking Buddy…. Keep it up …

  15. Very well done Tanya, please continue… Eagerly waiting for the next episode…Love you loads…

  16. Tanya, amazing yaar…carrying mystery very well…keep it going buddy

  17. Eagerly waiting for the next part. Please update your story soon. Dying to know who the person is. I hope not saral or rohit.

  18. Awesome update yaar amazing and the precap is just more awesome and i think its arjun closing her mouth in the store room i think?!?!?

    But waiting eagerly wat happens next 😀

  19. sooo nice Tanya….you r amazing dear

  20. Nice and interesting story with lots of twist and turns. Thanks for the update. Early waiting for next epi.

  21. Hey tanya, Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll girl.

    Loved you sooooooooooooooo much.

    You make me loved with your story day by day.

    By adding such beautiful songs.

    YOu know You have the great story going. Yes, I loved another writer writing also.

    But I sooooooooooo loved the track going in your story. It is short but very intense and unique.

    And by adding such beautiful songs it makes extraordinary.

    Dear Loved your story by my heart. Genuinely.

    Loved you dear. A lot of respect for writing such a intense story. Respect dear.

    Keep going dear. May be sometime unable to comment but thouroughly enjoy reading your story. And try to read always and comment always.
    Keep going dear.

    Loved you all.

  22. Thank you everyone.Your comments are very special.

  23. Tanya y doesn’t Arjun want rads 2 stay wth hm???
    Hope u ‘ll say whose pic it ws n te abv 1 sooooooon.
    . have a good time??

  24. Tanya asusual superb ya.

  25. Tanya plsssssss update soon naaa I am eagerly waiting 4 ur story………..

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