Lucky Everyday Manmarziyan (Chp 3 Part 2)


Arjun is tensed after reading the letter,he sits silently on table while Radhika is in her room and laughing remembering the dance.Just then Radhika gets a message on phone and she checks,it was written,”Wanna see Arjun die? No?then ignore else you gonna see Sam and Arjun dead!”Radhika was completely shocked at this.She couldn’t see her soul sister Sam at danger and her newly found love,but when she thought love she couldn’t believe herself.Well right now she decided to ignore Arjun and warn Neil for Sam safety.She called Neil and asked him to not send Sam home and told everything.Radhika couldn’t hide anything from Neil.She always shared everything with him though Neil shared some secrets only though.

She now went silently to dining table.They both avoided their gaze.They tried to avoid each other whole day at house.It was difficult for both.radhika decided to buy some things and go out.Arjun stopped her saying for her safety.Radhika refused she was going out when Arjun held her arm.But she shook out violently and angrily told Arjun,”Stop following me everywhere and also stop following me till my home.I can handle myself.”Before Arjun could reply,Radhika went out and she cried out.She felt so sorry for Arjun but she thought it was for his own safety.Later Radhika was walking to store when someone grabbed her hand and pinned to her wall.Radhika was shocked to see.It was Rohit.She tried to free herself but his grip was too strong,he said,”Dear will u treat your fiancée like this?”Radhika looked at him,she wanted to burn him down.He was one of those who never respected girls.Rohit further said,”If my dad wasn’t your dad friend I would have thrown u out.Well if u didn’t marry me then get ready for loss of your family.”He let her go.Radhika was shocked.She went back to home.She saw Arjun had left a note that he won’t ever disturb her,she could not say anything she cried like anything.Later she called at her home,Mala picked up phone and said,”Radhika we were going to talk to.your Dad had a loss of 50 crores in his business.Thanks for Rohit and his family’s they just want you to marry,you are ready for it?”Radhika told yes.

After 1 month,
Radhika had studied hard,this time she topped the college surprising the three idiot and had beaten Arjun’s marks.She told Sam about everything but didn’t tell about how she loved Arjun.Ready for her fate she leaves for Rishikesh with Neil.They reached and got to know that Wedding is next day.She is shocked at the turn of the events.Her mehendi is done.When a lady asks her the first letter to be written,Radhika accidentally tells A.The mehendi has come really very dark.She could just watch that how her family was happy except Neil.he did not want her to sacrifice. Radhika but assured him.Sam refused to come that day and said she will come on wedding day.Well she was very sad.Just then Rohit came to her house on pretext of taking aashirwad.Neil looked at him with anger.Radhika was sitting in her room when suddenly she heard footsteps she turned to see who it was.Seeing Rohit she just turned around when he caught her hand and twisted it painfully thereby leaving the marks on her delicate wrist.She winced.He told,”After marriage you are gonna get plenty of this gifts.Act nice if someone comes.”Just then Mala came,she saw Radhika tears.She asked the matter when Rohit replied,”She says she is gonna miss u.”Mala patted Radhika and consoled her.Radhika alone knew she will have to face this devil.she was getting ready for a torturous life.

After 1 day,
Radhika was dressed in beautiful bridal dress.It was red Lehenga.She was heavily laden with jewellery but the burden in her heart was alone already to be feeling heavy.She heard the Barat come.She saw from window.Rohit was smiling and totally looked devil in disguise.Her sisters came and took her to mandap when RAdhika was ready to do warmala.They did all rasam and then came time for pheras .Radhika was now too sad.Just when Rohit was victoriously smiling at his bride and was going to fill Radhika forehead with Sindoor when Sam with Neil stopped his hand.Arjun suddenly came up on Mandap,he applied Sindoor and mangalsutra and took pheras.Radhika wanted to stop but Sam indicated her to continue and announced to everyone,”This man Rohit is not at all a good person I had to protect my best friend.”She bought some girls who spoke about Rohit.thats when Rohit tried to grab Sam and tried to choke Sam when Neil protected Sam.Mala and Dilip were Radhika and Arjun were married.Arjun took aashirwad And Assured that he would take care and told he had taken care of his debts.Parents of Radhika blessed the couple.Mala took promise from Arjun that he will always take care and protect Radhika.Arjun Sam Neil and Radhika got ready to go back to the Arjun house.Neil told that he was coming to just drop Radhika at his home and be assured.

End of chp 3 part 2

Pre cap:Arjun telling to Radhika he did not marry her because of love and care but for his own motive.

So how was it?sudden marriage of Ardhika.This is not happy ending.There is still story left.Try to guess Arjun’s motive and take a guess about the revelation in next part.Next part will help you know why Arjun suddenly married Radhika and why was Rohit behind her and the sister of Sarohit(Saral and Rohit).
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Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Wow very much exciting yaar pls update fast

  2. Wow Tanya excellent…….precap seems interesting. …..finally aradhika married…….

  3. Tanaya… I didn’t think that Marriage will turn up like this… Very shocking… But I believe that Arjun’s motive won’t to harm Radika…

  4. Thanks for the update. Very nice episode, surprised with sudden marriage of ardhika. Suspense in the precap, what is Arjun’s motive behind this? Interesting.. please continue…. Eagerly waiting for the next episodes…

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  6. super epi continue writing

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  10. Hey tanya, Wooooooooooow, Just loved today’s episode. But don’t you think its tooooooo much fast.

    I mean you have the words. You have all the talent girl. We want to read more .

    Because your story is just mind blowing.

    Wish if you strech more the episode of The marriage sequence then we take more interest as you know old ardhika marriage is succesfull to grab more trps so you also gather more readers in the marrraige sequence.

    but nevertheless We always love to read your exceptional fresh story.

    Loved to read your story always.

    Keep writing dear.

    Check out dear the video of tu laapta mai laapta from ek tha tiger. Love to imagine ardhika on dis video

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