Lucky Everyday Manmarziyan (Chp 2 part 2)


Radhika gets shock to hear voice calling for help.She hears sound near the swimming pool.She rushes there.She sees Saral trying to molest Sam.Radhika sees a rod near her.she picks it and hits it on Saral’s head.Saral falls down with little blood oozing out of head.Radhika rushes to Sam and asks if she’s fine.Everyone knew that Saral was one of the evil men who treated women as a trash.Sam says she is fine when Neil comes there.He helps radhika by helping Sam out of the place and take her to Radhika’s room.Radhika told Neil to go.She is coming back by bringing Sam purse nd her belonging which had fallen down.While she saw Saral lie she took her things.When suddenly she felt someone’s hand pull her.That Saral had woke up nd threw glasses of Radhika in air.Radhika couldn’t see anything now.She just had saw Saral nd rod in his hand.She did not know what will happen when Saral tried to hit her,someone grabbed his hand and gave a good punch.Radhika could not see him but she felt that the person her saviour was muscular nd toned yet having a gentle touch.Radhika soon heard hard slaps nd heard shouts of Saral.saral shouted at her saviour,”Arjun leave me or you will regret.”oh her saviour had name,it was Arjun.She remembered how mysterious he was in college,he had great grades,a rich man,a reserved person who only talked to Sam.Radhika wondered if Sam was her gf.Soon she heard Arjun shouting,”Dare you touch her or Sam,remember you will not be spared.”Oh did he talk about Radhika,she wondered.When suddenly she felt someone push her.Oh she was in water.She didn’t know how to swim,She shouted for help.Soon she thought someone came to her rescue,she heard him say,”don’t worry Radhika nothing will happen to u.”he gave her artificial respiration.She felt his lips.Soon she came to full senses nd got up thanking him for saving when she again was going to fall when Arjun caught her.Arjun had eyelock(Radhika couldn’t have as her specs had broken.)Arjun took her to her room and made her sleep.She soon fell asleep.Next day when she got up she had new black specs with perfect glasses in it.She wore it nd thought who had kept it.when she found a letter written,”Accept it as a token as For saving my sister Sam.I will always be grateful to you.”Radhika thought after reading if Arjun was a king because of the language he used.Well she loved the specs,simple black specs of vogue company.She noticed that from that day he never let anyone tease her in engineering college and he followed her to home.She didn’t mind it as the place where it was located was quite unsafe.He watched till she reached her room nd lit her place.always she felt someone following not Arjun but an ungrateful someone.But soon she saw that Arjun came.He always followed her with a hoodie to hide his face.Soon Sam came frequently at her place.Soon Sam moved at her place as she felt if they stayed together they both will be safe nd Radhika agreed.Soon they became soul sisters.
————————FB ends———————–
Radhika feels happy remembering those times.She felt that that one help done to Sam would fetch such a wonderful silent stranger as a protector,she would have not thought about it.Soon She fell asleep.

End of chp 2part 2.

Precap:Party announced by 3 idiots (remember Amiya,Amaya and Anshika) Arjun pained to see Radhika cry.

How was it?plz give comments.hope I will write upto ur expectation.?Love u all.

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Hey Tanya, nice going….luvd it dear..

    1. Thank you thena.

  2. Precap amazing…nice work tanya…luvd it

    1. Thank you Anuradha

  3. loved the precap tanya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Aastha.

  4. Hi tanya…..nice episode…loved arjun saving rads scene yaar….precap also its interesting….keep going dr

    1. Thank you Deepa.All the writers are here my inspiration.Love u all.

  5. Nice story loved it alot pls update next chapter

  6. precap superb tanya

  7. hiii tani,
    energetic episode dear … awesome. wow I love arjun’s positive behavior towards radhu, fabulous chemistry between ardhika they are indirectly help each other.
    but I hate saral always act as villains.
    awesome tanii keep going on.!!!! 🙂
    eagerly waiting for 3idiots party, precap seems that they will again insulting radhu. . poor radhu don’t worry arjun is always with you 🙂
    luvv u buddy ♡♥♥

  8. Hey tanya very awsome !! Pls cntinu !!!

  9. Cool episode but where is part 1

  10. Hey Tanya,

    I loved your story.

    Your story has an different quality. All the familiar names used so well . As I requested you.

    And Loved the ardhika scenes.

    Old names but yet a new Fantastic Storyline. Keep going girl. Great way ahead.

    Loved you tanya. Keep writing.

    Song of the day

    From Body guard Teri meri meri teri prem kahaani

    And My favourite one
    Why this kolaveri d/

  11. Thank you Nisha,twinkle,Mandy,Zara,Nibir,Devi.

  12. radhu is chashmish too…well like the epi…n really interesting to read ths love story…nice tanya

  13. Tanya i have really no words to tell about ur story. In a word its fantastic

  14. Nice tanya..

    Radhika is a godgeous girl please make over her appearance good by some tips from sam.

    Bec i’m getting angry over 3 idiots who are teasing rads for her beaty
    A Big punch to 3 idiots
    Make some modifications da


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