lshqbaaz vala love Episode 3

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So let’s start

Outside city hospital
Shivaye calls owner of city hospital and ask him to fire anika right now…….then doctor replies but sir without any reason how can i fire her.
Shi:okk so will not fire her.fine i think u don’t love ur a second u will be thrown out of ur job.
Doctor : sorry sir okk i will fire her.
Shivaye smiles and cuts the call.

At city hospital
Anika:what the hell!!!but what I had done.
Without any reason how can i be fired from this job.

And then she remices the words of shivaye……
She takes all the belongings of her and leaves the hospital.

Outside the hospital shivaye was standing
Shivaye to anika
So u are ready to come with me
Wow finally i won the challenge…..
And he laughs
Anika:pinches him…….he said ouch!!what the wuck…..what are u doing???
She said Mr.shivaye singh oberoi I thought u are dreaming……. that’s why I was helping u to come
Out of ur dream world……..u are thinking that
U won but u are wrong. I Will do any work but never work for u.

She was going just then shivaye holds his
Hands pull her Towards him…….then he said I will promise that tomorrow u will call me by urself
And accept the job.
He leaves her and then she said we will see.

Both leaves….

At night oberoi mansion
Shivomru were sitting near the poolside

Shivaye: why girls are having too much altitude and ego….???I
Om: I don’t think girls have attitude or ego
Girls are very helpful……And he reminds of ishana and said beatiful too….

Shivru(shivaye and rudra)- om are u okk? ??
Is everything fine….u are taking side of girls.
Shi: after riddima cheated on u …….I thought
U will never trust a girl but suddenly what happened to u????ur opinion is change.

Om:no guys its not like that but i was thinking
Wrong just because one girl cheated on me it does not mean that every girl is like her……
Rudra:om baba ki jai ho……!!!!
This time I m agree with shivaye Bhaiya…….girls are egostic……dumb and senseless….

And then shivaye and rudra have a high five to each other
Shi:thnk god pinku is not like other girls.
Om:okk u guys carry on ur conversation….gud night.

Rudy: wait om i am also coming…
Gud night shivaye bhaiya??

They both goes…….

At anika’s house
Anika was crying badly and ishana sahil were consoling her……

But she feeling very bad that rich people can do aything with small people.
Small people have no life…..

Ishana: di it’s okk…….i think u should accept his proposal
Just think that u are doing ur job
By taking care of patients.
It does not matter where you work but do ur duty of treatment of patients.

Anika: i think u are right isha……..I will do my job and I don’t care about Mr.sso

Next morning

Anika calls shivaye
I am accepting ur proposal
I will be there at 9’o clock……
Send me the adress……And then shivaye said u tell me ur adress
I am coming to pick u…….
Anika:okk fine…she sends the adress….and cuts the call.

Precap:anika enters oberoi mansion with shivaye……. om meets ishana……priyanka hugs ranveer.

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  1. It was a good one??????

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    awsum sanaya 🙂

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    Way to go dear!!!!! Sorry to ask but ur plot is kinda like KRPKAB…. so are u following that track or what… anyway episode was fantastic…

  13. Sanaya_malik

    No priyali it’s not like krpkab
    It’s not typical mother son bond story
    Where mother is obsesed for his son
    Nothing like that

  14. Very good really liked it

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