lshqbaaz vala love Episode 2

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So here it goes…..

In the morning

Oberoi mansion

Shivaye calls city hospital: hello! shivaye singh Oberoi speaking.
City hospital receptionist ; yes sir how can i help you???
Shivaye; I want Dr. Anika in oberoi mansion in next half n hour. Tell her to resign her job.And now she will work for shivaye singh oberoi 24/7.

Receptnist; okk sir……. I will inform u back after 5mins.

Receptnist to anika; mam shivaye singh oberoi wants to work personally for him from now onwards 24/7.
Anika; Tell him that u an not interested in doing work with him And if he wants talk to me take an appointment.

Receptnist; okkk man.

Receptnist calls shivaye; sir mam refused to work for u. And if u want to talk to her take an appointment.

In anger shivaye throws his phone ???

Om; what happened shivaye? ??? Is everything ok???
Shivaye; soon everthing will be fine.

He takes his car keys and goes to city hospital.

Scene shift to om’s art gallery

Om; what the wuck!!! Why all the paintings, sculptures, posters are scattered here and there???? Where is tina(his assistant)???

Then only he gets a msg on his phone.

Tina; sir I am really sorry for leaving this job. But
Due to sudden accident of my mom I can’t work anymore. I am sorry hope u understand.
Take care sir.

Om; shit …….what will I do now???
First of all I need a assistant.

He goes to normal market were he saw a girl who was making a sculpture and teaching his student.
She was wearing a patiyala suit with totally desi look.
Om was continuously watching her and get mesmerized the way she was playing with mud.

And as u all knw who is the girl????
that’s our ishana???

A small boy from ishana student stand up and put some mud on ishana face??and ran away
Ishana; hey stop I will not leave u kid???
She ran towards him with mud in his hand And collided with om. And all the mud which was in ishana’s hand was on om’s t-shirt. she was about to fall but om Holds her.

Oh sathiya plays…….

After 2mins all students of ishana who was continuously staring at them shouted didi!!!!

Both comes into there senses.

Ishana; I am sorry!!!! It was by mistake.

Om; it’s okkk plz don’t say Sorry. But can I have some water to clean this mud.
Ishana; yes sure . Come I will help u in cleaning.

She cleans his t-shirt and om says thanks

And then he goes……….

In college
Rudy enters…….in a car with full tashan

Rudy;hey girls wats up!!!!Miss me right???? I know I know ???it’s okk now your Rudy is here.
U all can hug me now. He opens his arms and all the girls hugs him and saying Rudy is mine…..rudy is mine. …….rudy is mine ???

And then somya enters with having paratha in her hand.
Somya; u are just impossible dumbbell oberoi.
When will u grow up???
rudy; chill sumo……..u are jealous right???
Come u can also hug me???
Somya; jealous my foot!!!! Carry on cry
Baby oberoi…..bye I don’t have time to waste on u

All the college girls standing there starts laughing………And saying cry Baby oberoi and goes.

Rudy;sumo I will kill u??

Scene shifts to city hospital
Shivaye enters the hospital And shouts where is Dr. Anika??????

Receptionist; sir straight and then take right
First cabin is of Dr. Anika.

He goes and without knocking the door he enters.

Anika was treating a patient……..wearing a short frock above knees with white coat and a stethoscope.

A voice came from her back.
Get out!!!

Anika turns and sees………ask who are u????
How dare u enter my cabin without my permission???

Shivaye to the patient get out……..!!!!

The patient goes……

Shi; how dare u refused my proposal???don’t u know who I am????
Ani; are u prime minister??????
Listen who u are i don’t care……..just go and Take appointment and then talk to me….
Get out!!!
Shi; u don’t know me……I am shivaye singh oberoi…….And if u don’t accept my job then u will see what can I do with you in next 2 hours…….I will come to me and beg to me to give the job??
Just wait and watch……..

Ani; just so what u wnt to do…….but next come with an appointment otherwise next time I will introduce u to my chameli(slippers).

Shi; how much money do u want ???just tell me….
And takes out some money and throws at her table……
Anika In anger goes close to him and slaps???
Shivaye was shoked……
He angrily hold her hand and keep it behind her the waist and Takes her against the wall……And came close to her…….

Oh jana……plays

Shi;just wait for 2 hours and then u will regret about what have u done…….And he goes leaving her.

In oberoi mansion
Rudy goes to somya’s room…..
Rudy:u called me cry baby in front of all the college…….everyone was laughing at me!!!!somo u are so fat but did I ever say u fat In front of everyone…….

Sumo;u call me fat again……I hate u rudra…..just get lost and never talk to me

She pushes him out of the door and closed

Precap; bros moment…….Anika crying……om thinks
About ishana!!!!

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