Yours lovingly (episode 6)

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More clues about case & a girl involved in murder.

Today’s episode

Daya saying that he is sure that rahul is a womaniser & his death is a natural. Raman is not satisfied by that answer.

Raman: On that day in rahul’s guest house at the time of his entrance watchman is not in duty. This is not a coincidence. This is definitely a plan of someone.

Daya: How can u say that?

Raman: On that day watchman got a phone call from a shopping mall. They told that he got some gift & he sshould come & take it. That is y he went to take it. But when he went there then they told him that it is a fake call. After that when he returned to guest house rahul is seen dead..

Daya: Seriously!!!

Raman: Yes. When watchman told me this i called to that mall & confirmed. They did’nt called him.

Daya: Behind this natural death there are many doubts. What should we do now?

Raman: First i have to meet rahul’s best friends srikanth & raj. Where are they?


One beautiful restaurant. There are not so many people but only few. Those two are seen sitting in corner table. They are very sad & disturbed but raman observed some other feeling in their faces otherthan sadness. Raman went to them & introduced himself.

Raman: So rahul is your best friend right?

Srik: Yes we three joined in college on same day. I still remember that first day we met. From that day we three stay together everytime. Later he became student union president. He got a big circle. But he even treated us specially.

Raman: Your close friend is dead but you too came here to restaurant. I was surprised. He is observing them clearly.

Srik: This is rahul’s fav place. We three enjoyed here a lot. We came here to remember those incidents. From next time we won’t come here.

Raman: Y?

Raj: This is the lesson we got know from rahul’s life.

Raman: Can u people tell me clearly how rahul is dead? Till yesterday he is healthy then suddenly how can he die? Do u have doubt on anyone?

Raj got angry & shouted at raman.

Raj: Y sir? Y should we tell this to u?

Raman: I want to know.

Raj: What will u do by knowing?

Raman: There is some mystery behind rahul’s death. I have to solve it. Did daya did’t told u? I am a cbi officer i have to solve this. He asked them surprisingly.

Raj: What will u do by solving this mystery & this case? U can’t do anything. When u can’t do anything what is the use of knowing all this? Please leave all this. And forget about this case. Go & see for another murder case.

Raman smiled slightly.

Raman: This is also a murder case na.

They both got shocked.

Raj: U have seen postmartam report right. It is a natural death. Then how can u say it is a murder?

Raman: Truth will not be find in reports. We will find it only in investigation.

They understood that raman is not going to leave them. They both stood up & by joining hands they says

“We don’t know any truth. Just leave us. We know that u can’t solve this case. Please dnt trouble us.”

Raman observed some other feeling in their at first. Now he understood that feeling is F E A R.

Raman: Dnt be afraid. If u dnt want to tell me then i will not force u. Telling truth is a matter of dareness. All cannot do that. I want truth. But i dnt care who is that telling. I am doing this investigation for justice. I dnt care for anyone.

It was just like warning for them. They looked at him surprisingly.

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