Yours lovingly (episode 5)

Hello guys. How are u all? First of all happy vinayak chaviti to all of u. I hope u enjoyed well by doing puja. I did very well. Thanku for all your response guys. It means a lot. So now lets start.


New entry armaan & clue in case of getting threatning letter.

Episode 5

Scene is continuing in same place where raman & armaan are talking.

Raman: So who are those friends of rahul who will stay close to him?

Armaan: Rahul had a big gang of friends. But mostly his best friends are raj & srikant. They are rahul’s classmates. They all joined in college on same day. Rahul whether what he is doing or where he is going he will take anyone of him with him.

Raman: Do u know at present where they are?

Armaan: I dnt know there adresses but by tomorrow morning after postmartam they will be there in rahul’s house.

Raman: I want to talk to them do u have their numbers?

Armaan is tensed for one minute & and says ” sir, dnt tell them that i read rahul’s letters please”.

Raman: Its k yar i will never tell anyone about you ok.

He leaves.

Next raman goes to his house. There he sees it locked & thinks ” as usual whenever this will get angry on me she will go to her amma house to complain about me to her sisters. Y always it happens to me god. Ok i will do something to impress her”.

After sometime ishu returns home & sees lock open & thinks ” that means ravan kumar already entered house. What ever happens i will not spare him today.”

She enters in by calling his name but there is no response. While she is walkinh she will see a teddy bear on table which holds a sorry card & arrow mark showing direction to bedroom.

Ishu thinks ” hurting & saying sorry. No raman not this time.”

Again she goes in bedroom by calling him. There on the bed she will she a packet & a rose on it & a letter saying ” you will look more pretty in this saree please wear this & come to terrace”.

She smiles & opens pack & sees a pink & golden color saree which was so beautiful. She was so happy by seeing it. “You know me well raman i love u”. She wores it & goes to terrace.

There at entrance she will see full of decorations with roses & candles. At entrance while she entering petals of flowers will fall on her. She loved it very much.

Then raman comes infront of her holding a rose & sits on his knees & says ” i love u ishu & i am sorry i am hurting u alwats because of my profession. But u are so sweet always supported me. Please support me this time also & please forgive me yar”.

She got tears in eyes & she is so impressed & quickly she also sits down & hugs him back. She says ” i am sorry raman. I love u so much”.

Raman:: Now stop it madrasan will get up please.

Ishu: No its nice to stay like this.

Raman: It is nice for u not for me. See yar its paining to bear u on me u have put on weight. Being angry u are eating my food also.

Ishu: Raman u will never change. I am not heavy ok. She gets up & tries to go. But raman holds her hands & stops her. Then song starts.

Jag ghoomeya song plays & they both dances romantically.

Next day

Early next morning raman went to meet officer daya.

Raman: Did u rahul postmartem report?

Daya: Yes.

Raman: What is there in it? He asked curiously.

Daya: There is nothing in report. It shows it’s a natural death thats it. Suddenly his heart stopped beating so remaing parts in the body are attacked due to lack of oxygen. These are the symptoms of natural death. Atleast its not a food poisoning.

Raman was surprised & says yesterday i met your relative armaan.

Daya tried to manage & slowly says when he said this to me i ttold him not to tell anyone. I thought it will be useful for your investigation but dnt say about him any where i dnt want to involve him in this case.

Raman was impressed & says i can understand but we never used to meet frequently even then u r trying to help me thanks.

Daya: I heard a lot about u. That is y i gave your number to him.

Raman: By the words of armaan it is clear that someone threatned rahul to kill him. He was dead suddenly. Let us think there is no realation btwn these threats & his death but correctly on the day of his death those threatning letters have stopped coming.

Daya: But they did not killed him. It was clear in the report that it is a natural death.

Raman: Who are those doctors who did this post martem? Did anyone influence them? How can we believe that those reports are real?

Daya: I dnt know about those killers but mr.keshav malhotra has so much of influence. Our higher officer specially took the responsibility & done this by experienced doctors. There is no chance of a mistake in this report.

Raman: On that day who went to rahul’s guest house along with him?

Daya: Dnt know. Noone of his friends knows that he went to guest house on that day.

After one minute of silence, raman says after checking in rahul’s car & washroom in guest house we found some lady was there with him in guest house.

Daya: Yes our forensic reports also confirmed this. But there is no rule to say that those proofs are of same day only. They must be of some other day also.

Raman: But guest house watchman will clean guest house daily. That day also he cleaned along with washrooms & locked well. He told me.

Daya stayed silent for sometime.

Daya: Rahul is already used to enjoy easy life style. He frequently used to bring girls to his guest house & enjoyed with them. That day also he might brought some girl. But suddenly he got heart attack. Then she might thought that if she informs anyone then everyone will firstly asks her ” y u both went to guest house?

What she will tell them? That is y after rahul’s death she might left from there silently. Due to rahul’s life style he might have many villains in his life. Those letters are just for threatning. That is just a coincidence of stopping letters on same day.

That is it guys see u again. Love u all please comment.

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