Yours lovingly (episode 4)


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New man armaan meets raman & saying some details about rahul.

Episode 3

Same place. Armaan is continuing his talks with raman.

Armaan: Girls will treat rahul as a hero. Every time any one girl will be seen beside him. Boys also will worship him. But rahul used to say that ” u people can enjoy but u came here to study but not to enjoy remember that”.

In college, if there is any problem between girl & boy frndship he used to solve it very easily. He is just like a guide for lovers in college.

He always used to be energtic, active. By talking to him we all will get an unknown power. In such a type of guy i have observed a different change from few days.

Raman: What was that change?

Armaan: His energy levels are seemed to be decreased. He is not so active as before. He tried to behave normal but we can see clearly a change in him. I thought he is suffering from some problem.

He used to solve everyone’s problem. For him what will be the problem? I was surprised. After few days i got a chance to know his problem.

Raman is listening intrestingly.

Raman: What is that problem & how did you got to know it? He asked curiously.

Armaan: In our college there is one rule. According to that some of the students will form a group & should take part in administration works & should help college authority. This will help to improve administrative & leadership qualities in students.

So in this part for me the duty is to receive in & out correspondence letters. I have to reach these these letters to correspondence carefully.

To college not only official but also the letters for students also will be recived by me only. I used to give those letters to respected students.

Routinely while doing my work, from few days i have observed that on every wednesday rahul used to get a white color cover. Until then he never used to get letter but by this sudden letter i was surprised.

Then i understood onething. From the day rahul received that letter he got some change & he became dull. I got doubt that whether there is any link btwn this letter & his change.
On that cover rahul address is typed in english & there is no from address. I thought many times that what is there in that letter? Y rahul is changed a lot?

I never tried to ask him. But due to intrest on wednesday i have opened letter secretly & read it. I found a black paper & on that white color printed words saying ” i will not leave you. I will kill you”.

Name is not mentioned. But lastly it is written “Yours lovingly”.

I did’nt understood what is that? It is written that i will kill you & again written as yours lovingly. I was totally confused. Again i kept that letter in color & normally i gave it to him.

Next wednesday again he got a letter. Rahul the brilliant is getting afraid because of this stupid anonomous letter. I was shocked. I thought he is unnecessarily giving importance to that letter.

I thought to talk to him about him but if he gets to know that i have read it then it is not good for me so i kept quiet.

Yesterday is wednesday. But i did not get any letter for rahul. By evening i got know that he is dead.

Raman is listening to him carefully. He thought that armaan will give some info about rahul but he inever thought that this info is very important.

Armaan: After seeing fear in rahul’s face, letters for him, correctly after his death letters have stopped coming by all this i got doubt that there is some planning behind rahul’s death.

That is y i called daya uncle & he told me to talk with u.

Raman: So thanks. U gave me very valuable information. Did u have any letter that rahul got for him?

Armaan: No sir. I gave every letter to him only. After seeing that letter he used to get fear. By taking taking letters his hands will be shivered. I observed it clearly. I used to thought who is that person.

Raman: Who are the remaining friends of rahul? With whom he used to be close?

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  1. Kumud

    nice mounika

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    Nice thriller one maounika… Keep it up…

    1. Mounika

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  3. nice episode yaar

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  4. Nice job decetive Raman!
    Ishu will not firgiven Raman for leaving her home.
    Raman have to get more gift to pamper Ishu again or otherwise Ishu will take Raman gift and throw it out.
    If it is roses then Ishu will beat Raman with this roses and roase petals will shatter everywhere.

    Nice story Mounika.

    1. Mounika

      Thanku yar so sweet of you i definetly make some scenes between raman & ishu. I will plan for raman some option cool ishu

  5. What’s the relation of the title yours lovingly (very interest and eagerly waiting to the next one)…..

    1. Mounika

      The title is the main clue of this case guru anyways thanks for the comment guru

      1. Zaira

        Oh!!!!so interesting

  6. Zaira

    Sooooooooo sorry yaar what to do if Internet is not connecting in mobile ……?????
    Episode was a super mysterious loved the investigation part very much ????
    Loved ishra scene also ???
    So….new character is arman ????
    Feeling very exited in these mystery series ???

    And moni please don’t get disappointed when I m not commenting …… will be positive only ……
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