Yours lovingly (episode 3)


Hey guys moni is back. First of all i have to say you all sorry for not replying you guys please forgive me guys. Today onwards i will surely reply you guys. Thank u all for your comments. Lets start now.

Episode 3

Raman comes to his home & searches for ishu silently. He will see her angrily taking taking all her clothes & folding them again & keeping in cupboard. She is scolding raman in herself.

“Always case case case. He will never care about his wife. My one & only dream of going manali cancelled again. This time i will not excuse him. Let him come home”.

Raman listened all this & thinks “oh my god if i will come infront of her then she will kill me. I have to plan something”.

Raman: Ishu ….ishu baby where r u?

Ishu: What ?? Baby no chance there is something fishy. Let me see.

She comes out & looks at him angrily & asks what?

Raman: Where are u yar its already late get ready fast we have to leave fast.

Ishu: Wait wait y are so tensed? What is there to get late?

Raman: There is a saree exhibition i thought that if you go for shopping u will feel better.

Ishu: What??? Shopping that too you . Seriously raman. U will always irritate that how these girls will do so much shopping and all…

Raman: Leave it yar y u will bring all those things yar. Just get ready fast we will go ok.

Ishu: Ok sure wait i will give u coffee.

She goes to kitchen & makes coffee.

Meanwhile raman gets a call from unknown number. He lifts the call.

Raman: Hello.

Unknown: R u raman from cbi?

Raman: Ya its me who is this?

After silence of one minute,

Unknown: My name is armaan. Friend of rahul . I have to talk to u.

Raman: After thinking a while, what u want to talk to me? Who gave u my number?

Armaan: Inspector daya gave me your number. I want to share with you details about rahul.

Raman: Ok then i will come to meet u where r u now?

He noted address & says ok i will be there within half an hour.

Then ishu comes with coffee & says drink fast i will get ready.

Raman then remembers that he have to take ishu out & hits his head. He silently drinks that coffee & keeps cup aside & Says ishu i will be back soon just get ready ok.

He leaves ishu comes out by calling raman but he leaves fast. Ishu to herself says ” i know u raman if u say that u will come soon surely u will be late i will not excuse u this time.”

Raman reaches that place & he meets the person.

Armaan: My name is armaan . Inspector daya is my uncle. Rahul & me we both are studying in same college. When i heard news about his death immediately i have called to uncle. After talking to him , he told me to give this information to u as u are involved as cid in this case that is y he gave your number to me.

Raman observed him deeply. He looks like innocent but also some intelligent. He has intelligent young look.

Armaan: Detective means i thought u will be wearing shoe & suit holding one gun being very serious & dangerous. But u r so simple just like our lecturer sir. Very please to meet u.

Raman slowly laughs & says by the way what is that important matter u want to share with me?

Armaan: Before saying that i have tell about rahul in detail.

Raman: Ok tell me from how many days do u know him?

Armaan: I have rahul on my college first day only. He always be friendly with me. That does’nt mean he is my friend. Because he behaves friendly with everyone in college. He is student union president. He is a true leader. He will help anyone in college. He used to solve everyone’s problem as his own problem. Every stdent used to give him value & respects him. Lectures get afraid of him.

That is it guys. Thank you.

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