Yours lovingly (episode 2)


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One murder & raman ishu entry.

Episode 2

Raman: Ishu i am sorry yar.

Ishu: No raman this is not first time for me every time you will same.

Raman: No yar i also tried to escape but this is issue of famous person in business. So i will have more pressure in this case. Please try to understand me ishu.

Ishu: As u wish raman just leave now.

Raman: Dnt worry i know how to cool you i will bring you choclate in return to home. Then surely u will forgive me.

Ishu gets angry & beats raman with cushions in sofa & raman runs away from there.

He comes to that guest house & meets daya. Daya introduces raman to everyone that he is from cbi.

Raman observes all the house, bedroom, & rahul’s body. He asks daya what happened & daya says doctors are saying natural death but i got doubt that how can a young person will get heart attack.

Raman: Seems like he got attack in some sudden shock.

Daya: But is it possible raman? Due to shock can anyone die?

Raman: Y not daya. Most of the sudden deaths will cause by unexpected shocks only.

Daya: Intresting then what do u think about this case?

Raman: Lets search for any evidences in this room.

Daya: Ok lets go.

They starts checking daya is checking in remaining rooms & raman is checking in that bedroom but he will not get any proof.

He goes to washroom & checks there he will found some of hair. It looks like ladies hair. He gives it forensic & he also takes finger prints on pump in washroom.

Later he will meet watchman ramu of that guest house. He enquires him.

Raman: Ramu right. What are u doing when this murder is happening?

Ramu: Sir at that i was not in duty & i went out because i have some work.

Raman: Ok do u know anyone of rahul’s friends who frequently comes to this house.

Ramu: Yes sir. Suraj, armaan & surya. They are rahul sir’s best friends. They all will come here & celebrates together.

Raman : Ok u can leave now.

He goes. Raman again comes to daya.

Raman: Daya this ramu is hiding something. I can observe it by his face expressions. Keep an eye on him & investigate him again.

Daya: Sure raman. But this DGP is torturing me. Please talk to him once.

Raman: Sure.

Raman meets DGP. He asks him about the case.

Raman: Sir i am sure that this is not natural death. Its a murder. I have doubts on some persons. Let me investigate in my way. Surely i will catch the culprit.

DGP: Go on raman. I know if you are in then surely u will solve it. But here the problem is that keshav malhotra father of rahul. He is pressurizing me from higher officials.

Raman: Dnt worry sir i will meet him once and i will talk to him.

Just then keshav enters by shouting no need to talk to him.

Raman sees him. He is aged of 54 not so old. Very strong in personality not so fair in color very dignified & rich in look.

Keshav: What are u saying? Is it not natural death? R u sure it is murder?

Raman: Yes sir. It is murder. I will prove it very soon.

Keshav: I know about my son. He can’t be so ill to get an attack. Please catch culprit soon. By seeing your confidence i am sure that i will get justice.

Raman: Thanku sir i will try my level best. Firstly i have to meet his friends.

Screen ends on faces of raman , dgp & keshav.

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  1. Kumud

    nice episode

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      Thanku kumud

  2. Sarayumane

    Good one

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      Thanku sarayu

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    Nice one

  4. Zaira

    Hi moni episode was super good loved the investigation of Raman did you read my before comment I want a reply from you because I have written many things in that so please reply?????

    1. Mounika

      Very sorry zaira for replying late & thanku very much for ur response. It means a lot to me. Love u yar. I too like cid stories. Hope u will like my story

  5. Interesting…..Raman cbi character very interest

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