loving you was red part 9

Hello everyone, I’m back with another episode sorry for not replying to your comments kinda busy this day but thanks to all of you for the wonderful & encouraging comments. This chapter is just a filer chap of future, hope you enjoy it all & now enough of me & this is the picture of ansh above

Part 9


It was mrng time in Mumbai & the whole OM was filled with gloominess, there was no joy, no happiness, no masti in it’s air, it was so still void of any joy, the house had been following the daily routine just like some machine, following the same routine daily, it had been 3 months since Anika’s truth come out infront of the family & from then the family had never been the same, shivaye was lost in grief,heart broken, he had become more workaholic now, he tried & tried searching for Anika but he hasn’t got any success till now, priomru were supporting their brother & searching for their bhabi, the only person who can bring the joy back to this house,

while ishana was trying her best to keep everyone happy, she knew she can’t take Anika’s place in their hearts but as future Daughter in law, it’s her duty to look after the well being of the family, well priyanka was searching for someone else too, she wanted Rv, she wanted to apologize to him, she loved him, she knew it but he was no where near her now & she was regretting not listening to him that day, they were unknown to the new storm that will hit them today, they were unaware of what future had on store for them, they were unaware that all the evils were not destroyed till now, they were unaware of the lurking dangers in the dark around them.

It was breakfast time & all the oberoi’s with ishana were having their breakfast, when they heard a voice filled with joy saying hello everyone..

The whole family looked around to find saumya standing at the entrance, smiling happily

Dadi : saumya puttar, tu kb aayi ??

Saumya : surprise dadi, hello pinky mom & jhanvi mom, you both are looking gorgeous as always, tej uncle & shakti uncle looking handsome as always, she said while winking at them

Janky: smiled & just said a little thanks to saumya while tej & shakti just smiled, saumya find their behavior a little odd but didn’t comment, she smiled at om & said how is my bade balo wale bhaiya, I missed you bhai & this must be ishana bhabi right , you’re so beautiful bhabi

Ishana : thanks a lot saumya

Saumya: shivaye bhaiya, hoe r you, you’re looking so tired you ok na

Shiv : I’m ok , saumya, come join us for break fast

Saumya: no, bhai I’ve my breakfast in flight & I’ll freshen up now, ttyl

Shivaye : ok, Rudy show saumya to her room

Rudra : yes, bhai

Rumya left the hall & were going towards her room

Saumya: hello, crybaby , how r you. Not going to comment on how can I deny food

Rudra : saumya, you’re room is here & I’m glad you’re here now saying so he left

Saumya was shocked by rundra’s words, she & rudra always had been frenemies, they always bickered on silly matters, she was closed to the rest of family as her dadi & kalyani oberoi were best friends, so we’re their families, it felt all odd today, none the less, she freshened up & got ready & went to meet priomishru who told her that shivaye had left for work, they chatted about where she was all these years, she replied about her college & how she is now a cinematographer & is shooting for a show of her bestie & also making videos for their YouTube channel, saying how fun it all had been, priruomish, heared all her talk happily & also added their suggestions on it & then saumya told them how she is leaving tomorrow as she had to go to animal for their shooting & she was here to meet them only after so many years

Om : but can’t you stay for few more days

Sumo : no bhaiyu,taani our director will kill me & that Manik don’t need any Reason to irritate the hell out of me, I still don’t know how he become my best friend

Rudra: (jealous)what best friend, didn’t you just say he irritate you then how can he become your Best friend

Saumya: yeah, but our story is just complicated

Ishana : you mean the super star Manik malhotra is your Best friend, he is so hot & damn good looking, can you make him meet me plss, I really like him

Sumo : yeah sure bhabs, he never says no to me & he is really smoking hot,
you know few days ago we did a pool scene & you won’t believe how good he was looking

Ishana : I can imagine yrr

Omru : (jealous + irritated) no, not at all, he just looks like a monkey, I don’t know how he got such a huge fan following

Ishu : stop being J om

Om : I’m not JEALOUS Ishu

Ishu : keep on telling yourself that om

Sumo : btw Lambe balo wale bhaiya, I noticed something strange in the family no one is happy, it’s like someone had snatched their happiness, what happened bhaiya?

Om : something very big happened Somu, someone really big

Saumya: tell me na bhai, what happened

Om looked at saumya & told her everything about Anika at the end of the story saumya’s eyes held unshed tears

Saumya : how could shivaye bhaiya do this, leave bhai how can that girl manipulate someone to destroy someones life, that’s insane, I don’t know what to say, how is shivaye bhaiya holding up ??

Om : not good, he is killing himself with guilt & self loath everyday, we’re trying to find Anika everyday but no success till now

The name Anika was ringing bells in sumos mind thinking she knew her from somewhere but she ignored the instinct

Ishu : sumo,what is your shows name btw & I didn’t knew about Manik’s this new show, what is his character about

Sumo : the shows title is pyaar tune kya kiya ? & Manik is playing a grey character in the show, his on screen name is parth

Prinku: who is starring opposite him

Sumo : no one till now

Ishu : meaning, isn’t he the male lead ??

Sumo : no, it’s swayam & Mikhail & female leads are baby & Anika

Ishu : Mikhail & baby wow they are the best on & off screen couples, they look so cute but swayam in a love story, Manik grey character & not even a male lead & a new face, how is this show going

Sumo : superb, you know it has maintained first rank from the starting week & never come down & you can’t imagine how cute both Anika& Manik & Anika & swayam looks on screen & of screen but people still like Anika & swayam chemistry more, the fans are going crazy about them & even tweeting everyday about more aniyam scene their couple name while the on-screen name is sunish

Ishu : looks fab yrr

Sumo : yeah but damn hectic with all the expectations, still maintaining the academy & also gifting the fans with special videos like this one they shot specially for their fans & it had already gone viral on YouTube.

Om : enough guys, I’ve enough about Manik, Mikhail, baby, swayam & Anika

Shivaye: Anika, what about Anika om

Shivaye has just entered with Sharon & rey, who came to meet ishana, had heard only Anika

Sumo : bhai, I was telling Lambe balo wale bhaiya about the leads of our new show & he got j because of Ishu di’s interest on the guys

Sharon : hey, jiju don’t worry di will not ditch you, stop worrying

Om : I’m not j guys

Sumo : hey, I forget I’ve there recent video with me, I’ll show you all come on

Shivaye: no, saumya you guys watch I’ve some work

Sumo : no bhai, pls for me plss

Shivaye: ok, fine

They all sat on the sofa & saumya connected her laptop with TV & played the video, first the screen was totally blank then started the song badi ki dulhaniya tittle track, imagine swayam & Anika & Mikhail & baby dancing on the song, swayam & Mike wearing varun’s dress while baby & Anika wearing the lehenga Alia wore on that song, the girls made dreamy faces at Mike , then when swayam came, sumo signed Ishu that look at swayam,

she gesture backed at him like he is super sweet & cute but both of them missed the way Sharon’s breath hitched while watching swayam or the way reys eyes filled with tears of joy watching swayam the boys did some superb moves which left the people watching them mouth hanging then the cam showed Anika & baby, all the Obros face become shocked watching Anika, their eyes were about to fall out of their socket & their jaws were touching the ground, shivaye heart started doing summersaults watching Anika but his happiness was short lived when he saw Anika dancing with with swayam, he was totally burning with rage, his fist was so tight that his knuckled had become white & his jealousy knew no bound when at the end of video, the dancing pairs leave a message for their fans, baby &

Anika were standing in the center, while swayam’s arms were around Anika’s waist & Mikhail’s were around baby & they were thanking the fans for their support & love & telling their another surprise for them, the video finished & sumo turned around to watch the whole oberoi family were still seating like that

Sumo : hey Ishu di, weren’t aniyam looking so cute together

Ishu : (she have never seen Anika) Yups, they have solid chemistry yrr, I’ll also watch this show yrr

Sumo : great, you know there were new rumours in the air saying Anika & swayam got engaged , but none of them were true

Ishu : are they really in love ??

Before saumya could answer two people Beside her answered well more like yell: nooooo, that can’t happen ( Sharon & shivaye)

Ishu : why, leave it where did you shoot this ??

Sumo : Goa

Sharon : di, I’ve to leave, you see tomorrow we’ve to leave for shimla early, india fest is going on there & we’ve to pack byee

Sharon left before Ishu could reply something but Ishu didn’t miss the pain in her sister’s eyes nor the tears that were about to spill before she could ask about this to rey, he also bid byee to her

Sumo : yeah, it’s late I’m also going to pack , I’ve to leave for shimla tomorrow right

Om : saumya, will Anika be in Goa now ??

Saumya: no, I guess they already left for shimla , you know Swayam, Mikhail,Baby & Tani, are perfectionist, they don’t like any errors in they performance

Shivaye: means Anika is in shimla

Sumo : yeah

Rudra : we are also coming with you to shimla , saumya

Saumya: huh..why…wait a min, this Anika is only my Anika bhabi, for whom you guys were searching, right??

Shivaye: yes, pls saumya, you will take me to my Anika right, pls saumya

Saumya: ok, bhai but..swa..no..I guess I could arrange that

Shivaye: thank you, thank you so much saumya

Saumya: you all should pack now

Shivru rushed to their room hearing so while om stayed behind saying something like booking tickets & all

Ishu : Anika bhabi, is really beautiful om

Om : I know Ishu, I can’t believe she was this close & we could never find her

Ishu : yeah, how could you guess, she was not hiding but showing herself to the world, creating her own identity but what if she moved on om, you heard sumo praising swayam & Anika what if there is really something b/w them, what will we do then

Om : don’t speak like this Ishu, pls don’t, shivaye would not be able to handle it, he will die Ishu & I know anika bhabi really loved shivaye, she couldn’t move on so fast , we just had to believe, let’s go pack our bags, we have to leave early.

On the other side

Anika was sitting in the flight, they were traveling to shimla in night, anika was sitting with Tani, she & Tani are really close, like sisters from different mother’s there are no secrets b/w them, tani was already asleep in the flight as the whole day, she was running here & there doing something or other, she look ahead & found diya & harry sleeping in each other’s arms while behind her baby was snuggled in Mike’s arms sleeping they were looking so cute that she can’t help but awww at them earning a wink & smile from Mike while she smiled back at him, at far back she could notice Manik & Nandani sitting they were also so cute, the way Nandani always call Manik monster but her monster, she loved all this new friends of her, she was afraid of friendship after the betrayal she got from her friends but these friends were not going to betray her ever, they were always watching her back, she remember how they had deleted all those hateful comments Manik & swayam’s some of female fan had sent her, saying how she is not looking good with them, she don’t deserve them & how when she by chance read such a comment, she cried when swayam consoled her saying she can’t cry over every thing, people will either love her or hate her but they just couldn’t ignore her, so she should just ignore all those messages & concentrate on her own fans, the people who love her & told her to strengthen the walls built around her,

the stardom is good & bad too, you never know who is real & what is a facade now that she is famous, people will try to use her, so she should be able to distinguish, she could never name her relation with swayam, she is his best friend but there is some unknown emotions for him too in her heart like admiration & now she is his finance to but the relation is of only compromise for swayam she is only his best friend while she is with swayam for ansh as he need a father figure in his life & she can’t go back to shivaye can she now ? It so complicated yet peaceful & she wants her life like this only with no scope for love again. She looked beside her to find ansh head resting on swayam’s chest while he was reading a story for ansh, looking at them like this she never regrets her decision.

In Mumbai

Shivaye pov

I have finally found my Anika but that guy swayam with her, I knew him from somewhere yes swayam sekhawat the CEO of sekhawat enterprises who had taken all our deals in Goa region, he was just a business rival for me ago but now it is personal, it’s about my love my Anika, I can’t let him take her away, I just hope he is not trying to snatch my Anika from me as I’ve already lost her once I can’t loose her again, Mr sekhawat get Ready for a battle, as Shivaye singh oberoi is coming for you….

Precap : ek anar sau bimar
What will happen when shivika meet again?
Why is Anika engaged to swayam ?
What will happen when Sharon meet swayam ??
And from where Nikhil again entered this story ?
The love triangles has begin

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