loving you was red part 8

Hello everyone, thank you so much for such heart whelming comments, here is the next episode I hope it’s up to your expectations, and I’m sorry I could update is this love because I’ve already written it’s update in my laptop which is not working now & im in no mood to write it all again, so when my lappy will come back I’ll update it too till then enjoy this one.

Part 8

A girl was shown walking home with a big smile on her face, a guy’s arm around her waist both laughing & enjoying each other company, suddenly all the lights went out & the girl found herself in total darkness, she was shivering badly & screaming for help, a nasty looking man coming towards her with an evil sadistic smirk scaring the girl more & more, the girl wanted to run but was rooted to her place like someone was holding her there, the man was dangerously close to her when the scene changed again, a guy was looking at her with disgusted face & she was begging him shivaye pls, listen to me, shivaye you can’t do this, shivaye listen but the guy glared at her & said you’re just a mistake Anika, just a mistake, you don’t deserve to live & pushed her hardly, she fell & fell in more depth of darkness searching for any source of light, screaming for help, when suddenly she felt herself being hit by something & blood spilled all around her & finally darkness consumed her whole…………..

Anika woke up with a sudden jerk, her breathing ragged, shivering, she got shocked when she felt weight on her stomach, she looked down only to find ansh holding her tightly with one hand while the other hand was in his mouth sucking his thumb, she relaxed watching her baby but she was still scared, she suddenly felt her throat very dry & in need of water, the jug was empty so she get out of the bed unwillingly & went to kitchen in search of water, she took out a bottle & gulped it all down, while returning from the kitchen she saw the lights of taani’s room still on, so she thought to go & talk with taani knowing she couldn’t sleep now, she went in the room & found taani fast asleep in swayam’s lap while swayam was reading some file, she disheartened turned to go back but swayam had already seen her & called out for her
Swayam : Anika
Anika turned around to find swayam looking at her

Swayam : do you need anything???

Anika : ugh no, was here to drink water saw the lights on so came to check if taani was awake or not, I’ll be leaving now, sorry to disturb you

Swayam : no, it’s fine btw you look troubled, everything alright??

Anika : umm..ye…I mean… no, can’t sleep

Swayam : nightmare???

Anika : kinda more like reality check but how did you know??

Swayam : leave it, wanna talk about it ??

Anika : no

Swayam : ok, let’s talk about something else, let’s go to my room or hall or you want to stay here, where ever you’re comfy

Anika : no,uhm your room is good, tani will be disturbed here other wise

Swayam : ok, give me a minute pls

Swayam, kept tani’s head on pillow, he covered her properly, kissed her forehead lovingly, closed the windows, took the file switched off the lights & then asked Anika to follow him.

Anika followed him upstairs to a new floor, where she have never been before swayam opened a room, all the night lights were on, making the room glow, the room has its own beauty, Anika was standing uncomfortably on the door when swayam asked her to follow him & took her to the balcony, where two bean bags were placed surrounding with many beautiful flowering plants, the moon & stars were looking beautiful & their reflection in the vast sea, making the sea sparkle was looking divine, Anika was spell bounded & swayam smiled watching her reaction.

Swayam : take a seat

Anika : what are you reading anyway ??

Swayam : draft of the storyline, you know we got the cast too

Anika: really, so fast ??

Swayam : actually my friend & tani’s friend casted the people, so it’s all done, in the fest we will give the performance to promote the show & you. As you will be the new face, so to make people like you & all

Anika : who r this friends??

Swayam : well, saumya tani’s friend & like a little sister to me, she casted the supporting characters while my friend Manik agreed to do shivaye’s role ( swayam noticed how Anika shivered hearing shivaye’s name )
So wanna know, what my little sister thought about our on-screen names

Anika : Yups why not

Swayam : hmm, so your name will be surbhi, mine will be kanishk, Mike will be Utkarsh while baby is Niyati, Manik is parth, what do you think about the names ?

Anika : good when you decided it all ??

Swayam : well, you were tired & with sid, so the Gang did it all, you should hear our BG tune tani has done an excellent job in it

Anika : really I wanna hear it

Swayam : well, maybe I can make you listen to them tomorrow depends on my mood actually

Anika narrowed her eyes at him & showed him her tongue & yelled meanie

Swayam: so mature

Anika : like you’re ,so when is the shooting starting??

Swayam : after the fest, I’m feeling so lucky you know my entry is after 50 or 60 epis, till then you have to do all the hard work & perform with Manik too

Anika : oh, hello Mr you are helping me, so you are not free at all, understood

Swayam : as you say boss

Anika(sad again) : I’m sorry, I was just a mere employee in your company, you guys have done so much for me, I don’t know how to thank you

Swayam : oye don’t say thanks or I’ll slap you idiot, you’re our friend now, so no thanks & you are so hard working, you’re still managing the cafe b/w all this aren’t you ??

Anika : hmm, swayam that day you said you don’t do love stories, in all your shows, you’ve never been a part of love story then why now, you didn’t want to play this role then why are you doing this show??

Swayam : because of tani, have you seen how excited she was that day, for the first time I’ve seen her asking something from me, how can I say no to her, I can die for her than what is this role & you’re my friend too & I know you won’t fell for me ever, so I don’t mind doing this show

Anika : why ??  How can you be so sure I won’t fall for you, btw you know you’re one of the best brothers out there

Swayam : no, I’m not Anika, I’m not I’m anything but best, leave it, it’s too late almost 2, you should sleep

Anika : why you always say this swayam, what are you hiding, you know everything about me, why don’t you tell me about you, about tani,a about Mike & baby?

Swayam : I’ll one day I promise but not tonight,its already late ansh must be scared if he woke by chance & don’t find you

Anika : alright but this discussion is not over ok

Swayam : I promised didn’t I & swayam never breaks his promises, good night

Anika : night she stood to leave when swayam hold her hand & whispered sorry I didn’t mean to sound rude but I’ll tell you about us but not today saying so he took her in an awkward side hug, Anika just gave him a smile & left from swayam’s room to her own room , she lied on the bed hugging ansh but her mind was filled with swayam’s thought, he is really mysterious but like her sid bhai too, so protective about tani but why his eyes always held pain whenever tani or anyone else says he is best brother, isn’t it true, the care he shows, he is still a mystery to her, a intriguing mystery which she will solve somehow, she forgot all about the nightmare by just being swayam & after lots of twisting & turning fell asleep.

At present in Mumbai

Elena was still laughing as mad as if she was finding Anika’s death very funny, Malika was glaring daggers at her while calling someone, it was finally when shivaye come to terms with what was revealed now, his eyes burned with pure rage watching Elena, if looks could kill she would be already dead now but before he could do anything some police officers came & took her with them while her screaming to let her go but they didn’t gave any heed to her pleas & drag her out

Shaurya : Malika bhabi, don’t worry she won’t get any bail & I’ll make sure she gets what she deserves

Malika: thanks shaurya, any news of Rv

Shaurya : no bhabi, I will take your leave now.

Malika : ohk

Malika was going to leave to but stopped hearing shivaye’s voice

Shivaye: where is Anika Malika ???

Malika : don’t you dare to take her name Mr shivaye Singh oberoi & I will never tell you where she is ?

Shivaye: Malika pls for the sake of our friendship, pls tell me where is Anika

Malika : I don’t know & I’ll warn you for the first & last time stay away from her

Saying so Malika left from there, she reached the hall & found vikram sitting on a sofa looking totally devastated, she slowly approached him

Malika : Dad, let’s go from here

Vikram : where is my anu, Malika, I want my daughter, I want my baby girl when did she grew up so much that for her father’s prestige & owner, she gave up her happiness, she will come back to her father, won’t she Malika, why was elena saying my anu died, no my Anu is alive, she is alive, she can’t leave her father, she can’t

Malika : dad, relax, you know sid will find her, sid never loss hope, you know sid will find his baby sister by hook or crook, don’t worry dad Elena was lying Anika won’t ever leave us, she always lives in us

Vikram: where is sid Malika, call him, I want sid & Rv too, where r my sons??

Malika : dad control , they will be back soon, really soon let’s go now

Dadi : I’m so sorry vikram, because of us all this happened, we promised you to take care of your daughter but failed

Pinky : she always treated me as her mother, but I failed to perform my mother’s duty, I can’t even believe my own son has done something like this, forgetting all his morals everything

Vikram: not now, pls when I myself was not able to see my daughter’s pain, I’m to be blamed most here,

Saying so vikram & Malika left OM

Shivaye came out of the study looking like a zombie, he went straight to his room & locked himself & started destroying everything in his room,he was searching for something, something very precious but wasn’t able to find it, he broke down & yelled Anikaaaaa, he looked around the room & saw many illusions of her, laughing, teasing, angry,shy their moments flashing before him, how after consuming their marriage, he was afraid every moment that she don’t get to know about his love drama, cause he had really fallen for her & couldn’t live without her. He was feeling an unbearable pain in his heart, like someone was squeezing his life away yet not letting him die, he was lost & crying badly, he didn’t even hear the yells of omru outside urging him to open the door but it was all like a blur to him, he could hear only her voice repeating you will never ever leave me alone right shivaye, I’ll die without you, you’re my world…..

He was so lost in his agony that he didn’t Even realized when omru had broken the door & were now hugging him whispering everything will be fine while he just repeated I want Anika, I want anika, where is Anika while his brother’s replied calmly that they will find their Anika bhabi, relax,they will for sure find Anika
It was the last words shivaye heard before he drifted to deep slumbers of unconsciousness.

Precap: surprise, shivika meet maybe ?

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