loving you was red part 7

Hello everyone, I tried to update fast & it is all I could do, I hope you will like the past story, now there is more drama to come in the next chapters to spice up the story, jealousy tracks, love triangles, hope you enjoy it all & sorry for errors.

Part 7


Ishkara were sitting on the terrace gazing the night sky,and enjoying it’s beauty, ishana was securely wrapped in om’s arms while om was lost in his lady love
Ishana: we are finally one Om, we are finally one I can’t believe I’m engaged to you, it seems like a dream to me
Om : believe it love, it’s not dream, you’re mine now only mine, our love has finally succeeded
Ishana: yes, but who is this Anika om ?? (She asked innocently trying to know what om feels about Anika)
Om : Ishu, don’t take her name, it will be better if we never talk about her
Ishana : we can never move forward if we don’t settle our past om, shivaye bhai is still stuck on her, om wether he admits it or not
Om : no ishana, it would never happen now, let’s go & sleep it’s pretty late in night, he said that & left from there leaving a shocked ishana watching his sudden change in his temper…

On the other hand in Goa

Sid was sitting on a queen shaped bed with Anika’s head lying on his lap, she was in deep slumber, he was caressing her hairs lovingly when his cell rang

Sid : hello, love… how r you doing??

Malika : hey, I’m fine sid missing you, you’re coming back tomorrow right

Sid : uhm… no love, I ( he was about to speak about Anika but a soft knock on door disturbed him )

Malika : ohk, well dad wanted you here tomorrow mrng said something urgent

Sid : I won’t able to come anyway, will you attend it from my side btw ttyl love someone on the door

Malika : ok, love you take care

Sid : love ya too byee

The door opened to reveal swayam with a sleeping ansh in his arms
Swayam : she slept??
Sid : was really tired
Swayam : ohk, let me place this little one beside her, he is such a bundle of energy, look so peaceful in sleep only
Sid : just like his mom,so hard to tame & control

Swayam just laughed at that & said maybe they are not made to be tamed but just to rule & placed ansh beside Anika on the bed & keeping many pillows beside him on the other side so he won’t fall while sid gently placed Anika’s head on a pillow, kissed her head lovingly & while swayam kissed ansh forehead & covered the duo with a blanket & left from the room.

In Mumbai
It was early mrng & shivaye was in his study in the OM, waiting for Elena to arrive but before hand he told a servant to send his siblings & sharey to the study

Shivaye pov

Today will be the truth out infront of all by hook or crook, I don’t care what happens but sid question is still ringing in my ear what will I do if I was wrong, what if she was innocent, no no shivaye it can’t be like that you’re worried for nothing, Elena won’t lie to you like that I still remember how I met Anika for the first time she was like a fresh breeze of air looking so innocent & pure but only if we knew what she was from inside & my first hand experience with her tactics if only sid could see what I saw maybe the situation will be diff now but those papers shivaye get a grip of your emotions, the truth will be out soon

End of pov

Shivaye’s pov broke when sharey with priruom & Ishu entered the room.

Priruom gave shivaye a worried look looking at his blood red eyes but shivaye signed them to just sit.

After sometime Elena entered & waved happily at Shivaye but looking him glaring at her shrugged a little & sat in front of shivaye as he signaled her too

Elena : what was so important you called me so early in the mrng ???

Shivaye: what really happened that day Elena ???

All were shocked by his direct question, Elena was startled & scared a little but covered it quickly

Elena : you know what happened shivaye, you know it all started long back then that

All noticed the smrik on her face as her words have deeper meaning then she let it own, making every one uncomfortable

Shivaye : I want the truth Elena, only truth today, your dad & nikhil with me,your one wrong move & my men will finish them 

Elena : whaaaat, you can’t do that shivaye

Shivaye : you & me both very welly know what I can do & what I can’t do now spill the beans

Elena( shaking in rage & helplessness) fine, it was all my deed, I did it all, Anika didn’t do that it was an easy trick, she split that fuming as of even taking Anika’s name was awful

Shivaye went extremely rigid listening this, he thought Elena will still stay what she did that day & he threatened her it will also prove sid wrong but looks like he was wrong now , but it was all out now Anika was really innocent then

Shivaye : (deadly calm) why?

Elena : because I f**king hate her, she was just a spoilt b*t*h who get everything she wanted, I was her cousin but her dad threw my dad out of his company without any reason where I struggled my whole childhood killing my wishes & desires, she got everything, perfect clothes, toys everything & from then i envied her, on her first day in the college she gained everyone’s attention,she got in the popular group just because sid was her brother while I tried so hard to became your friend & she in just one day snatched it all but I decided to destroy her emotionally,to destroy her support, so I asked my bf Nikhil to ask her out, he did for me, he loved me so much, because of me, he played with her feelings & when I thought he was becoming friends with her, I asked him to dump her infront of college & he dumped her in front of whole college, just for me but she became normal shortly because of Sid, her tears were giving me happiness but sid destroyed it & I couldn’t do anything but I wanted revenge & I would destroy her by hook or crook, watching her always with my group was torture for me & when you & sid planned to open your own cafe, I stole your plan & gave it to Nikhil, so he could set up his dream & showed as it was Anika who did it, but sid didn’t believed any of it, he destroyed my plan again by not pushing her away from him but you shivaye, you started hating her & I noticed it how you liked Malika but watching her saying yes to Sid’s proposal broke your heart & you fall perfectly in my hands, I manipulated you to hate her more, to destroy her remember I told you she liked you so she asked sid take Malika away from you & he did it for his little sister, you loathed her mere presence but you made her fall in love with you for our revenge even without knowing, she fell for you so hard cause she already admired you because you were Sid’s ideal best friend & she only heard him parsing you, she had an perfect image of you build up in her mind & so you snatched her first happiness her dance passion from her & she gave it up because she loved you then she gave up her drama team because you didn’t like it, she was broken & sad without her passion but blind in your love,she never told anyone how you manhandle her sometimes because she loved you & you apologized to her for everything so sweetly saying you were frustrated poor thing & then when her dad announced the marriage, her happiness knew no bound but you didn’t want to get married to her & how we planned to hurt her only make a fake plan about your ex being hurt & you wanted to marry her not Anika she was broken but she couldn’t let her dad’s image destroyed she married you & was where I wanted her to be, I knew her life will be living hell now cause you hated her so much but no it all went downhill when you fell for her, she was again a happy spirit & it was hurting me, so badly , it was killing me everyday, I was going to destroy her only then but dad tolled me that a person will get destroy if he fall from the sky not if he is on ground & we push him on ground, so I let her fly watching her happy everyday I thought she will cry more when she falls but their were her two bodyguards now sid & Rv, I don’t know from where he came but he was like her shadow never letting anything hurt her, so I thought to destroy the trio, I knew Anika has reached her peak point of happiness & now I wanted to destroy them all, I knew she was gifting her property to om on his birthday so he could get the ideal location of his art gallery & I switched the paper with her & showed it like that she was selling the secrets & then I saw her comforting Rv after his proposal to prinku, and she was worried about prinkus kidnapping too which I’ve done and some cut here & there i got the perfect video. Making you believe was not hard as you already doubted her in college but the hard part was making sid leave for the deal cause this time I didn’t wanted her any support to give her hope & power to fight again, after sid left I made my plan in action &her world come crashing down, nobody believed her, even her friend betrayed her, she was shattered & I was enjoying the show, her dad had image to be just na but I doubted he will hold his image for her daughter so I sent shivaye their to make sure she is truly destroyed & only that happened he disowned her but Rv picked up her when he was broken to & I again used your name & sent him so away from where there is no return & she disappeared too, to never come back in my life,she was finally finished, her game over, she died saying so she laughed hysterically as if it was something so funny, she was laughing like a mad woman who had done something great……

When shivaye first questioned Elena om was curious thinking what might have bring this question, he was shocked when she admitted it was her doing & he was furious when she stated her reasons, when she told how she & shivaye had tortured Anika, his hand was turned into a tight fist, he wanted to punch something so bad, he can’t punch Elena as she is a girl & he can’t do it to his brother also since he was manipulated also, he was her puppet also, but it didn’t mean, he couldn’t punish them did it, he looked at rudra to find him already silently crying while prinku was looking pretty badly shaken up & broken, he turned to shivaye to find him rooted at his place, frozen & then he heard Elena’s terrifying laughs, sending shiver down his spine,then he heard the front door click & a figure storm inside & tightly slap Elena, making everyone shock to see a fuming Malika standing there  who was glaring holes in Elena & then turned to Shivaye

Malika : I thought you were good, I thought you will realize your mistake but I was wrong sid was right, you don’t deserve her but you did one good thing Mr oberoi you gave a live telecast of this to the whole family & true the whole drama was shown on the TV to the whole oberoi family & Mr.rana who was looking close to have an heart attack while everyone else was crying while shivaye still sat there unmoving

In Goa

At night

Swayam : she told you everything???

Sid: yes, I don’t know what I’ll do when I found the culprit behind it all, I’m going to sue that person for my baby sister this condition
Swayam : I understand you man, so what now you gonna take her back ???

Sid : no, she is better here, I don’t want her anywhere near that monster, you will take care of them right & I heard you manage to convince her for a show too ??

Swayam: there is no need to ask that obviously we will take care of her, she is our friend & family now & no my sister convinced her you see, all this is her passion & I can never say no to her wishes

Sid : I understand swayam, so good night see you in the mrng then

Swayam : good night & before you plan to destroy that company of Delhi for hurting your sister, I want to inform you that I already did that for hurting my friend

Sid : thanks buddy, so now I’ve only shivaye & the culprit to destroy

Swayam : be careful with shivaye sid, she still loves him, if he is hurt she will be more hurt leave it to her to punish him, you concentrate on the culprit & I promise you I will teach her to live again

Sid : thanks a lot swayam, I’ll always be indebted to you for this

Swayam : no need sid, I’ve a sister also so I understand your pain, good night

Sid : good night

Precap : more drama I guess , is Rv alive or dead ???
wanna see shivaye regret & jealous ??
What do you think about swayam & anika,
aren’t they cute together ???

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