loving you was red part 6

Hello guys, thanks for so many lovely comments on the last episode I was so happy, this episode is dedicated to all of you…….

Part 6

Anika had gone deadly pale watching the person on the entrance,it felt like nothing was present around her, the past she was hiding from was infront of her & she was afraid & scared, she didn’t even realized that she have abruptly stopped & swayam was gazing at her worriedly & looking back & forth b/w her & the unknown person standing at the entrance, watching Anika make no move he went towards the man.

Swayam : hello, who are you ??

The man was equally shocked, he didn’t speak anything first but when swayam repeated his ques again then the man finally replied

Siddharth, Siddharth vikram rana

Swayam : what are you doing here Mr Rana ???

Sid : actually, I went to your office to discuss something about our deal but you were busy so I came here when your PA told me you are here

Swayam: ok, but Mr Rana I don’t do business deals here

Sid : it’s ok Mr sekhawat, I understand

Swayam : sorry for the inconvenience

Sid : it’s ok Mr sekhawat,.do you mind if I talk with Anika ??

Swayam was shocked by the sudden direct question & don’t know what to reply , he looked back at Anika still standing in shock then at Siddharth in front of him, he saw the same emotions in his eyes which he himself was going through few years back & he made his final decision

Swayam : you may, Mr Rana

Saying so he first went to Anika & softly whispered talk to him Anika, let it all go for once & all, I’ll be in the next room if you need me,just call he then went towards Ansh & picked him up, saying come on buddy let’s go & find your taani di, he went past the sibblings giving them their much needed privacy

After Swayam went both sidika stood in deadly silence, Anika looking down as if she was afraid of something which was killing Siddharth on the other hand , he slowly moved towards her as if she was an illusion & will disappear in any moment, he stood just in front of her

Sid : I’m a very bad brother ain’t I, you hate me don’t you anu ??

Anika’s head snapped towards Sid’s face, she looked at him & Shaked her head vigorously in denial

Anika : (sobbing) no…no…you..re….the….worl..ds best….bhai..

Sid : then why did you left me, Anu why won’t you contact me , I was dying everyday without you, why didn’t you came back to your bhai Anu, don’t you trust me Anu,you look so shocked & scared when you saw me today, I failed to protect you,I’m a failure as a brother…..

Anika couldn’t control watching her brother in pain, she hugged him tightly & broke down in his arms, continuously saying no you’re the best brother bhai, I was scared I couldn’t see hatred in your eyes for me, It would have killed me bhai, I thought you hated me too, I thought you believed him bhai, I thought I lost you too.

Siddharth: no princess, I would have never trusted anyone above you, no one matters to me more than you,after all I’ve promised you  to always be with you.

Anika : but bhai, dad…dad…said I’ll see his dead face if I ever tried to contact you or someone in the family, he said I was a disgrace on the family name

Sid : it’s all rubbish princess, don’t ponder over past your bhai is with you na nothing bad will happen now, tell me princess what actually happened I don’t care whatever anyone says or thinks I want to know what actually happened that day…..

At the mention of that day, Anika started shivering badly as if someone had drowned her in ice cold water,her breathing become ragged & her eyes started flowing uncontrollably, all the pain bolted inside her heart coming out in havocs, she held onto Siddharth as if he was her lifeline

Anika : bhai, he never did loved me, he never loved me bhai, he was just like him, he broke my heart like him, he knew everything yet it was all a plan, a game for him all along bhai ( imagine she said all this sobbing hard typing on  phone, can’t write it like that)

Siddharth sat silently, caressing Anika’s hairs from one hand & rubbing her back with other trying to console her, he was fuming in anger inside & thinking of thousand ways to torture shivaye, yet keeping silent for his sister knowing she needs his silent support the most
now to continue her story, he will deal with that man latter as he has more important things to deal with now.

Anika : I was…was so happy that day bhai, my world was filled with every happiness one can dream for in the whole world, I’ve a loving family, caring & loving friends, my love & now I was going to be a mom, I  just got the news bhai  & I couldn’t wait to share with shivaye & then you, that you were going to be a mama, I was so happy you know RV was with me that time & was teasing me saying I was in great danger of floating in happiness anytime & I was glaring at him yet blushing. He dropped me to oberoi mansion & went off as he had some work , I entered the mansion only jumping in joy when I was met with the shocked, hurt & painful faces of every family member, I was instantly worried & went to them asking what happened but they all glared at me & then suddenly pinky mom slapped me hard, then broke down crying saying why did I did that, she trusted me so much & I broke her trust , I was too shocked to react bhai ,

I didn’t know what was happening around me, everyone was looking me as if I was some disgusting thing it made me feel broken & badly hurt , I finally asked what wrong did I do ??  They looked at me saying no need to act innocent now, we won’t fall under that trap anymore, the blamed me for destroying shivaye’s new business deal, they accused me of stealing all the family business secrets & selling them for money, why would I need money when I can get anything I want by just asking you but no nobody listened bhai, they said I was a traitor, then they accused me & Rv for something I can imagine , they accused me & Rv, that we both plotted against them they showed a video in which I was asking Rv to kidnap prinku &

Rv kidnapped prinku & leaked a video of them in imitate position in the media to degrade the oberoi’s but why would we do that bhai, I pleaded to them told them I didn’t do anything but it all fell on deaf ears, even omru & prinku didn’t believed me that day, when I asked my friends to speak in my favour to tell them that they were with me that day & it was not what me n Rv were talking about but they all denied & said I was lying bhai, they said it all was truth & they threw me out of the house even. Dad believed them & said Rv was a bad blood like his father & his company had effected me, he asked me to leave the  city forever, in those needy times Rv took me in his house but after few days, he was transferred to a place with high criminal activity where all the honest officers live in fear or are killed,

Anika was afraid for him & knew the oberoi’s were after his transfer in such a place,Rv wanted to be with me but he couldn’t take me with him in that hell, so he send me in Delhi in one of his friends & wife house, explaining the whole situation to them, Tia & Dushyant accepted me as I was their best friend & sister, they took care of my every need but I couldn’t sit & be burden on them, so I joined a company there & started working in it, for first few days it was all going good, but it all changed when the manager somehow got to know I was a single pregnant women, he tried to come close to me but I always got away from him, one such day when I was working late in night everyone left the office when he tried….tried..to rape..me bhaii, I shouted for help & hearing my screams by gods grace few men come, watching them the manager went away from me & said I was trying to force myself on him for the first time then i looked at my saviors face & found my worst nightmare being confirmed it was shivaye & he was making disgusted faces at me & then said girls like me can do anything for money & to trap rich people, I felt so low about myself that day bhai because of his gaze, I felt disgusted at myself, I somehow reached the apartment to find a worried Tia waiting for me, she was shocked seeing my condition & I broke down in her arms, I told her everything & she was seething in rage, she wanted to kill them all at that moment but somehow controlled for me & said I will not go to work & it’s final, I nodded like an obedient child to her but suddenly & unbearable pain started in my abdomen, I couldn’t bear it bhai,

I felt like I was dying & that was the last feeling I had before I woke up in a hospital room with a worried Tia & Dushyant sitting beside me, try tried to smile at me but I knew something was wrong, I asked them but they were not ready to spill the beans, after sometime the doctor informed me that due to high stress & my weak condition, I had lost one of my child, it was like the world ended for me bhai, I had lost my shivika, I had lost my baby girl, I had lost her before she could have born in this world, Before she could see the beauty of this world, she kept rambling on her brother’s chest it was the first time, she was letting out the pain of her child’s death, the stress, the tears, the exhaustion took a toll on her & she fainted in her brother’s arms, not hearing her voice or sobs, Sid looked at Anika to only found her eyes closed
Sid : anu, anu…..

On the other hand in Mumbai

Shivaye has just finished reading the file, his eyes were burning red from rage or pain it was untellable, their were unshed tears in his eyes too, he dialed a number & said in a steely voice it  tell Elena to meet me early in the mrng…
He cut the call & shouted: Anikaaaaa….

On the other hand Sid was panicking over Anika, he saw a water bottle near by & sprinkled the water droplets on her face carefully, she opened her eyes after sometime

Sid : you ok, baccha

Anika : yes bhai..

Sid : you look exhausted, you need rest let’s go we will talk later alright.

Anika : ok, just let me inform swayam first

Anika went to the next room, to find Mike, swayam & Ansh dancing well mike & swayam were dancing where as Ansh was just copying there moves

Anika : swayam.

Swayam : yeah ??

Anika : I’m leaving, dead tired

Swayam : ohk, here take the keys of the house, can you handle ansh now or should we bring him back with us ??

Anika : I can handle him swayam, I’ve handling him alone before too

Swayam : it was necessity that time, its not now, let’s ask him only hey buddy wanna go back with mumma

Ansh : running & holding swayam’s leg na..na… ansh….dance..with Mikey (Mike) & swa…yum(swayam)

Swayam : you heard him

Anika shaking her head said take care & look behind to see an amused sid who told her to go to the entrance,he will come after talking to swayam, so she went from there glaring the trio…

Sid : thanks for taking care of my sister

Mike : no need, Mr Rana she is our friend & family now, it’s our duty

Swayam : Yups, btw meet your nephew then looking at ansh say hello to mamu

Ansh shyly waved at sid,where as sid was so happy to watch ansh that he take him in his arms, he was feeling very happy by looking at him, he was remembering baby Anika but just his eyes were like his father, the same grayish blue green eyes, he was happy to meet ansh after sometime when the little guy started wriggling in his arms to get down, he put him down & looked at swayam

Swayam : will meet you at the house Mr Rana

Sid : it’s sid for you & yeah see you…

Saying so sid left from there. He is still planning on murdering shivaye for hurting Anika & Rv too now & destroying that company whose people messed up with his sister, but he will wait till Anika finishes the whole story there is still some part missing & he will know it all..

Precap : past in shivaye’s pov from where was the beginning of it all…

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