loving you was red part 14

Hey guys, I’m back with the next chapter, this one is mostly dedicated to the past of taarey, taayam & swaron, you guys don’t need to know the show to understand the show as I’ve changed the story a little bit, so enjoy reading.

With Aniyam

The gang has just reached the villa, they went to the hall & saw Mikhail & harry sitting there with half closed eyes & were looking really tired but get up watching them

Manik : hey, chilax guys, you both look dead tired, what happened, is baby fine ??

Ansh : what happened to buiii

Taani : nothing champ, she is just tired, you’re also tired right, wanna go & sleep ??

Ansh : yes, but I wanna meet buii first, she also visit ansh when ansh is ill

Taani : ok, come-on  champ, let’s go

Anika : I’m also coming with you

Taani : obviously you’re Anika, you’re also tired & need to rest

Saying tansh & Anika , left from there, leaving smiling boys & nandini behind

Mikhail : ansh behavior is a mixture of all of us

Manik : yeah, that’s why media was confused whose son he is

Harry: he would be like us only na guys, as he spent all his time with one of us only & the children learn from their surroundings only

Nandini : yeah but his eyes are the exact replica of his father, otherwise, he is totally like his mother

Manik : yeah, he is

Mikhail : how was the party went guys

Harry : yeah, you all looked distressed

Manan : cause it was a disaster & explained everything to mikhal & harry
All of them looked at swayam, who was sitting quietly till now, lost in his thoughts

Mikhail: swayam buddy, you ok ??

Swayam : yeah, I’m guys

Manik : you sure, you know you can share everything with us right

Swayam : I know that idiots, you all are just like my brother & sister but from a diff mother, but right now I just want to stay alone pls

Harry : ok, but we are only here if you need something

Swayam : I know guys, I know

They all left giving concerned looks to swayam….

Here at Villa

Rey : swayam was my best friend, my best buddy, you know di you don’t know the Sharon from our college days, due to your parents separation she was distressed & was what she was the college diva, Sharon the siren, Everyone was scared of her anger, she was like a cold hearted person but swayam loved her from starting, our group i mean dance team was divided that time there were dazzlers & weaklings, dazzlers consist of rich & talented people in someone’s words we were rich spoilt brats

Ishana : but swayam is rich right

Rey : yes, he is but he never showed it off, he was down to earth, calm & mature & never tried to go against Sharon for that he also refused to be part of weaklings team created by kria

Ishana : kria, that girl Sharon talks to, she has an accadmey in New York right & is married to some doctor there
Rey : yeah, kria my first but not last love, well the story is not about me right but after sometime swayam joined weaklings, we never knew till then that how fab dancer he was, Sharon hated him, she had many time insulted & even slapped him in front of all but his feelings for her never changed, he always loved her, he was our lover boy, to make Sharon happy he even became her secret admirer & sent her many gifts, cards & all only to uplift her sad mood & Sharon had fell for her secret lover but when she got to knew it was swayam, she rejected him again, swayam was broken, he closed their chapter in front of Sharon & promised her that this chapter will never be reopened again unless Sharon tells him to reopen the chap again which he was sure will never happen, swayam showed he don’t love Sharon anymore but in his heart it was only & only Sharon,well after lots of hardwork & after lots of time Sharon gave swayam a chance,they were in secret relationship about which only I knew , you know one day somehow the whole college got to know about this & they questioned them wether they were dating or not, Sharon denied infront of the whole college, she declared there was nothing between them & she & swayam can never date, swayam was really hurt by her words but after few days, he again forgive her & they were again one, then come our chance for the big stage & opening our academy, Aditya was helping us but we didn’t knew he was trying to divide us, he was only interested in me & Sharon we were the lead dancers, he was making only our careers & sidelining the others, the gang was really upset with this all & when swayam got to know this. He warned both of us & said us to leave his team but we both were adamant & Sharon’s mother ordered sharon to concentrate on her future, she will became very rich if she did what Aditya said as according to Aditya me & Sharon were the star material, when swayam asked Sharon to leave Aditya & come with him, we will open our own & separate accadmey, Sharon denied due to the influence of her mom

& her emotional blackmailing, she chose her career over her love & friendship, the rest of the gang was angry but they supported sharon & me, swayam didn’t let the professional fight come in bw of us, he proposed Sharon next day asking her to marry him but don’t know from where some college students & your mom come there & asked sharon what was the matter, Sharon again denied & rejected swayam’s love, it was the height of rejection for swayam & he left from there forever, swayam has never tried to contact us ever again, he was angry with us, he never answered our calls, it was like he disappeared

Ishana : I can’t believe Sharon, can do something like this, is this girl mad, she knows how money minded that lady can be, she left dad on his bad times, when there was shortage of money & loss in business & for her Sharon said no to such a loving person, that’s not right & she never told us about all this, just great

Rey : she was guilty Dii, she was really guilty, swayam’s ring is still with her, she loved him lot too, but she let someone else take the decision for her.

Om : I don’t understand one thing, why swayam stopped talking to you, he wasn’t angry with you about Sharon right , then why he ignored you

Rey : for hurting his sister, that’s another story jeeju leave it

Saumya : taani, swayam Bhai is really possessive about her
Rey : yeah, he is the over possessive & protective brother

Saumya: no, I know that but he looks after taani more than necessary

Sharon : I guess we are the reason of his that behavior, also then

Ishkara, Rey, shivaye, rudra, saumya were shocked to see Sharon standing there, they thought she was in her room

Ishana : what do you mean Sharon ??

Sharon : Rey said his story wasn’t connected with us, but it was, as Rey told you he loved kria & she loved him too, but her mom was against her passion for dance & their relationship, so when she got to know about kria having her own dance group & dating a dancer, she was angry & took kria away, she broke up with Rey , he was broken, the gang tried to cheer him up by trying to set him up with diff girls & Rey would become really angry on them, at that time taani entered our college, she was swayam’s little sister & was in love with Rey , when for the first time she proposed Rey, he rejected her , very harshly that too, well when rey is angry he looses his control & says things he regret latter, but then slowly slowly Rey started falling for taani, well there was jealousy & lots of drama in bw but, after sometime Rey confessed to taani & they were the it couple of our college.

Rey : still I hurted her many times, she was never my first priority & I took her for granted, I hurted her like this many times, bot giving her enough time but she would always understand me & cheer me up, she was always there for me & I was never there for her

Sharon : well, none of us were, we always treated her as swayam’s sister & that’s why she was a part of our gang, not because we considered her our friend but she always treated her as her friends, always listened to our problem, the real drift come among us during the time of NDC, she was GS of the college & was in charge of us during the competition, she would always remind us to practice for the competition, but we were busy doing our own shows & functions, we took ndc for granted & taani was angry about this, the gang started talking rudely to her & went against her, they would always taunt her about being non dancer, she was handling all our work alone & was very tired, so when she asked vp sir to appoint temporary ags, cs & acs, the gang again went against her, bad mouthing about her, even swayam didn’t support taani that time because the matter was about Sharon, but none of us were able to see the pain she was going through, none of us saw the comments against her on the next page, none of us saw how she was being compared to sharon, how her abilities were taken for granted & it was being said that it was because of me she was GS, she wanted to prove herself, but we never understood her, she became more dependent on Rey during those times,as he was the source of her emotional support, but we took it all in wrong sense, we thought she was separating us from Rey & Rey thought she was becoming too dependent on him, so we planned a fake break up , Rey broke up with taani, with my help , nothing was same after that taani was still the strict gs, she ordered us, talked rudely with us for our betterment but we taunted her, in front of her the gang used to say well done Rey you broke up with her you deserve someone better & what not..

Rey : but this didn’t hurt her but what hurt her was that the two most important person in her life also thought the same , she was hurt by me & swayam not supporting her

Sharon : but we all got the shock of our life when we were eleminated from ndc , here too taani supported us & proved that there was a biased judge in ndc, the judge was then changed & we were called back to ndc & we won the championship, we were so happy yet we forget about her & she also didn’t tried to be with us anymore, she had become a loner but still she supported us & always took our side, but when kria returned & as she was reys dancing partner & ex ags, the gangs taunt became more frequent on her saying the gs position belongs to Rey & all, she left the college, swayam was angry about this also, so he never again contacted anyone of us, not even kria his best friend.

Ishana : you guys were idiot, who behaves like this Sharon. I never expected this from you but I guess that lady has influenced you much more than dad

Rey : we were young & naive then Dii, we thought stardom & friendship everything then & see now we have both but we are carving for love now, we had realize our mistake long ago, even the gang we were so proud about is not together now, we all have our different fields & rarely meet

Om : I can’t say anything to you guys, as shivaye was same in college & rudra is too, always going after fame

Shivaye: I know om, we all made mistakes but we are not that fortunate to get a second chance, we have lost them

Rey : I think, there is still something missing taani was shocked when swayam announced the engagement

Shivaye: it means we still got a chance to win them back

Rey : well, you guys anyway have a chance till their wedding, but yes we do but ansh being swayam’s son, I’ve a big doubt, saumya when did you saw ansh for first time with swayam

Saumya: after Anika’s entry

Rey : then ansh is not swayam’s son, if it was so then he would have been with swayam from starting

Om : that means ansh is, om looked at Shivaye & all understood what he wanted to say…

Saumya : then let me call & ask Manik about it

Rudra : I thought you were not talking to Manik ( jealous)

Saumya : I was angry then I’m not now, I know why they hided it from me

Rudra : but why manik ??

Saumya just ignored him.

At Villa

Swayam was sitting alone in the dark room, his mind was not functioning properly, his mind was again & again talking him to her memories, their sweet memories, he wanted to forget so much, he still remember how badly broken he was when Sharon rejected him, he wanted to just shout & cry, but first he decided to leave this city, he had joined dance because of Sharon, because he loved her, he did everything for her only, he needed his little sister more than anything then, how strong their bond was, but he took it for granted, he forget about her, he never stood for her or supported her when the gang went against her, he stayed silently, he watched her broke, he knew about the fake break up plan & supported it because of sharon, was this his love for his sister, how could he face her but he wanted to meet only her then, he asked his dad & directly went to Goa to his little sister. She never blamed him, she was there to console him when he cried, she was there to encourage him, she was even making him understand Sharon’s pov, she was always there while he was not, her words spoke in teasing way had more deeper impact on him now that in front of Sharon, he is unable to see anyone, he had swore that day he would be always there for her & not let her heart break ever again, not ever

Swayam came out of his pov by a hand kept on his shoulder

Taani : Bhai, aap soye nhi, abhi tk

Swayam : neend nhi aa rhi,aap so jaiye

Taani : Bhai, try to forget the past, aap apne decision se khush nhi toh peeche hurt skte hai

Swayam : no, that’s not the matter taani, I’m afraid of it’s impact, I’ve many enemies & as the world will now know ansh as my son, he would be in more danger

Taani : but this thing is not alone troubling you right, you’re thinking about Sharon bhabi again right

Swayam : she is not your bhabi taani, and the memories won’t leave me, no matter how hard I try….

Taani : sorry bhabi, bolne ki adadt hai, humein aaj tk sirf unhe hi bulaya hai iss naam se na, but don’t worry Everything will be alright at the end

Swayam: I’m feeling as if I’m cheating her, being with Anika taani, even though we are over & Anika is my best friend, I’m still feeling as if I’m doing wrong

Taani : Bhai, you still love her, you were never over her, you never did any romantic series because of that, Bhai if you’re not ready for this then why don’t you tell this to Dad , he will understand so will Anika , you don’t have to do something you don’t want right

Swayam : taani, we never belonged in their world, our love was not enough for them & let it be & I can’t back off, Anika needs me, ansh needs me & it’s for dad’s happiness, I won’t let anything snatch their happiness

Taani: even if you lose yours in the process ??

Swayam : you’re the reason of my smile tanni & you’re always with me, so I’ll be happy always

Taani : Anika likes you Bhai, try to give it a chance also

Swayam : I don’t know Ani, our story is complicated

Precap : person : kill ansh & they will be broken, more than anything

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