loving you was red part 13

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Part 13

In the party

Swayam : you ok anika, I shouldn’t have left you alone, I’m sorry it’s my fault, only if I would have stayed with you, shivaye wouldn’t have came near you

Anika : swayam, I’m ok stop being so hyper, you couldn’t always be with me to protect me, I need to fight my battles, my demons you know that & as I told you I won’t let anyone hurt me, I’ve learned to built the wall from you & I’m not letting it down anytime soon

Swayam : so glad to hear that, now where is that crazy best friend of my

Anika : you’re talking about which one here yum (raising her eyebrows)

Swayam : hey don’t call me yum, only my son is allowed to call me that & then smirking I was talking about Manik, what else did you think ??

Anika : oh really or about me, I’m your crazy best friend right

Swayam : well, you’re my best friend alright but I was not sure about the crazy part yet but as yourself admitted you’re my crazy best friend then I think you might be
( anika glared at him hard & punched his chest playfully)

Swayam : oww…that really hurt

Anika : laughing shut up

Swayam : well, now my best friend is back, wanna leave this place I think this place has enough of us for one day

Anika : sure, but where are others ??

Swayam : I don’t know, I was worried when I couldn’t find you anywhere so, I rushed after u, well let me ask them ( on call, hey manik dude where are you ??? ughu alright we are coming there ready to leave this place)

Swayam : they are at the bar

Anika : are they drunk ??

Swayam : no, they aren’t silly, ansh is with them, they can be responsible sometimes I guess

Anika : you & your crazy thoughts, lets go

Swayam : my thoughts are not crazy, they are brilliant

Anika : keep on telling yourself

Near the bar

Manan, saumya& tansh were standing, well ansh was sipping juice & talking with tani who was smiling at his crazy talks while manan & saumya were busy admiring them when ansh ran back to manik

Ansh : chachu, I want more

Manik : as you wish buddy, so which flavor you want mango, orange, apple ??

Ansh : don’t know

Manik : why don’t we go there & then you decide which one you want ??

Ansh : yeah, lets go

Saumya : well, nandu, why ansh calls manik chachu ?

Nandini : because manik is like brother to swayam

Saumya : then you would be his chachi, right nandu

Nandu : ( blushing) saumya, there is nothing like that

Saumya : really nandu

Taani : nandu, saumya don’t start here gals, don’t forget the media, we don’t want to be in tomorrow’s newspaper right

Saumya : you’re a spoil sport tans

Taani : so, I’ve been told, guys look there is bhai & anika

Saumya : umm, so you guys are leaving

Taani : yes, you’re coming with us right

Saumya : yeah, I guess I’m

Taani : alright

Aniyam had just spotted taani & were coming to meet them, when a guy blocked anika’s pathway

Guy : look who’s here , the superstar anika, won’t you greet people like us miss

Swayam : get out of the way daksh, you’re creating a scene here ?

Daksh : look who speaks, who is she to you, stay away from this matter swayam

Anika : go away daksh, no need to create a scene here, swayam lets go, we don’t have time to waste on him

Swayam glared hasd at daksh but followed anika’s lead , they were to go away when daksh again blocked their way

As taani, nandu & saumya spotted the scene going out of hand & knowing her brother’s anger taani knew it’s not going to end good for daksh if she didn’t interfered soon, she ran towards them to stop the fight but on her way, she collided with someone & was about to fall, when a hand grabbed her waist, she looked up to meet the beautiful chocolate brown orbs looking down at her with pure concern & something else which she choose to ignore, she couldn’t look in those eyes not after all this years, but the case with the guy was just reverse he wanted to just keep looking in her eyes & the moment to freeze, after all she was in his arms with him, he was dying for this moment to happen but his happiness was short lived as she motioned him to straighten up her & as soon as she was back on her feet, she tried to move towards her brother but the guy held onto her hand

Taani : leave my hand , rey

Rey : not this time, taani

Taani : I don’t think you were rushing behind me here, so go after whom you were searching & let me go to my brother

Rey just remembered he was here rushing after Sharon but he couldn’t let taani go too this time, he was about to reply to her when next daksh words stop them both from arguing

Daksh : well, swayam aren’t you too much concerned about your mistress

Anika froze at her place, shivaye’s word come rushing in her mind while swayam anger reached his peak, he turned around & punched daksh hard

Daksh : wow, got really angry hearing the truth don’t you swayam, you know truth is bitter

Swayam : you, how dare you talk like that to her, you will regret this big time daksh

Daksh : oh, really then why don’t you tell who is she swayam, who is anika, I’ve only heared her name but who is she actually where she belong

Swayam : I don’t think I’m answerable to you daksh ( but daksh ques had done it’s work soon swayam was surrounded by paparazzi, repeating the same ques who is anika, some have even the guts to ask him directly is she his mistress , who is that boy with her )

With taarey

Taani : shit, it’s too late, what have bhai gotten himself into ( then glaring at rey, only if you hadn’t stopped me)

Rey : what, the hell that guy lost his mind, swayam really, he was more calm & mature than this, he didn’t jump in fights like this never

Taani : time changes everything , now this matter in media , they won’t let it slip

With aniyam

anika : you wanted to know who I’m, I’m Anika Rana ( it momentarily shocked every person present there, knowing rana’s power & influence, well lets just say no one was dumb enough to make them angry but still reporters have some job to do)

reporters : it’s so, why didn’t you say that before, whats your relation with mr sekhawat here, weren’t you married to mr oberoi ( well, that question hurt anika before she could reply swayam answered for one & all)

swayam : she is my finance, we are engaged & soon going to be married, she is a would be sekhawat bride & before you ask about the boy rumors, yes it is true he is my son & I hope it’s clear to everyone present here, because I don’t like repeating things & I hope, next time someone tried to misbehave with someone, you would be more interested in helping that person not interrogating them & believe whatever crap someone said now leave our way ( swayam spoke in a deadly calm manner & everyone there new, one wrong move & their whole empire is destroyed by this kings of beast, even the reporters new better than ask him anything further while daksh who was smriking till now watching them interrogated went deadly pale not only had he made an enemy out of an rana & sekhawat, he was foolish enough to think swayam won’t do anything but swayam deadly calm demeanor told another story, it was calm before storm, he just prayed to heavens that he would be spared this time)

but swayam never realized how many hearts broke with every single word he spoke, hearing swayam shivaye just wanted to believe it was a nightmare it wasn’t truth, fate was playing a very cruel joke with him, omru were heartbroken too , there dream of again being a happy family was looking so far away moreover it looked like there shivaaye bhaiya had lost an imp battle , Sharon was crest fallen as much as she wanted to believe there was still a chance for them to be together, there was still a chance for them to get their happily ever after it was all broken now, she remembered how swayam didn’t even spare her a last glance but could she blame him this time, rey was heartbroken knowing Sharon will be heartbroken by this news but looking at taani’s shocked face he was thinking there was still hope & some twist in the story, so he hoped that maybe at the end everything will become fine.

Aniyam left from there with swayam’s hand around Anika & well lost in his thoughts, while taani get out of reys grip & ran towards them, first she engulfed anika in a bear hug & told them to go outside she will bring manan & ansh. Swayam just nodded & went without uttering a single word making taani more worried about her brother than anything

Saumya : you knew about all this yet you all never told me anything they were engaged

Nandini : you were not here saumya & when you came ,you came with him , you knw what he did with anika still you bring him here

Saumya : leave it nandini, just simply say you guys never considered me your friend, you never trusted me enough & manic too I thought I was his best friend saying so saumya left ( nandini wanted to go after her but manic stopped her saying give her sometime while hugging ansh closed to him knowing media will go after him knowing he is swayam’s son, when taani reached there & motioned them to leave)

With aniyam

Anika : why did you do that swayam ??

Swayam : I did what ??

Anika : we were not making it public you know & you claimed ansh as you son, you know how many ques will be thrown on your character

Swayam : yes, but I just couldn’t let them talk rubbish about you, now pls anika don’t discuss about it, I’m tired just leave this topic ( he just didn’t explain how much his heart was hurting because of the sudden declaration, how much he was afraid of what will come next, yet he didn’t loose his calm this time, after sometime others reached there & they left from there)

With oberoi’s , at their place

As soon as they reached there room, Sharon went inside her room & locked the door, ishana wanted to after her but knew better than that she wanted to know the full matter first & turned to rey

Rey : it’s not swayam’s fault really

Ishana : then what is it, tell me fast

Rey : swayam was sharon’s bf when we were in college, he loved her, he really did but things never went the way we wanted too

Om : what did he do ??

Rey : he hadn’t done anything but we did

Ishana : how ??

Rey : well, your mom made things a little bit more complicated in our life

Ishana : what did, she do this time, that lady ( shivomru were shocked to see ishana so angry on her mother & wanted to know , where did this story leads them too)

Precap : taarey, swaron past relevations , aniyam engagement all over the news
Oberoi’s heartbroken, Rana’s happy, evil’s angry planning to eliminate swayam & much more

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