loving you was red part 12

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In shimla

Music fest opening

The place was crowded with thousands of people, in the dark night, in the open chilly night air but the environment was filled with cheers, joy & excitement, fans from the various parts of the country had reached here, to listen to their favorite singers, watch their fav choreographers , their super stars, so many known people at the same place, well you can guess how tightly packed the place was & how nervous the performers were, at the starting the new or rising stars performed towards the end of the show when the last & most famous people were left, the crowd was going crazy, you could hear the shouts of the name of Rey & Sharon, but like all the times this time they didn’t performed a duet, they did
solo performance

Rey danced on the song dil se re, the rhythm, the beats, the passion took the audience in a diff world, it was like a live story, a beautiful yet tragic story was played in front of them then come Sharon she danced on the song jiya re, filling the people with excitement & joy, forcing the people to dance with her, follow her lead, follow the rhythm & beat, she finished the sad & gloomy atmosphere

In the VIP seats

Rudra : ishana bhabi, aapki behen bohot accha perform krti hai, usne toh rudy ko bhi dance krne k liye force kr diya, kash rudy bhi stage pr jakr apna style dikha pata, girls would have gone crazy over my style & attitude, I could get more follower

Saumya : shut up rudy, do you even know the D of dancing

Rudra : you sumo wrestler, don’t start I dance better than you, you could not even dance like me

Saumya : have you ever seen me, dance then how could you say so

Rudra : means you want to dance in front of me, oh don’t worry sumo I won’t tell anyone how terrible dancer you’re

Saumya : you cry baby

Rudy : hey don’t call me that, you sumo wrestler

Rumya : you

Om : shut up, both of you, don’t fight here

Shivaye : ishana, Sharon dance really very well

Ishana : that’s her passion & she is following it

Om : rey is awesome too, his dance was like a poem, a very sad poem

Rudra : oh, you zulfi singh oberoi, don’t bring your peoms & shayri here too

Om : shut up rudra

Rudy : it’s becoming old, find another dialogue o

Before o could reply , the anchor began : so , guys did you enjoy today’s fest but it’s not over yet, it’s first time in the fest history & that D4 academy has decided to perform in this fest, so introducing you all to the superstars , so guys get ready to watch some stage wrecking performances
First it was mihar( mikahil & baby) who performed on janam janam song, making the crowd reach a romantic atmosphere , then swayam, harry, Mikhail, manik performed on the song pyaar mat krna, making the crowed laugh at their crazy antics, awesome moves & face expression then it was time for some singing as per plan sayam & anika sang phir bhi
tumko chahunga & the last performance was by taani, she sang aasan nhi yaha ashiq bn jana, finally making the crowed cry & ending the first day of fest.

Rudra : bhabi can sing ??

Om : I didn’t knew anika could sing, did u shivaye

Shivaye : no, I didn’t but why is she always with that sekhawat ??

Saumya : because they are patners & also on-screen couples

Ishana : where are Sharon & rey ???

Rey : we are here di, let’s go there is a party for the stars

Ishana : yeah, let’s go

Sharey, shivru & ishkara reached the party which consist of many known businessmen, celebrities & many other known faces, it was a place of glamour & show off, as sharey were big superstars all the people tried to interact with them while shivomru also were not left alone as who don’t know the oberoi’s so they were also the center of attraction but ishana was feeling left alone as all the girls were either giving her cold shoulders or telling her about the price of their dresses & all, she wished saumya was here for her company but as she is with D4 team she have to be with them, then again there was a strange hustle bustle in the party & everyone’s eyes were glued at the entrance , aniyam, manan with a little boy & sani ( saumya & tani were there). Swayam entered the party with anika on his one side & tani on the other while ansh was holding tani’s hand & looking at everything with curious eyes while behind them were manan & saumya like swayam manic also had nandini & saumya on either side of him, they entered the party like they ruled the place with so much of attitude & unlike others all of them were in a mixture of indo-western dresses.
Inside the party

Anika : swayam, I don’t want to be here, this place is giving me creeps

Swayam : me too sweetheart but you know why it is necessary

Anika : well, if we are stuck here then why don’t utilize our time in doing something good

Swayam : sure as you wish, wanna drink something

Anika : yeah sure ( they both were standing really close to each other, with swayam’s hand wrapped around Anika’s waist & were talking in hushed voices looking at them shivaaye was burning in jealousy & hell angry while omru’s mouth was hanging open in shock as anika never was like this in public)

Manik joining them, guys you should watch shivaye’s face , he looks like someone had punched him hard

Anika : that’s good then

Manik : but not best what we have got here, Ani baby wanna fry him alive ??

Anika : oh, I’m dying to do so manic baby ( they both broke out laughing hard as they were talking like those creepy evils in Tv shows)

Manik : well, looks like we could portray evil roles too

Anika : yeah, sure

Swayam : you two are crazy, where is tani, nandu & ansh ??

Manik : they were somewhere here only, ansh wanted to talk with his dadu, so they were talking to your dad I guess

Swayam : alright then, look there they comes

Taani : whats going on here guys?

Manik : well, we were thinking to fry shivaaye alive, wanna join in

Nandu : will love to join in

Ansh : fry whom ??

Taani : fries, ansh wanna eat fries ?

Ansh : no, daddy you know bui gave me choco-choco

Swayam : and no choco-choco for me, buddy ?

Ansh : well, I’ve saved some for you

Anika : ansh, you know your daddy is not here alone, you don’t want to give it to your mom

Ansh : mumma, it’s secret b/w me & daddy

Anika : dad’s chamcha

Ansh : daddy ( hiding behind swayam’s legs making all other laugh)

On the other side

Saumya : hey guys, are you enjoying the party ?

Ishana : I was missing you saumya, looks like this people forget I’m here also, they were so busy among themselves

Om : yrr, sorry na you had seen those girls have surrounded us & were not letting me walk to you

Ishana : yeah, sure

Sharon : sorry di

Ishana : it’s ok, so saumya now will you stay with us or back to them ??

Saumya : if they need me then I’ve to go ?

Shivaye : who is that kid with them, I’ve never seen him?

Ishana : yeah, he is so cute

Saumya : he is swayam’s son

Sharey : whaaaat, you got to be kidding me

Saumya : no, he is always with swayam & calls him dad, that’s mean he is his son only na

Rudra : you worked with them & you don’t know anything about them , how is this possible sumo

Saumya : simple, they don’t mix up their personal & professional life

Shivaye : I’m just watching that only ( looking at aniyam)

Behind them few girls were talking

Girl1 : they all are so odd

Girl2 : what do you mean by odd, look manik & swayam are so hot, I wish they were dating us or even ad worked with us, we would have been so successful then

Girl1 : you r right but no one knows about their relationship status, means in their team it’s not clear who is dating whom, see that girl saumya their cinematographer how she entered with manik, it’s like something is b/w them

Girl2 : yeah or otherwise how can fat girl like her, get a chance to work with those superstar, she must have done some great favors to them & that nandini is also always with manik, she is not that beautiful yet manik is always so protective & possessive about her, they control those guys

Girl1 : and that new girl anika, how fast successful she had become because of swayam, as swayam’s name is attached with her, no one knows their relationship yet she stays with swayam in his house, you know she even went with swayam to his farmhouse & stayed there, she always come to shoot with swayam’s driver, car, bodyguards & if there are late night shoots, she even shared vanity van with swayam, that girl & her cheap statics, I wish I was in her place

Girl2 : and looks like that kid is hers only & she is trapping swayam as he is rich & all, I don’t know how taani could allow it, she is his sister after all

Girl1 : anika became taani’s friend first, so hey look they are coming here, lets go & talk to them, maybe we could get any offer

Both girls : hi swayam, manik , you guys are looking so good

Swanik : hello, you both are looking great too

Girls : oh, thank you so much

Anini ( anika + nandini) :hello girls

Girls : hello sweethearts, you both are looking gorgeous

Anini : thank you so much, you both are looking beautiful too

Girls : your dress is so pretty

Anini : thank you, ugh swayam, manik , taani was calling you both, dad wants to talk to you

Swanik : oh, we will take your leave then

Anini : byee girls ( after they left)

Girl1 : byee girls , huh why can’t they leave them alone for sometime

Girl2 : leave it, lets enjoy the party

But unknown to them shivru, ishkara, sharey had heard their whole convo, while ishkara & sharey were disgusted , shivru were burning in anger & left from there

Anika was at an isolated corner of the party gazing at the night sky, when a hand held her hand & covered her mouth & drag her behind the party venue

Anika : what the hell shivaye, what are you doing ??

Shivaye : what I’m doing, what are you doing ?

Anika : what, have you gone nuts, what I’ve done now ??

Shivaye : why the hell are you staying with that sekhwat ??

Anika : and how that concerns you Mr oberoi, it’s my choice with whomever I live

Shivaye : have you ever heard what people are calling you, what people are talking about you

Anika : well, it doesn’t matter to me as someone had long ago said many things about me & its nothing new, but why do you care

Shivaye : why can’t you understand I love you anika, I can’t hear anything against you, stay away from that sekhawat, he is not good for you, he is father of a child for godsake

Anika : that doesn’t bother me

Shiavye : he is married

Anika : he is not & don’t worry about me, I know how to take care of myself, stay away from me

Shivaye : no, I can’t I love you & I can’t stay away from you

Anika : but I hate you & don’t want anything to do with it, stay away from me shivaye, leave me

Shivaye : no, I won’t ( coming more closer to her)

A voice from back I think she told you too back off , shivaye turned to find swayam there, shivaye was distracted because of swayam so anika pushed him back & ran towards swayam & held his hand

Swayam : let’s go & I won’t repeat again shivaye, stay away from her ( aniyam left from there but ishkara, sharey & rumya reached there)

Shivaye : damn, that sekhawat because of him, I lost my anika, he is not even letting her talk to me, I’ll kill him, I will destroy him, it’s all because of him, what the hell he thinks he is, because of him, people are pointing finger at my anika’s character, what the hell he wants to do, even anika is not stopping it, I won’t let him play with her feelings I’ll destroy him

Sharon : shut up, just shut up Mr Shivaye singh oberoi, what the hell do you think you’re, it’s all because of you then why are you blaming swayam, swayam wasn’t the one who threw anika out of oberoi mansion, swayam wasn’t the one who first questioned her character, swayam wasn’t the one who took the side of the guy who tried to rape her & accused her of being characterless, swayam wasn’t the one who faked being in love with her, then how the hell can you blame swayam, don’t drag him in b/w Mr oberoi, try to lay a finger on him & I’ll forget every damn reason, why I should not come in your path, stay away from swayam & stop blaming him for everything that went wrong.

( saying so Sharon stormed off their leaving shocked omru & ishana, who had first time seen her sister talk so rudely to someone)

Rey : Sharon, Sharon listen ( he tried to go after her but ishana stopped him)

Ishana : what’s wrong with her rey, my shar never talked in such a high pitch voice, what’s b/w her & swayam, why she always become sad hearing his name, what did he do to her ?
Rey : nothing di, he did nothing, I’ll tell you everything latter first I’ve to go after her or it will be not good & shivaye bhai you shouldn’t have put all the blame on swayam …………………

Precap : person : what is the relation of you two ??? who the hell is she to you that she lives with you

Swayam : she is my finance, my would be wife, we are engaged & he is our son, I hope everything is clear to you now, so it will be better if you don’t disturb us anymore

He never realized how many hearts broke with his single statement

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