Loving You (RagSanLak) – Intro – by Azure


Azure here. I have not started writing this, but let me know if you would find this interesting. If yes, I will post it here when I do. I plan to start with this end of July once I have good bit of Pride vs Prejudice out of the way. This is just a synopsis. It is not a prologue. Let me know what you think.

Meet Ruhi. Your ordinary girl next door, minus the ‘ordinary’ part! She is smart, stunning, sensible, successful – basically a lot of the good ‘s’! To everyone, she would have been the luckiest girl alive. There is, however, one major glitch – her love life!

Name: Ruhi Sethi
Family: Crazy enough to make her unsure of all of her ‘s’
First Love: Would have been perfect IF it hadn’t been DbA – ‘Dead before Arrival’
Current Status: Getting married in 10 days IF the wedding actually takes place!


Ruhi Sethi – Ragini
Sahil Tandon – Sanskar
Tarun Kakkar – Laksh

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  1. Snehahari

    nice intro

    1. Azure

      Thanks dear

  2. Interesting plot as usual and please continue azure di. We are always there to support you di

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much sweety…..and thanks for ur support …big hug ?

  3. Awesome

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much dear ?

  4. Mahima

    We Luv to read it…

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much dear….how have u been…missed seeing u ard

      1. Mahima

        Yeah, I’m all good…. Hbu ??? Believe me I won’t miss ur story…… I’m Lil struck with audit and company….. Kinda busy…. From nw ll make sure that u don’t miss me. ..

      2. Azure

        Oh dear…..audit can been so tiring…….years end must be so tiring for u ……take care dear….hope u r not stressing to much

  5. Lila

    Nice…are the pairs Ragsan??

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much dear…pairs are both Ragsan and raglak.both will have equal imp.

  6. Sonya

    interesting plot dear
    would love to read further
    really wanna know wt happened in her life
    im seriously going to hook to this story
    plz do continue

    1. Azure

      Thanks so so much Sonya…great happy to see that u r finding it interesting…I hope I can keep u interested as I start writting the story…..thx and lots of love

  7. Nice asusual…intresting plot plz continue dear:-*

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much pammy…….really happy u r finding it interesting ???

  8. Anjaly


    1. Azure

      Thanks so much anjaly ?

  9. Wow her love life is kinda a tumultuous area?
    Would love to read it, so do continue?

    1. Azure

      Hahaha…..yes it is…..and her family is crazy…added that to the mixup as well…..glad u r liking it sweety ??

  10. Azure akka no need to ask….ur story plot ill always b interesting…I’m waiting fr t start

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much sweety…yay! Glad u r liking it and finding it interesting. How have u been…missed seeing u ard ???

  11. PinkChocolate

    Hey Azure? Wow! Just 4-5 lines but how wonderfully you gave a gist abt her?? Lovely intro?

    1. Azure

      Thx so so much….glad u loved the intro…..hope u find her interesting when I start writting about her…big thx dear

  12. superb intro waiting for next part

    1. Azure

      Thx so much j…….really happy u liked the intro….will come back with chapters soon…big thanks

  13. Pavani

    Iam waiting…….

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much Pav darling ..big hug dear

  14. Nitu1992

    Azure.. eagerly waiting fofor ur new story

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much Nitu dear…..really glad u r liking it….will come with it soon…as soon as I have some more of pride vs prejudice published so that I don’t do injustice to either stories

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much dear ???

  15. Wud love to read any story from u.go on 😍

    1. Azure

      U r soooooo sweet …thx dear ….big hugs and loads of love

  16. Megha123

    Interesting. …..cant wait 4 first epi

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much Megha ??? will come back with it soon…..trying to get attest mid way with pride vs prejudice first so that I can do justice to both…..but promise I will come back with this one very very soon ????

  17. SPP

    It’s really interesting
    Don’t need to ask
    As always it would be amazing
    Please continue……..

    1. Azure

      Thanks so so much dear……this is slightly different genre and style if writting for me so wanted to check if the experimentation would be worth it ?…..big hug for all ur support always dear

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome dear

  18. intresting. plz continue..

    1. Azure

      Thanks do much ima….glad that u r finding it interesting

  19. Omg azure sis u r back… I really don’t know that pride vs Prejudice it’s ur ff.i will read when i get free time… nd abt this intro it’s very nice plz continue sis…

    1. Azure

      Haha yes i am back….cannot stay away from u guys ???? what can I say ?….thanks so much for liking the intro…..big hugs dear…..how r u?

  20. nice …plz start ….

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much dear…..I will start soon…promise ?

  21. Nice intro continue plss….

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much sherin. ….v happy u r liking this …big hug dear ?

  22. Nice intro

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much ammy…. ?

  23. Dafsi

    Lovely intro and excited I hope its gonna be rocking keep going Azure 🙂 🙂 All the best 🙂

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much dafsi…..v v v happy u liked and it was exciting for u. I hope to keep it rocking when I start to publish chapters… Thanks so so much for ur wishes….big hug and lots of love

  24. I always want a story with both heroes for Ragini and finally u r doing it. ??I have one such story too but couldn’t write it bcoz of some reasons.?? but l swear l will get highly confused in names

    1. Azure

      Haha…..yes she is the main and only female lead in the one……it is her story after all …..sorry about confusing you with the name dear……

  25. Awesome 🙂

    1. Azure

      Thanks dear ?

  26. Dii I heard.. That u r an amazing writer.. Till now I didn’t read anything.. Hope in future w’ll read.. But I have a small reqst I know you don’t like swasan so if u can plzz write ff on swalak.. If it is a one short I have no prlm.. I don’t know if you like swara or not.. If like plzz write .. If not OK no prlm

    1. Azure

      Hi dear…..thanks for saying that about my writting. Actually I like sanskar a lot that is why So many Ragsan stories recently. I used to like swasan and write about them….but I don’t find Swara’s charachter inspiring from a writers perspective anymore since her Adarsh bahu transformation. And after seeing so much bashing of non Swara fans, I prefer to stay away from her charachter. Sorry dear. Don’t mean to hurt you but I write just for my enjoyment….distraction from my work. And if someone is going to bash me because they don’t like some part of it….that doesn’t make it worth it.

    2. Its okk diii.. I can understand.. BT I’ll hope in future. If somewhere you find her character inspiring…. Happy to receive your comment…

      1. Azure

        Thanks so much for understanding dear….☺️?

  27. azureeeeeeeee diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………… i don’t know you r the writer of pride V/s prejudice………………oh my god.How did I miss reading that ff…I curse my self.so sorry I didn’t know that u r the writer of that ff….after reading ur 1st ff………..I have been waiting for ur next one…………..now I am free for next 1 month.i am gonna read that………and plz continue this loving you………..ff also….waiting for that………I hope u still remember me,nd my long essay wala comments…………..

    1. Azure

      Thanks so much sweety….of course I remember you…..and please don’t feel bad ….u can read my stories any time ? So no cursing for that …okay. And no sorry either. I hope us are having good holidays,…must be nice to have month long breaks…..I miss those now that I am working.

  28. Sitaram

    azureee di why should ask if we are interested each of you story is like getting so many chocolates together will make life more sweeeter you should know that we love you each fan fictions a lot really strawberry or blueberry or chocolate cheesecake hmm a bit confused on what i should name you ff as what do you think diii which is your favourite or is there something else ;D

    1. Azure

      I am trying a slightly new genre and new style of writting do wanted to check if the experimentation would be worth it….. Thanks so much loving my stories so much dear ….all of .you make me want to write more and more……haha I love all those things too….strawberry…blueberry…chocolates….and cheesecakes..lol! Name it anything it is okay……lots and lots of love to u dear ??

  29. Sitaram

    😀 😀 ;claps 😀 😀

    1. Azure

      Big big hugs dear

  30. Nce intro….aftr long tme am cmntng…Am nt using phne much..bcs of ramdan…I missed ur s nd all ragsan ff..

    1. Azure

      thanks so much dear….glad to see u here too….ramadan mubarak to you

  31. Nusz Khan

    Omg Omg!! I was waiting for a love triangle story of Ragini, Sanskar and Laksh aha.

    But it’s even better because their names are changed, I can’t wait for you to start this Fan-Fiction xx.

    You’re an awesome writer, keep smiling like always Hun aha.

    ~Nusz xx.

    1. Nusz Khan

      Also I finally posted the next episode of my Fan-Fiction xx.



      1. Azure

        just read it amazing!

    2. Azure

      hahah….thanks so much dear….yes i though about time she had a triangle 😉 all of the others have had it already. thanks so much for your lovely compliments about my writing dear….big big hug….hope ur fasting is going okay. take care

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