Loving you was a mistake – Prologue Part 1: The Oberois

Prologue Part 1: The Oberois

Shivaay’s pov
“I hate love, since the day she left me!” “She was the reason that I learnt how to live, to be carefree and she changed me for good.” (He doesn’t realise that he unknowingly is talking about Anika). “I don’t want to get married, but my mom is forcing me to marry Anika, because Tia ran away with her so called brother Robin!”
End of his pov

Sanskar’s pov
“Love is something very special, when you find your true love it changes you and it colours you within the colours of love, like me and my wife or like Shivaay and Anika!”
End of his pov

Omkara’s pov
“What is love?” “A question that I will answer with what I feel about it!” “Pyaar ek ehsaas hota hai, joh tume uski duniya me dhoobha leta hai, uske rang me rang leta hai aur tume paagal bana leta hai jaise Shivaay Anika ke liye hai par use kaun samjayega ki woh Anika se pyaar karta hai(love is a feeling, it drowns you into its world, you colour yourself with its colour and it makes you go crazy like Shivaay is for Anika, but who will make him understand, that he loves Anika).”
End of his pov

Amaal’s pov
“Pyaar ek junoon hota hai jisme logoon Paagal ho jate hai jaise Shivaay Anika ke liye hai(love is an obsession in which people get crazy like Shivaay is for Anika).”

Rudra’s pov
“Love is is just a joke, I will never get married or fall in with somebody, that’s what I thought before I met her, the love of my life and now I can’t live any second without her!”
End of his pov

Armaan’s pov
“I’m exactly like Rudra, I don’t believe in love, but now I do, because I dreamt about a girl and she looked like an angel, in her beautiful indowestern gown!”
End of his pov

Priyanka’s pov
“I read in books that love is something special between two people, but for me trust is more important than love!”
End of her pov

Swara’s pov
“I love my family and Shivaay bhai and Sanskar bhai the most, because they always pamper me and Prinku a lot, friends, singing and dancing!” “I and Prinku are twins, but not from the same mother, we were born at the same day.” “My mom is Pinky Shakti Singh Oberoi and Prinku’s mom is Jhanvi Tej Singh Oberoi.”
End of her pov

Ragini’s pov
“I don’t need to love anybody, I’m only here to take revenge from Shivaay Singh Oberoi for breaking my sister Anika’s heart!” “For my revenge only I married Sanskar Singh Oberoi!”
Eno of her pov

I hope you guys liked the prologue, until next time! Do you guys want it to be a ss or a ff?

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