Loving you was a mistake – Chapter 3: New entry (More about Shivika)

Chapter 3: New entry (More about Shivika)

Before starting the nect chapter, I would love to thank you guys for reading my stories, even comenting on it and I would love to thank the silent readers as well, do comment as well my dear Silentreaders
Now back to the story

Anika’s pov
I went to knock on Shivaay’s door and he opened it and said: “Tia please don’t disturb me right now and please go away!” “What the hell is wrong with Shivaay?” “He thoght that I’m Tia(?).” So I knocked again and he opened the door and asked me: “what are you doing here Anika?” “Dadi called you!” “Ok, I’m coming!” I waited for a minute, he came and then we went.
End of her pov

Oberois + Bose + Khurana(parents) + Shivaay and Anika’s convo
“I need to tell all of you something!” Shekher Khuarana said. “What is it Shekhu?” Tej asked and Janki replied back, while she winked at the others except for Shivika: “we found a perfect match for our Anika!” “Fhat the wuck!” Shivika said together and the rest smirked at eachother, because their plan is working. Anika looked like her whole world was on fire, she ran out of OM and Shivaay ran after her. The parents knew that Shivaay will handle Anika and it could be possible that the both of them will confess their feelings for eachother. “I hope that our plan works!” Dadi said and the others replied back: “it will!”
End of the conversation

Shivika’s convo
“Anika are you alright?” “How can I be alright Shivaay!” “I know Anika, but just meet him for once, it could be that he is perfect for you(I hope not)!” He said and she said: “ok, I will meet him!” Then they went back home and then Anika told the family that she is ready to meet the guy, which shocked the parents to the core, but they saved themselves by saying: “that’s great Anika!”
End of the conversation

The youngsters convo except Shivika and RagSan
“How can Anika say yes in meeting someone else?” A confused and hurt Om said. “No, that actually was our plan with our parents to bring Shivaay and Anika closer!” Ishana said. “But the question is, if our had worked it’s magic!” Priyanka said. “No, it didn’t!”
Jhanvi said. “Fhat the wuck!” The youngsters shouted. “Calm down guys we elders have another plan!” “What is it?” “Ok, I’ll tell you!” Muted plan conversation and everyone left the room with a devilicious smirk, because this time they wanted that their plan works.
End of their convo

The whole night Shivaay was thinking about Anika, somewhere deep down in his heart he was upset that Anika was getting married to someone else than him, he then got up from his bed and walked to the balcony down the hall and there he met an upset Ragini.

ShivRag’s convo
“Even you can’t sleep am I right bhabhi!” “Oh, hey Shivaay!” “Why are you upset?” He asked her and she replied back: “I should ask you the same question!” “Why are you saying that Bhabhi?” “Because it hurts you to see Anika di getting married to someone else!” “No, you are wrong, I’m not in love with Anika, because I … love …. Tia!” He stutered the last words and then he went leaving a confused Ragini.
End of their convo

The next morning Anika was shocked seeing……
Who is the new entry?

What’s happening to Shivaay?

Will the plan of the elders and youngsters work or not?

What are the Kapoor’s planning to do?

Why was Anika shocked seeing that person?
Author’s note
“For my dear readers, I don’t know how to say thank you to you guys, but today I will say you guys are mindblowing, fabulous, fantastic, awesome and you guys are my motivation!” “Until next time guys, stay blessed, be unique and never change yourself for someone, because you are beautiful the way you are!” “If you guys haven’t read my stories, so here is the link to my profile!”
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“The Copyright of this story belongs to me and if you copy paste it, then I will personally kick you where it hurts the most?.”
End of Author’s note

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