Loving you was a mistake! Chapter 13: The engagement!

Chapter 13: The engagement!

Hello my lovely Twistinians, the queen of twists and twist ki dukaan is back?
Rudra’s pov
“Aaj rona hai mujhe(I want to cry today).” “Kyunki aaj mere bhaiya ki hai saaghai hai(Because it’s my brother’s engagement today).” “Saare dil ki armaanon tuth gaye(All the desires of my heart has broken).” “Kab samjhega yeh Stone Singh Oberoi kise pyaar karta hai(When will this Stone Singh Oberoi understand who he actually loves).” I said this shayari, while I was crying. “Shut up Dumbell Singh Oberoi!” “Did I say something wrong?” I asked, while I was scared and Armaan naughtilly answered back: “it’s a mistake that you exist!” “Mr. Gorilla that was very rude!” An angry Sam said to my bro. “I’m sorry Rudy and Sam!” “Don’t talk to me!” She said, then she stormed out of the room and Armaan behind her.
End of his pov

Shivaay’s pov
“What happened Rudra?” “Nothing bhaiya!” “Really, then why is Sam angry at Armaan?” “Because he said that my existence was a mistake!” “He is such an idiot!” Om said. “Yup!” The rest agreed to him. “Guys its time for the engagement!” Prinku said. “Where are ArSam?” Nidhi asked. “Sam is angry at Armaan!” Robin said. “What why?” “Because he said something to Rudra and that was rude!” “Rudra bhaiya, I’m saying sorry from the behalf of my jeeju!” “Jeeju?” We all asked Nidhi and she said: “Sam loves Armaan jeeju!” “What?” “Yeah!” “Really that’s fantastic!” I said.
End of his pov

Anika’s pov
Tia and I were in the same room, but we didn’t talk to eachother, until an angry Sam came in and behind her an upset Armaan. “What happened guys?” “He was rude to Rudra bhaiya!” “But I said sorry!” “You are such an idiot Mr. Gorilla!” “Really miss. Gorilla?” He asked her, while he smirked at her. “Lovebirds stop your romance for now!” Amaal said. “Bhai!” “Jeeju!” “It’s time guys we have to go down!” Tia and I pulled our veils down, then we went down.
End of her pov

Sam’s pov
We came down, Armaan was walking beside me and he tried to hold my hand, but I didn’t let him. I smirked at him evilly, he was shocked and looked me like his eyes will pop out of his sockeys right at this moment. “Hihihi, you look so cute like this with your eyes poping out of your sockets!” “Laugh as much as you want!” He said and know my eyes poped out of my sockets. “Hahaha baby you look so cute right now!” He said. “Baby?” I shouted out loudly and everyone looked at us angrilly. “Shut up both of you!” Mrs. Kapoor said and she looked like she would kill us, so we both held eachothers hand.
End of her pov
Armaan’s pov
“Mrs. Kapoor is so scary!” I whispered into Sam’s ear and she agreed with me. The engagement started, suddenly the lights went off as per plan. Shivaay took Anika’s hand and made her wear this ring.

The it was Robin’s turn and he made her wear this ring.

After the engagement was done, the girls exchanged their places and Mrs. Kapoor thougt that her plan was working, but actually it failed miserably.
End of his pov
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