Loving the impossible: twinji ff (intro)

Summary: two unlikely people come together, learning and growing. One with a secret while another yarn for love. Will they be able to move on from this or continue to stay in the past.


twinkle; average working women, raising her daughter. She married at a young age and lost her husband as well. Her parents asked her to go on a date but she told them she wants only one man and that’s yuvraj.

kunj; a happy person keeping a secret. He tries to help twinkle have the courage to ask yuv out, but ends up falling in love with her cute nature. That is something that cannot happen.

Shana; model yuv living with

yuvraj; he is always working, and caring for others. His family may not like twinkle but he doesn’t care. After all his not part of their war.

rubina; daughter of twinkle

This will be a sad twinji story so please give it a try even if the ending is sad.

I cant tell you much but its kinda baste of one of sharukhan movies but at the same time different. Thats why it will be sad.

Credit to: Kk


  1. Shreya

    Well its really unique… And since u have already impressed me with ur writing so I’ll definitely give it a try…all d best….. I find d concept quite interesting which is asking me..hey come and read me…lolz

  2. Fatarajo

    Wow interesting uusually I hate sad endings but would love to read this btw is it inspired from kal Ho NA Ho or some other movie

  3. Sayeeda

    Though I don’t love the ff or even movies with sad ending…. but ur ff intro is impressive nd compelling me to read it nd yah I promise u that I will read it nd be a regular commentator of ur ff in same manner as I’m for others..
    All the best….looking forward to next epi

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.