Loving the impossible: twinji ff EPs 9

Precap: twinkle while working, building caught on fire. Causing her to get stuck. Kunj finding out race to go and save her.

Chapter 9

When kunj reached the area. He quickly enter the building, searching everywhere for twinkle. His heart was pounding. He Dodge one of the woods that was about to fall from the ceiling and couphin when he inhale the smoke.he calls for twinkle, asking where she was, but he got no respond. On the other hand, twinkle open her eyes hearing a shout. She scream saying please help me.

Her vision was blurry, and she was stuck. She couldn’t move her legs because something hit it. It wasn’t long before kunj knocked down the door, and saw twinkle. He sigh with relief. Twinkle could only see the shadow of the person. His face was blurry, she says ” please save me” before fainting

Kunj quickly pulls her and lift her up. He wince when the fire touch his back. He kept walking even when his wound was hurting him. Jut looking at twinkle with so much love. When he stepped out, everyone ran to him. He saw yug and he asked if Twinkle and him we’re OK. He nods ” her legs need to be taken care of, but other then that she’s fine. Just unconscious ”

He hand over twinkle, and starts to couph. Yug asks if he was fine, he says yes, and starts to walk away. Luckily it was dark so no one notice his injury on his back. When he reached his house, he rang the bell and fainted. Shana opening screamed when she saw him. She quickly bought him inside, to tend to his wound.

Three days later, twinkle was doing good. She was up trying to scratch her legs. She stop when she recall what happend. That night. When she saw a figure , which she said was kunj. Her heart race just thinking of him. She touched her chest, while telling her heart to be quiet. Just then kunj walks in, making her blush. She quickly look away, so he wouldn’t notice her red face. Kunj sat next to her, he askes if she was doing fine.

Twinkle told him she can’t go anywhere, she’s stuck like glue. Kunj laughs ” that’s a good thing for you, since you cause so much problem ”

Twinkle pouts. ” says Mister hero”

” hero?”

” yes, I know you saved me from the fire, a-and i-i just want to say thank you” she blurted hideing Her face

Kunj didn’t say anything. He asks if she ate. She shook her head. Kunj told her he will be back. When he was gone, she remove the cover from her face, and smile. I love Kunj. I can’t believe it took me that long to realize. I need to tell him. While thinking of this her foot starts to itch again. She tried scratching it, but it wasn’t helping. Getting an idea, she tried removing it. Thats how Kunj notice her, Kunj told her not to remove it.

” but it itches” she wine

Kunj sigh and puts her fruits and snack on the table ” give me your leg”, confused twinkle complied. Kunj while sitting down, starts to massage it, causing the itching to stop. Twinkle told Kunj that feels nice. Kunj told her to eat. While eating, twinkle stare at Kunj capturing every feature of his face. Kunj look up feeling her eyes, and she almost choked on her fruits.

She cough, and Kunj stop. He got up and sat beside her ” drink” he says putting the bottle on her lip. They once again stare, both heart racing. Twinkle held his hand and drank from the bottle.once done, she thank him. Kunj was bout to get up when she calls his name. He turn just in time to see twinkle lips on his. Twinkle move back watching his surprise face ” what was that for?”

” that’s for helping me” she says before hiding under her covers. Kunj touched his lip before smiling, ” so you did this to everyone that came to visit? ”

” no just you” she mumbles, but Kunj heard. He laughs before calling her cute. He got up to leave, saying goodbye. As soon as he left, his head starts to hurt again. He held onto a wall, breathing hard while saying ” not now” before walking off

a week later twinkle was doing better. Shes been coming over kunj house every time shes not busy, surprising him with food. He would ask why shes doing this , and her response would be ” its my debt to you”

and so the next day Shana tease him saying twinkle is his wife, and now she will take her responsibility of watching him. Kunj told her , that can not happen. He says he will keep her as a second wife, to annoy her until he dies. Shana laughs , she told him to turn over so she can look at his wound. For some reason, it still won’t heal. Its still fresh like the first time, she saw it. Sad, she told Kunj to take his shirt off. Kunj says ” are you gonna molest me”

When he said this, she hit the back of his head. She told him to lay down, while she get the medicine. When she came back, she starts applying, causing Kunj to scream. She told him to hold on. Meanwhile twinkle was about to ring the bell on Kunj house, when she heard sounds like ” go easy on me”

” don’t put it their”

” is it my fault it’s painful ”

” Shana, I don’t like this position, let’s try another”

” you wanna do it from behind? ”

” I think that’s less painful” he says

” I think that’s enough, I’m tierd”

” let’s just wrap this up, before we have to start again”
” your right” she says

Thats all twinkle heard, before she explode. She was mortified. She didn’t want Kunj to have any intimacy with any other girl, but her. Out of anger, she broke down the door, and enter. Their she saw Shana, hand on Kunj naked chest, while her saree was half to her shoulder. Kunj was holding her hand, basically glaring at her, but twinkle didn’t see that.

They both look at twinkle confuse. Twinkle was burning with jealousy.

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