Loving the impossible: twinji ff EPs 7


Note: anyone guessed the movie yet, if not this should give you another idea.

Last time: Twinkle allowed kunj to work for her, their they helped decorate the building. Things became interesting when Twinkle invite them to the club. to loosen her up, he made a vet with Twinkle which she couldn’t back down. Now let’s see how things unfold: )

Chapter 7

Part 7

Twinkle walk back to kunj and drank the drink he was holding. Kunj protested, but she ignored him. She walk to Yuv who was about to ask her where everyone was, but stop when she told him to dance with her. While walking, Twinkle could already feel the alcohol affect kicking in. She could hear the song playing. It wasn’t to fast and it wasn’t slower either, it was just right. She move her waist in circular motion causing making Yuv shiver, feeling the friction on his region.

Twinkle got back up, touching him before blowing on his neck. Kunj seeing this cheer for her, he was approached by a beautiful girl who asked to dance. Not wanting to be left behind, kunj drag the girls to the dance floor. Twinkle notice this and frown. She watch as kunj allow the girl to touch his shirt that was half way open. He turn to look at Twinkle before smirking. Twinkle turn away from him and continue seducing kunj.

Both male turn their female causing them to get lost in the crowd. Twinkle landed on kunj while the other girl on yuvraj. Surprise both kunj and Twinkle stare at one another, having a staring contest. The song suddenly changes making kunj smile. He place his hand on Twinkle back while hers on his shoulder.their free hands met before they started dancing. They we’re unaware of how perfectly sync they we’re. Twinkle could feel the heat radiating between them, the sweat running down kunj side gliding down his skin.he turn his body to the tune , and yet their was fire by the way he dance.

Twinkle didn’t care at the moment because her heart was about to explode into millions of pieces. The way he was moving was making her body hot, she just never knew he could move like that. He pulls her closer making her feel his hot breath on her cheek while he tower over her. He kept his eyes on her the whole time, he squeeze her hand slightly, and smile before spinning her around making her land on yuvraj.

” where did you go,Twinkle?”

Twinkle stare at him before moving with him. ” I was lost in the crowd”, she said

Kunj while walking to his table felt pain in his head it , he staggers back and decides to leave to get fresh air. While walking he bumped into some people, ” hey men, are you OK”

” watch where you going ”

Kunj ignored them and step out. He held onto the wall, shaking before collapsing on the floor. A young girl about to enter the club saw him and scream. She quickly ran to him, shaking him before calling the ambulance. When they arrived they took him to the hospital and operate on him.

It wasn’t long before Shana ran inside, asking to know what’s wrong with him. The doctor told her that kunj has brain tumor. Shana gasp, she couldn’t believe this, she desperately ask the doctor how far along he is. ” he’s on his last stage, sadly we can’t cure him. Its gotten to big, it won’t be long before he starts forgetting things, and slowly die.

Shana sat down, shock. She didn’t realize tears we’re coming out. She asked if she could see her friend, and he told her kunj is still unconscious. He will be awake tomorrow. She told them she will wait.

The next day she walk into kunj room, to see him looking out the window, ” kunj are you alright?”

Kunj turn when heard his name. He look at her confuse ” do I know you?” He says

Shana drop what ever she had and ran to his bed, asking him question and crying. Kunj smile before cracking up. This confuse Shana, ” calm down yeah… I’m fine, theirs no way I will loose my memories”

” kunj this is serious, you shouldn’t joke like this” she says

Kunj pull his ears apoligetically, ” sorry..yea, I was just trying to lighten the mood.”

” why didnt you tell me you , had cancer?”

” it wasn’t important” he says

Shana frown ” kunj this is serious, it’s no joke. Your on your freaking last stage”

Kunj told her to calm down, he says this all happen because he fell in love. This confuse Shana, ” what are you talking about?”

Kunj sigh before looking at his hand ” I’m not really human Shana”

Confuse she says, ” of course you are”

Kunj shook his head, ” no I’m not, I look human because it’s a disguise, I had to blend in for my assignment”

Shana now sitting down, frown ” this is crazy kunj, I think your getting sick.” She says

” listen, if I tell you my story, please don’t tell anyone. Especially twinkle”

Shana could see the desperation in eyes, she sigh before agreeing. ” fine explain ”

Kunj smile, ” like I was saying earlier, I’m not a human… but instead I’m an angel” , kunj could hear gasp from Shana, he nod, before looking out the window.

Meanwhile, Twinkle woke up with a hangover. She didn’t know what she did, last night. All she knew was, she danced with Yuv. This made her blush and roll around in her sheets. Rubina brought her tea saying dad I thought she might need it.

She thank her, smiling like a pysco. But she soon stopped and spit her tea out when she realize she danced with kunj too. ” this is so embarrassing, what should I do, she thought thinking.

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