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Note: thanks everyone for the comments, we had a storm and my internet not working, I had to go to my sister house to use her internet. I’m sure you all know the movie by now, if not this chapter should give it away: )

Last time: Kunj tricks yuv and Twinkle, letting them spend time together. Twinkle found a place for her store, leading to an argument with Kunj. They we’re encounter by thugs, and Kunj beat them up. Now let’s continue

It was another day, the newspaper boy throw the paper on the ground, landing between two house’s. Leela walk to the paper to pick it up, only for Anita to grab it too. They both glare at one another, calling each other names. Lea calls her ugly, Anita scoff and calls her a pig, they went at it for a while before they heard a voice. They both turn to see Kunj on his window. He told them they shouldn’t fight, their both to pretty to nag, and if they continue like that they will start showing wrinkles.

Anita gasp, Leela says he’s right, they both smile at Kunj, Leela offers him breakfast, but Anita told him he doesn’t have to eat her poison food and for him to come to her house. Kunj laugh nervously … wondering if he should leave. Just then the door opens. Twinkle yell at them for being to loud in the morning. Yuv opens as well, he turn to see Twinkle and wave. Twinkle shly turn away to embarrased. She froze when she heard kun talk. ” sleeping beauty nice outfit ”

Twinkle look down and turn red, after realizing what she was wearing. She could hear Kunj laughing, but she ignore him and walk in side slamming the door. Kunj laughing mumbles cute under his breath. Few hours later, Twinkle left the house, when she reached the store. She grab a paint and gave it to all her workers. She told them they can’t just leave it to the construction crew to do all the work.

She told them to change and they all changed to white overall. Well except Twinkle. She was busy looking over documents. The coworkers complain about her not doing anything, Kunj Thought it wasn’t fair either. He shush them with his hand, and turn his music on. Their he puts the volume all the way up, Twinkle surprise turn to shout at who ever did it, when she was hit with paint.

Kunj smile before apologizing, he said he isn’t see her their and he was just trying to make the place fun. Twinkle was beet red, she told him, the place is a working place, it’s not a place to goof around. Kunj sucked his teeth, he puts one hand on Twinkle shoulder while holding the brush with his other hand. ” live a little Twinkle, your so boring, yah”

“Yeah mam, take a chill pill ” rubina says walking in with her grandma. Confuse Twinkle asks what they we’re doing here, leela says Kunj invited them over to help paint. Twinkle stares at Kunj, who was putting paint on his brush. Twinkle pulled him aside asking if he’s gone crazy. Kunj says no, she says he had no reason to call her daughter out in this part of town.,

” relax twinkle, it’s more fun when you have a lot of people to help out ” he says, he move the brush makibg the paint hit twinkle in the face. He apoligized, and ran before twinkle explode. Twinkle ran after him, with paint. Kunj tries making excuses about the paint on her face, twinkle calls him a list and throw the paint. Kunj ducks and it hits leela. Leela laughs before saying this is war.

She grabs the paint and tries to put it on twinkle, this allowed Kunj to run to the others. Twinkle ran around the hall trying to avoid her mom. She saw rubina calling her and walk up to her, she stops when she realize rubina had something in her back ” my own daughter trying to betray me” she says

Rubina pulls out a paint gun, twinkle asks where she got that, and she says Kunj. Twinkle tricks her and ran, unaware of Kunj running away from his coworkers. They both collide with each other, Twinkle hands on his chest while Kunj holding her shoulder, they both look at one another ignoring their surrounding. Suddenly Kunj pulls her to him and hugs her tight. Twinkle was surprise when he turn around covering her with his whole body.

She heard one of his coworker curse before running with a paint gun. Which she made a note to ask Kunj about it. She looks at Kunj, who was just holding her. She was tempted to tell him to let go, but he says one minute, that’s all he needs. And so they staid like that, until they both heard the door open they turn to see yuv walking in and staring at them.

Twinkle turned red. She quickly pushes Kunj and greets yuv.Kunj frown at first, but smile as well. It wasn’t long before they all finished painting. Twinkle was happy the shop looks better from before she thank everyone before telling them they can go home.

Couple of weeks later, Twinkle store has been getting popular, everyone has been busy, no time for talking it wasn’t until the end of the week that Twinkle decides to celebrate their accomplishment. She told them to meet at the club, they got the information before leaving. When the day came, they all we’re seated at the v.I.p section. Kunj was busy talking to the girls, while they wait for Twinkle. ” what’s taking her so long yay”

” I know, I’m going to go dance” one of the guys said

The other girl we’re about to as well, until they stop mouth wide open. ” is that Twinkle?”

” she is hot, yay” one guy says

Everyone turn to look at the direction. To see a beautiful girl wearing tight red dress with black pump heels. She walked with confidence, flipping her hair from side to side. Some of the guys we’re drooling while others whistle. She walk over to them before saying hi. Kunj was impressed , but he didn’t show it. ” isn’t it to late to be dress up for halloween

Twinkle hearing this got mad, but she took a deep breath and calm down. She walk to the chair and sat down, Kunj was about to when three girls walk up to him. ” hey s*xy, care for a dance” one said

” yeah come” one girl said dragging him to the dance floor.

Kunj smile, he turn to Twinkle and said he will be back, before walking happily to the floor. Twinkle frown, from her seat she was boiling with jealousy. She grab one of the cups and drank what ever was in their, Not knowing it was kunj. She kept staring at Kunj direction while drinking. ” what’s so special about those girls, their not even pretty.” She mumbles

Some guys walk to Twinkle, and sat next to her. They tried flirting with her, but Twinkle ignore them. When she saw the girls putting their hands on Kunj she drank some more. She turn to one of the guys asking if she was pretty. They said she’s not pretty, but gorgeous. Twinkle smirk, but frown once again, she says then why is that silly desi dancing with those girls. The guys turn to look at Kunj, they told her not to worry about him, and have fun.

” fun?… right” she mumbles, when she saw one girl about to kiss Kunj, she pulls one of the guys to her and laugh out loud, while touching him. Grabbing Kunj attention, the guy didn’t know what he said to make her laugh so hard, but he will go along. He touch her legs, while saying let’s dance. Kunj seeing this excuse himself and walk over to Twinkle who was a little drunk.

” excuse me, she’s taken” he says

The two guys stare at Kunj, .” Your her boyfriend? ”

” boyfriend, is a little plain. I’m her future husband. And you know how big that is. So I will give you three seconds to leave, if you don’t I will have to show you all the tricks I learn from the army to hurt people” he says smiling while cracking his arm.

The guys scared told him to relax. They we’re just leaving, once they left Kunj sat next to Twinkle he asks if she was OK. Twinkle pouts and starts ranting about Kunj, she says why he scared her friends. They we’re having fun. ” no Twinkle, they wanted to do more then dance ” he says

” really, like what?” She says innocently, Kunj thought she looks cute, staring at him with her big eyes. Her mouth a little open. Her hair messy from all the touch ups she did, and her skin looking smooth. ” this” he says pulling her for a kiss.

It wasn’t just any kiss, it was the kind of kiss that will blow your mind. Twinkle brain wasn’t functioning, she has never been kissed like that. Ever since her husband died, I mean…yes Kunj kissed her, but it was just pecks. This was a little different. If only she wasn’t tipsy, then she wouldnt be kissing sloppily.

Kunj broke the kiss, and told her he will be right back. He walk to the bathroom and splash water on his face. He stare at himself, but stop when he felt pain in on his head. He held on to the sink, waiting for the pain to go away. ” why, what is this” he says breathing hard.

Suddenly he got a call. With heavy voice he says hello, the voice told him, he broke a rule, and because of that he has to face punishment. Kunj says he didn’t break anything, the voice says he is not pleased Kunj. You we’re only suppose to complete your mission, but your doing the opposite. Now you will be punished.

Kunj tries to argue and plead, the voice staid quiet for a while before asking if he was in love. He told Kunj they know if he’s lying. Kunj nod, he says he likes her very much. The voice sadly says ” you know we’re not allowed to love, Kunj what have you done”

” I don’t know how it happend, OK”

The voice sigh ” this is his finally decision, now you will have to face whatevery comes at you”

Kunj sadly hangs up, before fixing himself. He says this sucks, before heading out. He walk to the bar, and grab water before handing it to Twinkle. He smiles, and told her to drink. When she did, she realize it wasnnt just water, but something strong in their too. ” thanks” she says feeling a lot better

” Kunj about the kis-”

” since we’re both not having fun, let’s make a bet hmm” he says

” what kind of bet?”

” it’s not extreme or anything. Its just to loosen you up”

TwinkLe thought about it, before saying OK. Kunj says it’s simple ” I dare you to seduce the first person that walks to the door” , Twinkle with confidence says no problem, she stood up and told Kunj to watch and learn, but her confidence soon disappear when she saw yuv.

Kunj smirk, he knew yuv would be the one. After all he called him. He sadly looks at Twinkle before smiling cokily. ” what’s wrong Twinkle, cold feet” he says

“N..no way, I will do it, but you will have to dance with the girl that caught your eyes” she says

Surprise Kunj chuckles ” done, no problem”

Both parties look at one another determined. Neither backing down.

To be continued……..


Twinkle drank a lot before making a move on yuv. He spun her around and she landed on Kunj. They both had an eye lock, before Kunj dance around her, and Twinkle playfully hits him. She flip her hair while dancing, making it hit Kunj before walking to yuv. Kunj watches her go, heart pounding.

” hey men are you OK”

” someone call an ambulance”

” what’s wrong with him?”

” please don’t say anything ”

A building is on fire, someone cries for help. A men race in to save that person, while people scream and cry for them.

Credit to: Kk

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