Loving the impossible: twinji ff EPs 5


Note: seems like you guys haven’t figure out what movie I’m using. Someone said it earlier, but I want the rest to figure it out. Some of the scene from the story is not in the movie,I wasn’t planning on making it obvious 🙂

Precap: Kunj and Twinkle got into an argument over a job leading to the family getting involve. With convincing, she hirers him,but gets jealous seeing him flirt with coworkers. Now let’s continue

Chapter 5

Yuvraj was sitting near the grass, waiting. He check his time, but still the person he was waiting for wasn’t here. ” maybe I should go” he says, suddenly he heard a shout. He turn to see Twinkle, running towards him, she stops out of breath. ” sorry I took so long?” She says confusing him

” what are you doing here?”

Twinkle confuse says ” you send me a message saying to meet you ”

” I never send you a nessage”

” then if you didn’t, who did?”

Suddenly they both thought of one name, Kunj. Yuv told her since their all ready here, they might as well eat and walk around. Twinkle blush, and stutter, she says OK and followed him. Meanwhile, Kunj sneeze while drinking his coffee, Shana asks if everything was fine, he says yes. Elsewhere, They finally got to talk, it wasn’t much but it was progress. While they we’re passing buildings, Twinkle eyes caught something. It was an old building, near the bus station. The view was good for people to see it ” this is perfect ” she says

” what is?” Yuv ask

Twinkle just smile secretively, before walking pass it with Yuv hot on her trial.

The next day Twinkle and her coworkers we’re standing outside, watching the run down building. ” this is it, guys , this is where the store will be” she says

Kunj confuse says ” this place is unsafe, you sure having a store here is a good idea”

” of course, It is. This is a good opportunity to observe and analyze what people are into, and to see how I can improve my line”

Twinkle open the door and told them to follow her. ” Twinkle, I don’t think this is the best way to run a business ”

” Kunj, are you the boss here… no… so be quiet.”

She look at each of them, before saying they have a lot of work to do. She showed them where things will be and how she already ordered desk and cash register. She says the tailor will be at the back in case someone wants a specific item made or reajusted. Once they measured and got what they needed, they left the building.

” wow, look at that hottie” one guy says coming closer To twinkle. Kunj jokingly says he doesn’t see any s*xy girl here, Twinkle hit him on the chest and he laughs. The guy touch Twinkle hand, making her uncomfortable, Twinkle told him to let go, but they only laugh.

She look at Kunj asking for help, Kunj says ” your the boss, you have everything undercontroll ”

” what are you saying Kunj” she nervously said

” you said to be quiet, so I won’t say a word”

The men smile happily, before signaling his friends to surround them. Kunj stood their doing nothing, the leader tease her saying even her boyfriend don’t want to help her. Kunj says ” we’re not dating ”

” that’s even better yah” he says, he pull Twinkle to him and told his friends to take care of them. They smile with their weapons , Twinkle told the guy to let Ger go, she kept struggling calling for Kunj. One coworker grab her phone to call the police, but the guy throw a rock, hitting her in her hand. The girl drop the phone wincing before backing away. Kunj wasn’t even paying then mind. He was just staring at where Twinkle was last scene.

One guy teases him calling him names, he didn’t like the fact that Kunj wasn’t scared at all. He decides to attack the same time Twinkle came running back. ” I’m sorry Kunj, you we’re right, this place is to dangerous ” she scream, the leader angry told her he won’t let her go this time. Kunj smile saying ” that’s all I wanted to hear”

He grab one of the guys and twist his arm. Before switching legs to kick the next guy. He duck when the men swung the weapon and jab when he was open. He calls the leader a pig, before saying Twinkle must have did a number on him, that means his not really tough since a girl can ascape. Him. The men angry attacks Kunj with a knife, Kunj side step, blocking it with his hand. Twinkle felt guilty seeing his HanD bleeding, she says his name, and he told her she can be emotional later.

He told the guy, he drew blood from him. Now see how I draw blood from you ” he jump in the air with his hand out before hitting him with his elbow. The men fell on the floor, holding his nose. Kunj walk up tobhim, but the men move away, before running. Once he was gone, he turn smiling asking Twinkle if she was all right, but stop when he realize she was watching him with dreamy eyes.

” hello, Twinkle” he says snapping his finger

She snap out of it and ask if he was OK, Kunj says yes. He look at the coworkers asking if they we’re good, they nod, but they soon surround Kunj calling him cool and complementing him for his bravery. They ask if his hand was OK, and one even touch his hand making tWinkle jealous. Kunj laugh saying the wound isn’t on deep, he will be fine. Twinkle jealous cross’s her arm, she says “he gets all flustered with those girls, but when I ask him if he was OK he says I’m being to emotional. His so indifferent to me” she mumbles

Kunj look over at her direction, before smiling at her. They both had a moment, before it was ruined by the girls again. Twinkle clear her throat and told them they will leave for today. She says she already spent money on this place so they can’t change the location. Surprise everyone protest, Twinkle says they will have to hire some body guard or security. One of the girls said Kunj can do it, the other girls second that.

Twinkle told them no, that Kunj already work in the brain storm team, so he cant do it. They all frown, Twinkle told them that will be all for now before leaving. While walking to her steps, Kunj stops her. Asking if this is a good idea, Twinkle says she invested to much on that place, she looks at Kunj hand before asking if he treated it. Kunj says not yet, Twinkle grab her water bottle open it before grabbing Kunj hand and pouring water on the wound.

They both got electric shock, but they ignore it. Even though Twinkle was done . She kept running the spot he got stab. Kunj felt very warm, but he let it go. He asks if she was done and she says yes. She snap out of it and rip half of her dupatt and tie it on his hand. She told him, she was greatful for his help, but he shouldn’t put himself in danger for a stranger.

Kunj says ” your no stranger, but some one that came into my life”

Confuse Twinkle says ” don’t tell me your in love with me” she says making her heart stop for a second

Kunj smile ” nope, I would never fall for a plain girl like you” he says, Twinkle upset squeeze his hand, making him scream before going in her house. She ignore her mom and daughter saying hi to her and March upstairs. She puts her bag down and look at herself in the mirror. ” I’m not plain, right?” She questioned

She shook her head to get Kunj voice out of her head, before falling on her bed. She says ” I will show him, whose plain ” before falling asleep.


TODAY, MAMA was upset. I guess it had to do with our neighbor Kunj. Lately she’s been acting weird, she no longer talk about yuv in the house. Shes always complaining about Kunj, I just don’t understand her, if she hates him that much, why does she care what Kunj thinks so much. Please RAMJI, help mama, she seems to be in trouble with her emotions, I don’t even know if she likes yuvraj anymore.

When she finished she puts it on the bowl before walking away, Kunj while eating smiles at Shana. She asks him why his smiling and he says she looks nice today. She found it weird, but she didn’t question it. Kunj says in his head this should be interesting before grabbing his and shana plate to wash.

To be continued……..


A building is on fire and someone calls for help. A men race into the fire to save who ever it is.

All coworker gathered at the club, ready to celebrate for their store opening

” o m g, is that Twinkle?”

” she is hot, yah”

” isn’t it o late to be dresiing up for Halloween” Kunj tease, making Twinkle mad.

” I dare you to seduce the first person that walks to the door” he says, Twinkle with confidence says OK, but she stops when she sees yuvraj walking in the club.

” what’s wrong, cold feet”

Twinkle says if I do it then you have to dance with the girl that caught your eyes. Kunj told her no problem before walking to the bar

Credit to: Kk

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  1. SidMin

    Loved the episode but can you please give me a short summary of your ff actually I have missed the parts so …Please but Loved today’s episode and waiting for the next

  2. Dreamer...arundhati

    Kk yaar the epi was 2 gud.luved it
    Plz ctd soon

  3. Dreamer...arundhati

    Kk yaar the epi was 2 gud.luved it
    Plz ctd soon
    U r doing a fab job

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    awesome epi …..loved it….

  5. I really like your ff. Please post more often.

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  8. Here’s the summary

    Summary: two unlikely people come together, learning and growing. One with a secret while another yarn for love. Will they bSummary: two unlikely people come together, learning and growing. One with a secret while another yarn for love. Will they be able to move on from this or continue to stay in the past.
    e able to move on from this or continue to stay in the past.

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