Loving the impossible: twinji ff EPs 4

Precap: last time, Twinkle got the chance to talk with yuv, but Kunj interrupted them. Kunj ends up finding a job, but it ends up being Twinkle job. Now let’s continue

Twinkle was irritated, normally she would be all nice to people, but kunj just has a way to make her angry. ” what are you doing here?”

” isn’t it obvious I’m here for an interview” he says with a smile

” do you even know anything about fashion and design” she asks

” of course, look at my outfit choice, I’m basically a walking fashion with this” he says standing and turning

Twinkle told him, he can’t work here, and he asks why, she says because he’s not serious. Kunj says how can you sat that when you haven’t seen what I can do. Twinkle says shes not gonna argue with him, and told him to leave. Kunj frown, but got up and leave anyway. Once he left, twinkle while signing papers heard some girls talking. They called her mean and other things. One girl went as far as to say no wonder she doent have a bf, shes no fun.”

Twinkle tried not to let it get to her, she told them to get back to work and they quickly ran to their seat. It was later at night, when twinkle got home. She could hear, laughter, but it soon quiet down when she close the door. She walk to the living room and saw her mom and rubina, holding kunj, twinkle asks why he was here and kunj says ” see aunty-ji thats how she was today, she said sone hurtful words to me”

Twinkle puts her jacket down, she cross her arms together frowning ” i didnt, i just dobt want you to work their” she says

” why not beta?” Her mom says

” because kunj Is kunj” she says

Kunj walk up to her ” what does that even mean”

Twinkle glares at him ” it means you are not qualified, not fashion material, and not serious” she says challenging him

Kunj frown and move closer to her face ” and what are you miss, obsess, if im just kunj then you are just twinkle, you will alway be lone, an your so plain. No one will go flr you dress like that, how did you become a fashion designer in the first place. They obviously, had bad judgment” he says heated

Twinkle hurt and angry says ” you ignorant jerk”

” if I’m ignorant, your Selfish ”

” then your irresponsible and childish”

“How would you know that, you don’t now me” kunj says

” your action speaks for itself ” she says

” It takes one to know one” he replied

Both parties we’re, turning red out of anger, rubina tried to stop them, but they told her to o stay out of it. Both still glaring at one another ” I hate you!!” They both scream before the opposite way, kunj went back to sit with them and Twinkle went up stairs, but she came back stomping telling him this is her house and for him to get out. ” fine I will, but I will be back for breakfast tomorrow ” he says leaving

Twinkle opening the door screams ” no your it” before slamming the door. Leela told Twinkle she is being rude, and Twinkle says even her mother is turning against her. Leela says she’s not, she just think Twinkle could have gave him a chance to prove himself. Rubina says ” mam, your being unfair to kunj, what did he ever do to you”. She says if he doesn’t come back then she won’t talk to her. Twinkle calls her name, but Rubina ignores her and ran upstairs.

Twinkle frown. She wonder if she should really give him a chance, while thinking she finally made a decision. The next day came by pretty fast, Twinkle was grabbing her coffee at the machine, she grab it and look at the girls crowding kunj. They we’re bombing him with many questions, she could see kunj smiling happily and answering their questions. She not like it, she wondered if it was good idea to hire him.

” so kunj are you single, do you want to go out later on” a girl asks, all the girls got quiet waiting for his response. He told the girls he’s single, and asks if she wants to go out with him” the girl blush and was about to reply when Twinkle walk their telling me to get back to work and stop fooling around. ” come on Twinkle, I’m just getting to know my coworkers” he says

” theirs a difference between flirting and being friendly, kunj” she says walking towards his desk.

Kunj pretends to be surprise ” I didn’t now you know when someone is flirting ”

Twinkle scoff ” I’m not blind ” she says stopping to look at him

” I was being pleasant, wasn’t I Tina” he says stopping a girl passing by, Tina smile and says yes, Kunj says ” Tina can you tell Twinkle to take a chill pill”

” take a chill pill yah” she says

” thank you Tina” he says before she walk away

twinkle , glares at the girl while she was walking, saying very unpleasant things. Kunj says in his head, she’s so cute. He walk to her while she was distracted and remove her hair from the rubber band. This surprise her ” what are y-”

” you look better with your hair down” he says before going around his desk to sit down. Twinkle gave him his assinment before stomping away, when she reached her office, she look at herself in the mirror, while thinking of what Kunj says. She touch her hair, but quickly shook her head and sit down to design her new dress.

Kunj while looking over the file, smile. He wasn’t stupid, he saw her looking in the mirror, he stop sming when he saw a figure of ramji. ” I know, I need to concentrate on my task, and stop fooling around” he says

He grab his phone and dialed a number, the person answered. ” do you want to hang out later on?” He asks

” how did you get my number?”

” I asked your mom, she was very expressive. I should visit her more” he says

The person pause before saying ” I’m of at nine, we can meet then ”

Kunj smile secretly, before hanging up. “OK let’s get this party started” he says

To be continued……..


” what are you doing here”

” you told me to meet you”

” this is where my store I’ll be”

” this place is unsafe”
A building is being burnt, someone coupghs while crying for help. A men race into the fire to save that person. Who could it be, we won’t know until next time. Cya

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