Loving the impossible: twinji ff EPs 3

Precap: the neighbors join in on the fun, while the battle continues. Twinkle managed to over thrown yuv and kunj team winning the game. She later on decides that kunj wasn’t so bad. Now let’s continue

It was another day for twinkle, waking up to her alarm, brushing her teeth. Looking her best, before going downstairs to make food for yuv. well that’s how it was suppose to be until she walk downstairs to see kunj sitting and eating breakfast with her family. He turn to her smiling raising his hand and saying good morning. Twinkle surprise asks what he was doing at her house, and who allowed him to . he got up and walk to her, he told her to sit and enjoy the delicious food her mom made.

Twinkle told him she will not sit. He shrug and said suit yourself. He went back to his seat and continue to drink the orange juice. Twinkle went to her mom asking her why he was in here, she says” he was delivering newspaper so she asked if he ate breakfast and he said no, so I invited him
. ” she asks her daughter what is the problem, and she says kunj is the problem.

” twinkle” he says ” take a chill pill” , when he said this rubina laughs she says no one says that anymore , kunj then asks her what’s the new word they say and she told him to come close. He leaned forward and she whispers it . kunj surprise says really, she nods. Twinkle seeing their interaction groan, she walk to the kitchen and make the food she wants to make, then happily step outside.

Kunj confuse asks them where she was going. Both leela and rubina roll their eyes saying ” yuv”

” she’s going to see him?”

.” yes, she does this everyday. Making him food, but she never gets to give it to him. She leaves it at his door step before he goes to work. Leela says

Kunj looks at the door, before getting up. Rubina asks where he was going and he says he will be right back. When he steps out. He sees twinkle walking to yuv steps and hesitant to knock on the door. She puts her arm down ready to leave the food and walk away, when kunj spoke ” why don’t you just knock. ”

Twinkle surprise asks ” why he was here and if he was stalking her”

Kunj thought about it” hmm, I have every right to be here. You don’t own outside, or this stairs. Besides its about time I say hello to my neighbors, don’t you think so” he smirks looking at the door.

.” you wouldn’t” she ays ready to ascape, but kunj grab her arm preventing her from leaving. He knock on the door while twinkle protest. When the door opend twinkle wish she could crawl under her blanket. ” yes?” Yuv says

Kunj smile ” hello yuvraj, my name is kunj your friendly neighbor and this here is twinkle. We are going around getting to know our neighbor, isn’t that right twinkle” he says now turning her around. She shyly nod, ” anyway, here twinkle made this for you, sadly this Is the last one. I ate a mouth full earlier” he says nudging her to give the food.twinkle hesitantly gives the lunch box before looking away. Kunj smile he told yuv to try one since he’s already awake. Yuv opened and try one, he told her it was good. So was the other boxes she leaves everyday.

This surprise her, ” you know about those?”

” of course, it wasn’t hard to figure it out” he says

” see, everything went well. Anyway, we should go now… Bye yuv” he says dragging twinkle who was still in a daze. She she kept mumbling he knows until they reached her door steps. Their she snapped out of it and glare at kunj. She scold him for ruining her plan, but stop when she saw yuv coming out later waving goodbye. She stops and wave happily. Kunj was laughing at her, she asks what’s so funny and he says she was. He says seeing her so happy is so cute.

Twinkle glare at him and open her door. Kunj was about to enter when twinkle close the door in his face. He bang on the door calling her name, he told her he was just joking, but she didn’t listen. Rubina shook her head , she asks why isn’t kunji coming in. Twinkle told her not to say his name, before sitting down to eat.

Elsewhere, kunj enters his house he saw sid getting his suit case ready. Kunj asks where he was going he says roshni is in the hospital, she needs him. Kunj told him , not to waist time and to go.he thank him and step outside, once he was gone, kunj decides to find a job. He came across a fashion job. He smile thinking he can do it. He called and they told him to come. When he reached the place the lady told him wait for the boss.

He waited and waited until he heard a familiar voice. He smile seeing twinkle. twinkle asks who it was trying to apply. Kunj raise his arm ” I am” he says

“This has got to be aproblem.”

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