Loving the impossible: twinji ff EPs 2


Note: this is a twinji story, it has yuv in their because that’s how sharu movie was it had another guy. You will see a little of them both because its mainly about kunj and twinkle. Its a very sad story and a lot of twist you probably won’t see coming. That’s why I won’t say the movie name, you guys should be able to figure it out.

So here they were, kunj team wearing blue, yuv team red and twinkle team green. Everyone was cheering for their team. Kunj told twinkle don’t cry when you loose, and twinkle says the only one gonna be crying is him. Sid told him, she’s pretty good at talking trash, maybe we should back down before you unleash the bear in her. Kunj smirk, “that’s exactly what I want.”

Kunj explain the rules saying the team who removes the other teams number wins the game. Twinkle says that’s easy, but she soon frown when kunj look at her and say they have to do it in the mud. ” of all the things, it has to be a mud” she says

Kunj says ” its more fun that way”

Kunj grab one of the old folks and told him he will keep score and if someone cheats to blow the whistle. He nods and told everyone to prepare themselves. Anita looks at leela saying a low class like her won’t be much of a challenge. Leela says you wait and see. I will remove all your dignity leaving you with nothing. Kunj listening told them that’s the spirit he wants to hear.

He looks at yuv, and told him he will be gone before you know it. Yuv smirk, and says he can’t wait to see him try. Once the whistle blow each team formed a plan. Kunj look at his friends, he says their three of us and more of them. Let’s attack the strongest ones first. Shana says yuv looks strong and so does twinkle. Sid says that’s true, but twinkle can easily be taken down. She just needs to loose concentration

Kunj says ” so we will attack yuv first then twinkle” they nod and break apart.

Twinkle on the other hand was determine to whipe that smile of kunj face. She couldn’t understand why he’s so happy all the time and that annoys her. ” mama, we should remove yuv team they look strong” rubina says

Twinkle decline that idea, she says she would never betray yuv. Leela told her to snap out of this, because they are at war. And they need to win, no matter what.

” I don’t think we should attack yuv, kunj has three players and their young and strong. We should attack them first to get them out then yuv.”

” but mama, their three of them , that’s more reason to keep them until the end” rubina says

” I have to agree with her, beta. We should attack yuv team”

Twinkle annoyed finally agree with them. She hopes yuv forgive her after this.

With yuv team. Yuv told his family kunj team should be out because their strong. He says they might come for them because of him, so be alert. They all nod, they stood side by side protecting each others back. Kunj team look at them like a preditor. Before suddenly twinkle team ran, rubina was surprise when her mom took of the opposite way. She told her.mom to come back, but she didn’t listen.

Yuv seeing her running told his family to move out. They ran towards her without knowing. Kunj curse and told twinkle to watch out. Twinkle paid him no mind, she was determined to take him down. Yuv ran using speed and grab twinkle, surprise she turn and gasp. ” no!!” She screams before rubina run straight to yuv making him loose balance. This was enough for twinkle to move and did to snatch rubina number.

“Rubina!” She says coming to her. Sid apologized before running. Twinkle look at her daughter with tears ” speak to me rubina” she says

Her daughter touch her face ” kick some butt, mama” she says before passing out, twinkle scream before looking at kunj ” sorry for your lose twinkle, but you will be next” he says

Leela came behind yuv dad and snatched the number. She saw Anita coming so she ran. While running she heard her bone crack. The same with Anita, they both stop running wincing in pain ” I’m to old for this” Anita says

” same here, how about we call it quit” leela says

” sure” they said , they both look at one another waiting for each other to leave the mud. Levels insist she goes first since her leg hurts. Anita says she can’t move right now, her cramps is killing her. Leela says she’s not young anymore, she can’t have cramps. Anita says ” I guess I’m special”

They were to busy arguing that they didn’t see Shana and did behind them, grabbing their number. Before they can protest the ambulance arrive and grab both leela and Anita. They both start screaming, telling them their fine, but they didn’t listen.

So now it was down to twinkle, kunj team and yuv. Yuv told twinkle if they can work together just until they become even. Twinkle just nod, she didn’t know what to say. Kunj on the other hand, told his team they were gonna circle them as one team. He grab their hands, and they did the same. They move forward towards them and yuv and twinkle move back. They knew they were cornered, they had to do something.
Kunj circle them and lock them , he told them they have no where else to run. His team move closer to grab them. Yuv told twinkle she has to ascape, she says not without him. Yuv told them to take him instead, but kunj refuses. They move even closer closing the gap. Yuv had to make a decision fast, so he push twinkle to the open gape between Shana and she was out the circle. Kunj seeing this, told his team he will go after her. They nod and attack yuv.

Yuv push back while they tried reaching for his number. Surprisingly he managed to grab both of their numbers the same time, did grab his. All three of them pull disqualifying each other. Twinkle seeing kunj ran, ” come on twinkle its over now. Just come with me” he says

” over my dead body” she says

” its your wish” he finish before going full speed, twinkle squeal and duck when he tried reaching for her. She ran the other way and kunj follow. Twinkle turn to see him reaching out, so she stop and make a u turn. Kunj curse and follow. Yuv told her to run for it giving her more power to run.

The mud was starting to get thicker to both of them. And they were getting tierd running, leela and Anita came back not to long ago with bandages, they ask who was winning and rubina says their neck to neck.leela screams for twinkle, while Anita walk to yuv and scold him for loosen.

So here they are, out of breath. Twinkle back was to her family while kunj was looking at her. He move through the mud and tackle her, making them roll around in the mud. Both of their hands were around each others back. ” I won’t loose after yuv and my daughter sacrifice” she whispers

Kunj pin her to the mud saying he will let her have his number if
She give him a kiss. Surprise she stop struggling, kunj grab her chin and move his head towards her. Twinkle lips were shaking, but she soon snap out of it and kick kunj in his shin. Kunj cried while telling her she’s cheating. She told him he never said we couldn’t fight.

She got up with mud all over her face and hair and roll kunj before grabbing his number and snatch it. Everyone cheered for her calling her name. Kunj even though he was in pain smile, “YEAH!!” She screams jumping up and down.

After the little game they managed to raise a lot of money. Leela told kunj he did a good thing today, so did yuv. Twinkle came up to him, she says ” I guess your not a bad guy after all”

Kunj fake like he was hurt ” you thought I was bad?”

” I did, but I guess we got of the wrong foot”
Kunj smile ” how about we start from the beginning… Hmm”

” that would be nice”

” OK then, hi I’m kunj and you?”

” twinkle” she says shaking his hand

Kunj looks at the hand, he felt an electric shock surprising him. He wonder why he felt connected to her. Twinkle told him he can let go now, making him blush. He laughs nervously and walk away.

Dear Ramji,

For The past few days mama, hadn’t talk about yuv. She still brings him food and say goodbye when he leaves. But something is changing, ever since kunj came. She actually got to work with yuv and he even spoke to her. That’s an improvement. Hopefully mama will change for good and take care of herself.

After she finish writing she puts it in the wishing bowl, kunj at his window smile, before turning his light off.

To be continued…

Credit to: Kk

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