Loving the impossible: twinji ff EPs 12

Precap: twinkle woke up in kunj room. There they had a small bicker leading to kunj crying in pain. Kunj decides to make twinkle move on by setting a date with her and yuv. Twinkle while walking saw kunj an shana having their own little date surprising her. Now lets see what happens next

Yuv looking at the window saw shana looking apologetic. Kunj pass right by him running after twinkle. He kept calling her name, but twinkle refused to listen. Suddenly she fell. Kunj stops running ” twinkle listen to me”

” DONT COME ANY CLOSURE!!” she screams

Kunj stop in his step ” listen twink-”

” did you ever thought about my feelings. About how much i love you” she says

Kunj staid quiet. He did thought about it. Thats why he was doing this in the first place. ” i know” he respond

Now twinkle was angry, she got up an turn to him ” no kunj you dont know, if you knew you wouldnt have led me on”

” i never did that. Ive always seen you as a friend”

Twinkle moved closure to kunj ” why are you lying, friends dont do what we do. They dont kiss each other either.” she says

Kunj staid quiet, twinkle says what they have is beyond friendship. She says their attracted to one another. To proove her point, she kissed him. Kunj surprise didnt move. He knew if he reply back it would proove her point. While they were kissing, they didnt see yuv watching them. He was hurt as well, but held it in.

When twinkle pull back she watch kunj ” dont you feel anything” she whispers

” I’m sorry twinkle, but i don’t love you.”

” then who? Who is it you love kunj,” she choked

” i love shana, we have been dating for a while now” he says

Twinkle moved back in shock. ” your lying” she says

” I’m sorry twinkle”

Kunj tried to touch her but twinkle moved away in disgust ” DoNT TOUCH ME! Your such a lier kunj, and i hate you ” she yells

She turn an left ignoring his calls. Kunj heart was in pain. He says , i did the right thing. He turn to leave when he was punched in the face. Falling down, he looked up to see an angry yuv. ” why did you do that?” he says

Yuv glares at him ” do you really wanna ask that question right now. You betrayed twinkle, and used her knowing you have a girlfriend. Not to mention you involve me in this mess.”

” look yuv, i did what was right. I know how much you love her and i know you will make her happy”

Yuv grabs kunj shirt ” your wrong, twinkle loves you. She will only see you in her life. And i know you love her a lot. Stop being an Ass an man up, tell her how you really feel.”

” you wouldnt understand” he says

Yuv seeing his pity face wanted to punch him again, but shana intervene. ” yuv stop it” she says

” why should i, he ruin two people life.”

Shana holds kunj asking if he was alright. Kunj says his head is hurting. Shana panicked ” yuv you dont understand the situation. But i will explain when we get him to the hospital.”

Now yuv was confuse. ” hospital? Why?”

Shana looks at kunj who was starting to cry in pain. ” call the ambulance” she says


Twinkle reached the house. Her mom asks how her date went. She ignored her and walk upstairs. Rubina says ” mom is crying, i think something happened”.

Twinkle mom says ” what if she was rejected.”

Rubina says ” if that happens mom will do something crazy again”
” thats what I’m afraid of”

When twinkle reached her room. She throw away her shoes and fell on the bed. She recall kunj words about shana. She remember seeing them in each other arms and cried. She cried until she fell asleep.


Shana waited until kunj was in the emergency room, before sitting down. Yuv bought her a cup of water. She thank him. ” so will you explain all of this”

Shana sigh before explaining about kunj. While explaining many emotions were running in yuv head. He felt guilty for hitting him . he says even if kunj was dying, he should still try to live a happy life. Even if at the end he doesnt make it . at least his soul will be at ease. Shana nods ” your right, but kunj sees it differently he believes twinkle will only be happy if she married you”

” then we should make his wish come true”

” what?!”

Yuv nod .

Few days later kunj was feeling a bit better. He was running to get twinkle. Turns out twinkle went into depression and ran away. He had asked where she went, but rubina refuse to speak to him. Calling him a bad Angel. Kunj sigh, he stop by the bridge to see twinkle and yuv. Yuv was trying to make her come down. But she refuse.

Twinkle says everyone she loves either leave her or betrayed her. Yuv says she loved him at obe point, but his still here. He says he wont go anywhere, he will always be on her side no matter what.

Twinkle turn her head ” really?”

Yuv nod , he told her to get down from the bridge. She hesitate , but then turn to get down. While doing that she slip, luckily yuv caught her. ” are you ok?”

” yeah, thank you”

Kunj turn away from them and smile. Even though he was smiling, his heart was crying.

Three month later

A wedding is being held. Everyone was waiting for the arrival of the groom. Yuv had call saying he was in traffic. Twinkle sigh, she saw everyone there , her daughter, mother, yuv mother, her co workers an even shana. She was sadden when she didnt see kunj. She says ” so he really wont show up”

Just then the grooom finally showed up. Everyone smile, they guide yuv to twinkle. And they commenced the wedding. When it was over the priest announced them as husband an wife. Shana cried, while everyone clap for them. Twinkle revealed her face, she was happy , but her heart still loves kunj. She remembered yuv helping her with her broken heart. Until she was ready to move on. She got used to shana an kunj together until she was ready to say yes to yuv.

Yuv reveal his face. Everyone was shock. Twinkle was as well ” kunj?!” she says

To be continued………


” when mom loves , she loves hard.”

” I’m held somewhere by some goons, please help twinkle dont let her be shamed infront of society” yuv says

Twinkle locked herself in their house.

Kunj and twinkle get romantic

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