Loving the impossible: twinji ff EPs 11

Precap: Twinkle after reconsling with Kunj, asks Shanna for help on getting him. But instead ends up getting drunk on coffee!/” now let’s continue

Note: anyone who know the movie, will know how this turns out next.

When twinkle woke up the first thing she saw was a blue room. She turn to her right to see kunj picture. She smile looking at him. ” you look so handsome ” she says before grabbing his picture from the night stand, and kissing it. While doing so she was unaware of kunj by the door, amuse.

Twinkle says ” being in here makes me have thought” she says

Kunj curious asks ” what kind of thought”

Twinkle oblivious to kunj standing by the door says ” me being your wife and sleeping in the same room as you”

“Then should we try that, you an me together in one room.”

Twinkle shly blush ” I would love that ”

” then close your eyes” he says trying not to laugh.

Twinkle did exactly what he said. She couldnt believe shes actually imagining kunj speaking. It sound so real. Kunj silently walk to her while she was sitting on the bed. He bends down to her eye level. ” open your eyes twinkle”

Twinkle open her eyes and almost had a hard attack seeing the real kunj. ” your wish is granted ” he says laughing

Twinkle turn red, ” that’s not funny”

Kunj says ” your face was priceless. ”

Twinkle grab kunj pillow and hits him on the head ” ouch!…twinkle…stop” he says

“You blo*dy trickster… how dare you try to trick me” she says

” look…haha…I’m…. sorry”

Kunj fell on the floor while sitting on his butt. Twinkle got up with the pillow to hit him again, but trip on the blanket. She scream and landed on kunj. Twinkle raise her upper body to see her self in between kunj legs.her hair a hot mess. The clothes shana made her wear was falling of her shoulder. Showing a smooth skin. Kunj curse Shana for that. One of twinkle hand was on kunj thigh, she look at kunj and he look at her.

Both we’re feeling warm inside. Both stomache Fluttering. twinkle gulp an decide to take the first step, she move a little closer to kiss him. Kunj didn’t move either. This made her even more confident. Kunj heart kept speeding every time she gets close. When their lips almost touch, he felt it. Pain.

He held his head, crying out. Twinkle confuse asks him what’s wrong. Kunj was screaming in pain, while asking twinkle to get away from him.twinkle didn’t know what to do. She scream for Shana while shaking. When Shana arrives, she move to kunj and he hugs her. He soon calms down, Shana caress his hair while whispering nice words to him. When twinkle saw this, she felt hurt. But she push that aside.

” what’s wrong with him?”

Shana not looking at twinkle told her to go home. Twinkle protested, but Shana told her kunj will see her later. And so Twinkle left feeling sad. When she was gone, Shana asks kunj if he was alright. Kunj nod, he told her his condition is getting worse. His dying painfully. He says he has to remove Twinkle from his life, so she will stay away. He says he doesn’t want to burden her, after what happen to her husband.

He suddenly stop talking when he heard Twinkle from outside confessing her love for him. It was so loud, he was sure the neighbor’s heard it too.

Kunj looking at Shana says ” I have to make Twinkle hate me, an move on with yuvraj. ”

Shana starts to cry ” this is not fair to you or Twinkle”

” I know, but Twinkle will need someone while I’m gone. I will make sure she marries yuvraj before I die”

Shana wipes her tears ” fine….I’ll. Help you”

The next day, kunj invites Twinkle out. But he didn’t show up instead, yuvraj did. She was surprise to see him. ” you?!” They both said

Twinkle says ” why are you here?”

” kunj invited me?” ” you?”

” same”

” I guess we we’re tricked by him” he says

” yes” Twinkle says sadly recalling what happend yesterday

Yuv thinking she’s sad because he was here says he will leave. Twinkle stops him and told him their here already. He can stay. And so the two talk an enjoy each other company. While walking Twinkle home, Yuv remember his talk with kunj.


” why am I out here?”

Kunj sigh ” I will get straight to the point since I know you heard her confession earlier . Twinkle thinks she loves me because I saved her life, that’s why I want you to tell her you did, instead of me”

” but why?”

” because I love some one else, and I don’t want to complicate things. So please try to woo her” he says

Yuv was surprise, but nod anyway. Kunj turn away an thank him. He didn’t think it would be this hard, but it was.

End of flashback

So here Twinkle was laughing with yuvraj. She stop when she spotted kunj and Shana eating at a restaurant. Kunj seeing Twinkle through the window signal shana. Shana pretends to laugh, but stops when kunj gets up and lean towards her, kissing her. Twinkle whole body shut down. Yuv tries to call her, but she wasn’t paying attention. He turn to see what Twinkle was looking at, and was shock too.

Kunj pulls away and Smile. He turn to the window and pretends to be shock while looking at Twinkle. He got up, and call her name. Twinkle seeing him looking at her turn and ran away while Yuv calls her.

Yuv punches Kunj, calling him an ass.

Twinkle confronts Kunj ” Shana is my girlfriend ”

” when mom loves, she loves hard”

Kunj is seen searching for twinkle

Twinkle standing on top of the bridge stare into the water while ready to jump.

Thanks for reading, an happy holidays!!!!!!

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  1. Hey kanie.. I missed ur ff dear.. The episode is very amazing… I loved it dear….Well i love this ff very much… So Plzzzzzzz its kind humble request from u plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz give a happy ending dear…I would love to see twinj together in ur this ff plzz..
    Ok post next soon..will be waiting…
    Happy new year dear… Keep smiling..
    Love you..

    1. Angelk1

      I said it earlier in the begining , its a sad story baste on the movie which i will reveal at the end. But it will have a small twist to it. That will throw people off an maybe make them happy lol. Thanks for reading an loving my ideas

      1. I can understand dear… But we love twinj a lotsss and we don’t want to see twinj separate so plz if u can changes in storyline.. we will be very glad.coz i love ur ff dear…. And M not forcing u dear..just rqsting u..rest of is ur choice.. Plz dont angry with me…Bye dear. Take care..

      2. Angelk1

        I’m not angry. The story will be a twinj story dont worry

  2. Chiku

    Woaah!! Lovely????loved it. It’s amazing ??????
    Post next soon

  3. Ramya

    Hey kanie
    After a long time
    Well I have missed u
    N episode was superb feeling bad fr twinj
    Plssss make dis ff gud n keep a happy ending wid twinj union
    Happy new year
    Loads of love keep smiling

  4. SidMin23

    Awesome and hope soon twinj will be together

  5. Twinjsidminfan

    Feeling very sad for twinj???
    Is the story based on kal ho na ho
    I’m sorry if i have said anything wrong…but please try nd make it a happy ending btwn our twinj…can we be frnds I’m new here

    1. Angelk1

      I cant make peomises that will ruin my idea, but how do you make people your friend here?

      1. Twinjsidminfan

        Okk..I’m sorry if i have hurt you
        I jus wanna be ur frnd online…aren’t u in India forums as well….luv the way u write….I’m following tu frm past 1 year nd jus registered myself…
        I’m sorry once again to hurt u

      2. Angelk1

        Really u follow me on indian forum twinjsid?? An you didnt hurt my feeling why would you think that

  6. SidMin

    Awesome 🙂 Feeling sad for Twinkle bechara Kunj he has to lie 🙁
    Post soon can’t wait for the next part 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

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