Loving the impossible: twinji ff EPs 10


Precap: twinkle and Kunj had a moment at the hospital, causing her to realize her feelings for him. She later on tries to play nice, by bringing food to his house. While coming to his house one day, she saw something she wish she didn’t. Now let’s continue

Twinkle drop what ever food she had. Grabbing their attention. They both turn to her and ask what she was doing here. Twinkle staid quiet, still looking at their hand. They look at what she was looking at and blush. Kunj let go and told her it’s not what it seems. But twinkle turn and walk away. ” twinkle…wait” he says

But she left the house , ignoring him. Shana asks him to go after her. ” I can’t, of I go after her then I will get to emotional. Causing her to think I like her. I’m not trying to do that”

” but Kunj, you do like her”

Kunj sigh ” I know that Shana, but you know what will happen if I fall for her. I don’t want her to go through the heart ache of loosing another lover.”

Shana puts her hand on his shoulder ” I understand Kunj, it’s hard controlling your feelings”

” I will apologize to her tomorrow, and ask to start fresh.”

Meanwhile, twinkle ran in the house and slam the door. Her mother says what is this roller coaster ride. ” one minute she’s happy the next she’s sad and angry. I’m getting to old for this”

Rubina doing her homework says ” mom is angry at Kunj again”

Leela Asks her how she know, Rubina shrug ” it’s most likely Kunj that cause these emotions. When she was in love with yuv, she was always happy ”

” so we should let her be with yuv”

” no, I think her relationship with Kunj is a healthy one”

Leela was impress ” all that studying is making you learn about human behaviors. You should be a therapist, or psychologist”

” no thanks, I’m gonna be a writer ”

Leela shook her head.

The next day, while twinkle was working. Kunj came to her. She was instructing the construction workers, how she wants her building done. Kunj call her name, but she ignored him. ” twinkle listen”

” I have nothing to say to you Kunj”

She walk to the design paper to look at it. ” you got it all wrong”

Twinkle look at him ” anyone that sees that, would think the same thing.”

” yes…I agree, but she was just helping me ”

” so to help you, your shirt needs to be off” ” look kunj, i understand you and shana have something, now if you excuse m-”

Kunj cut her of and grab her shoulder , shaking her ” can you at least listen. Shana was helping me with my injuries caused by the fire” , by the time he stopped shaking her, her hair was a mess, and her eyes were wide like a saucer.

” do you understand now”

Twinkle nod , but now became worried ” why didnt you tell me you were injured?, we could have took you to the hospital ”

” it wasn’t serious like yours”

” but still”

” it’s fine”

Twinkle still didn’t stop worrying. Kunj took a deep breath before speaking, ” listen, we got on the wrong foot when we first met. So I would like to start new. As friends ”

” friends? How many time will you keep asking to be friends ”

Kunj smile, ” as many times as it takes”

Twinkle puts a fake smile, she didn’t want to be friends. She wanted to be in a relationship with Kunj. She realize, if she wants to do that she will need help to convince him. And so that brings her back to her this place.

” why exactly are you in my house?” Shana asks

” Kunj wants to be friends, and I don’t want that. So I figured you know him longer, so could you try convincing him”

Shana wasn’t expecting that. She told twinkle, she can’t do that. And to let it be. Twinkle sitting at the table frown ” I just can’t, every time Kunj is near, I get so happy” ” am i unattractive?”

” no your not, his just going through stuff”

” stuff like what?”

Shana , decides to change the topic ” coffee?”

Twinkle was about to tell her she doesnt drink coffee, but change her mind ” sure”

Few hours later, twinkle was talking jibberish and about love, and bad luck. Shana was amazed. She didnt think twinkle or even a person could get drunk by drinking coffee, but here it is the living proof of it.

” i mean, i kkkish mme ssso mmman tttime. Aaany purrson we would think ttthe wwwrong wwway.”

” your right ”

Twinkle hiccupped, and hit her hand on the table ” Yyesssh iiii aaam, kkkunnj iiiiish bbbad bboy” she says wiggling her finger ” nnnno gggoood”

Shana sign, she turn when the door open. And smile when Kunj walks in. Kunj seeing twinkle, raise a brow, Shana chuckles before tapping his shoulder ” she’s all yours ”

Kunj still confuse watch as twinkle walk to him. Well more like swaying. When she was near, she wiggle her finger and squint her eyes ” yooou bbbbad bbbbboy cccome hjhere”

” I am here twinkle”

Twinkle ushered him closer, and Kunj amuse lean forward. He could smell coffee on her. Coffee, how can she get drunk of coffee. He wonder, he remember when he had offer coffee at e office, and she told him she doesn’t drink it. That made sense, he thought. He snap out of it when she call his name. He thought she was about to kiss him, but she did the unthinkable, by throwing up on his shoes.

Kunj while looking up, held his composer, but when he heard another throw up he couldn’t help it ” my shoes!!!” He scream

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