Loving the impossible: twinji ff EPs 1


Yuv tierd from work enters his house, he went to his room and change before coming downstairs. He could hear his mom complaining. He sat down and start working on some documents trying to block her out. ” I mean can you believe it honey, that twinkle girl caused another problem.” She says, yuv tried ignoribg her, but her voice kept gettibg louder “Instead of acting like her age, she still continues to act childish, with that behavior no one would want to marry her” she says

Yuv hit his hand on the table, getting their attention. Don’t get him wrong, he love his mom, but she needs to stop gossiping. ” mom, if you don’t like twinkle so much then please stop paying attention to her, and mind your buisness” he says

Anita gasp, ” yuvraj, how could you say that to me” she says

Yuv realizing he wasn’t gonna get any work done, got up and told them he will take a break. He step outside and sat on his staires. He smile looking at the sky enjoying the wind, suddenly a duppat fell and hit his face. He removes it wondering where it came from when he spotted twinkle window open. Through the curtains he saw her dancing. He chuckle when she half trip, and smile when he heard her laugh.

He was so busy looking that he didn’t notice kunj walking to him. ” excuse me” he says when he got no response he said it again, but still nothing. Kunj look at the direction where he was looking and smile. ” I see” he thought, he rough his hair looking at yuv before nodding his head at twinkle window. The next think they knew the wind starts blowing hard making twinkle curtain rise. They could hear her cursing before coming to the window. She stop when she saw yuv watching her, embarrassed she shyly close the window and lock it.

Kunj smile and says I see. He put his hand in his pocket and turn around whistling. Yuv snap out of it and turn to see no one there, confused he was sure he heard whistling. ” maybe I’m thinking to much, I should probably go and get some sleep” he says

The next day, twinkle family were having puja when they heard people laughing and cheering outside. Twinkle told her mom to ignore it and continue, but she couldn’t for long when she heard someone kunj loud voice. Irritated she walk to her window to give him a price of her mind. She was surprise to see him, dress in white shirt and black pants. He had a blue bandanna around his forehead. He look around to see many people sitting especially old folks, the kids were playing with bubbles and eating.

Kunj look at twinkle window and smirk, she point to her and told her to join. She huff and close the window. Kunj frown, he walk to there door and knock. Leela answers, kunj smile and asks her to participate in their game of tag. He told her its for charity, leela was about to answer when twinkle came and told him they will never associate with him. Leela was about to tell her its for a cause when twinkle scream. Grabbing their attention. Kunj covering his ears says their she goes again with her singing.

She points at him and asks why he was wearing her yuv tie. Kunj pretends like he doesn’t notice ” oh this, I saw it and thought it was pretty so I’m using it as a lucky charm”

Twinkle upset called him a thief, she told him to give it back, but kunj refuse. She said if he won’t give it, she will just have to take it by force. She took her slipper of and throw it, kunj duck. He move away when she throw another. When she reached the door way, he slip inside hiding behind leela. ” aunty save me, before mama bear kills me” he says

Leela tries to stop twinkle but she went around her ” stop hiding behind my mom, you coward”

” I am not” he says, but duck when he saw another shoe flying. They ran around the living room until kunj knees hit the couch and he fell on the chair. Twinkle seeing this smirk, ” now I got you” she says she head straight for him unaware of the car toy on the floor. She scream when she fell and landed on top of kunj, making her duppatt fell on his face.

They both look at one another, kunj hands around her waist, while her lips on his. The only think blocking them from feeling each other lips was her duppatt. Surprise twinkle lift her head while kunj remove the yellow duppatt. It was awkward until kunj says ” now their even”

Twinkle confuse asks what he means, and he says ” you called me a thief earlier, but you are the bigger thief”

” what?” She asks still confuse

Kunj shook his head ” these lips” he points ” are worth a million, but you stole its purity” he says ” how should you repay me …maybe by another kiss” he says bringing her close. Twinkle blushing calls him a pig before grabbing her pillow and hitting him. ” Ah!!. . twinkle I was just kidding” he says between hits

Twinkle ignore him and continue, kunj realize He was slipping and told her, but she didn’t care. When he was half out of the couch she got up and let him fall. He curse under his breath and call her a fiesty bear. While he was rubbing his back, rubina came to him with her hand stretched out. He grabs it and they had an electric shock.

Kunj smile and thank her. He told her she should come out and enjoy, but twinkle refuse… Kicking him out. Kunj frown, but he soon got an idea when he saw yuv coming out his door. He called yuv name, getting his attention. Yuv asks if he knows him, he says no but he heard a lot about him. He told yuv to come and play in the game their about to start, but he refuse. When he said, it was for charity, he agreed.

and so kunj gave him his uniform and told his family to join as well. He said he will convince them. Once they arrive, he went to the speaker and told everyone the first team player yuvraj and family is here, everyone cheered. At that same time, rubina was begging her mom to go out and play, but she said no, she was about to give her the puppy eyes when she heard yuv name. She race to the window and saw yuv and family ready to play.

Twinkle opens her window. Kunj says we just need another family to participate. ” I’ll do it!!!!” She screams grabbing everyone’s attention, kunj smirk before saying this should be fun.

To be continued…

Credit to: Kk

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  1. Nice is this a twinj ff or twiraj

    1. Its mainly a twinji through half the series, but like I said its baste of sharukhan movie. Half of it, I won’t say which movie. You will have to keep guessing. The plot is a little different from the original story. Also the title says twinji it didn’t say twiraj because they don’t have a lot of scenes together.

      Lastly, this is a sad story so what ever happens happens because that how it was in the movie 🙂

  2. Ya very nice…..but I am also a bit confused whether……its twinj ff or twiraj ff…..

  3. wow awesome start keep it up

  4. Kk really u gave a headstart…good one….ctd soon

  5. It was awesome.

  6. Nice..

  7. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

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