Loving the impossible: twinji ff epilogue


my dad died she became a widow.

When I was seven she fell for our neighbor yuvraj. She didn’t have the courage to speak to him, just watch him. She told me she fell for his good nature, just like my father. She always wishes him good bye after he leaves and sometimes would make him food and leave it on his step. She told us many times she will married yuvraj, but nothing has happen. At this rate she will live alone with yuv in her heart. Please ramji… Please help mama.She finished before putting the paper in the wish bowl that was under the statue of ramji feet. ” Rubina!!” The voice says

” coming dadi” she screams before praying really quick and leave. While she left, the wind blow and making the letter fell out the window and landed in front of kunj. Kunj with his bags around his shoulder bends down and pick it up. He reads it and smile. He looks at the window that was open , but found no one so he walks away.

” dadi .. What’s wrong?”

” its your mom”

.” what happend to her?”

.dadi shook her head ” she’s on top of a tree, trying to get yuv tie that fell of his window. I swear your mom is hopeless, one day she will give me a heart attack” she says

Rubina sigh, mama why. She questioned in her head, before walking outside.

Meanwhile, kunj enters the house. ” hello.. I’m home” he says so loud. When he got no response he frown ” where is everybody?” He says just when he enters the kitchen the light came on and his friends jump up surprising him. ” kunj, your finally here”

” yeah men… How many years has it been” sid says

” two days” he jokes making sid punch him in the arm

Shana puts the cake on the table and told kunj to blow the candle, before he did, he asks about roshni and sid told him she’s pregnant she wasn’t feeling so well ” WHAT! She’s pregnant.. And you didn’t tell me”

” we did, but you were unreachable” he says

Shana nods as well to agree with sid ” anyway cut the cake already I’m starving.” She says

Kunj comment on her and told her she’s a model she shouldn’t be eating to much. Shana slaps his arm playfully and told him to hush. Once he finished, he went in his room to unpack. He took the letter out and read it over and over unaware of twinkle on top of a tree, stretching to reach the tie stuck to the branch. Once he finish he thought he heard people screaming, he opens the window to see a little girl calling a women on a tree.

The funny thing is the tree happen to be close to his window. ” hello!” He says happily while smiling

Twinkle looks at him and he looks at her with his elbow on the edge of the window ” is their a reason why your climbing the tree” he says

” its none of your business, so go away” she says back to her task. Kunj told her she’s gonna fall since the branch is so thin. She ignores him and continue to reach. Kunj open the window and stood on top of it, ” HEY kid!” He yells

” yes?”

” do you know this lady?”

Rubina sadly nods ” she’s my mama” she whispers but kunj heard it. He asks her if he should join his mom, she shook her head. Kunj smile anyway and put one foot on the branch. Twinkle look up and told him not to move its dangerous. Kunj looks at the branch ” its not dangerous if you can do it, right” he says putting his other foot on the branch. They both heard a sound. Twinkle told him not to move any further or they’ll both fall.

” are you scared?” He asks

She nods, he told her how do you think your daughter feels seeing you on top of this tree. He says she shouldn’t be so careless over something like a tie. He says unconsciously reaching for it, making the branch crack. Twinkle scream so did rubina. Everyone who heard it, came outside. Anita shook her head, she says only that family would do something this crazy. She says she’s happy that her family isn’t involve with them.

Sid and Shana came out to see their friend reaching out for twinkle , wrapping his arm around her so he could take the fall. ” KUNJ!!” They scream

When they fell, kunj wince in pain. Twinkle whose eyes were close was still screaming. Kunj open his eyes thinks she’s like an opera singer. ” excuse me” he says making her stop

” we are alive now, so can you get up” he says

Twinkle looking around blush when she realize the whole neighborhood came out. She quickly got off before she was attacked by leela hugs. Sid and Shana ran to kunj asking if he was OK. Kunj sat up, he jokingly says ” the first time I get out of the army and this happens.”

” we should call a doctor” Shana says

No no its fine, he says unaware of twinkle approaching him to apologized ” the extra weight dislocated my arm, I will have to put it back in place” he says twinkle listening cross her arm

” I was gonna apologized but I’m not doing that anymore. Extra weight…me?” She huffs turning and stomping away

Kunj confuse wonder what he did to make her mad. Sid laughs, they stop when rubina walk to kunj and thank him, he smile thinking the town has weird people. He grab the tie that’s was on the floor and looks at it ” so this was important to you .. .hmm. He mumbles looking at it

To be continued…

Credit to: Kk

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  1. hey u should have written it as prologue..
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