Loving again part 15 (twinj ff)

Loving again – part 15

Winds had turned colder and so was the last slice of their pizza… she could not believe she was there with him for the last 4 hours, had ordered two medium pizzas and now was waiting for him to pick the last slice.

He had gone to the open space to attend some important call and walking back and forth he was talking with the other party.

It all felt like a dream, a beautiful dream… she captured a picture without him noticing as a memory of this beautiful day.

“i used to do this when we went to first of our dates.” the lady whispered in her ear and her phone slipped from her hand and she caught it just before it fell to the floor.

“excuse me!!” she turned her attention to the lady not much older to her.

“sorry, I think I might have scared you but I just could not hold my excitement.” the lady who has stood by her table told her.

“it is nothing like how you think…” sipping the cool drink Neha tried to hide her embarrassment.

“i can understand you don’t want to share but love is so obvious in your eyes… you guys look beautiful together.” the lady admired and didn’t seem in a mood to leave her table.

“yeah,Thank you but…” and she stopped seeing him coming to their table with puzzled eyes.

“oh, I should leave you two…” smiling the lady left their table and joined her little daughter and perhaps husband in a corner table.

“who was the lady?” he asked softly taking the seat.

“one of the neighbourhood ladies…” and Neha tried hiding her smile.

“so our little secret is no more a secret…” in a moment his voice sounded frustrated.

“yeah… and now they are going to make talks.” and she played with this innocent man.

“i am so sorry Neha, I again troubled you…” he apologized and looked confused when dimples came on her cheeks.

“what happened? Why are you smiling?” he asked her.

And she burst in a hearty laughter.

She kept laughing for a few seconds and he waited for her to stop when she didn’t answer his questions and kept laughing hard.

His guilt was lessening with every passing moment.




“Rub the Heeng mix around her naval area Twinkle.” Uma advised her from the kitchen.

“i did bebe but she doesn’t seem to calm down.” Twinkle told her rubbing the belly of the baby.

“it seems we should get her to the physician bebe.” twinkle said unable to see her girl in pain.

“give her to me for a moment…” Uma told her wiping her wet hands and bent to hold the baby.

She tried swinging the baby and kept rubbing her back and head lovingly until the cried dimmed and finally stopped.

Grateful to her mother in law Twinkle smiled to her in awe.

“how did it happen bebe?” she asked in a whisper taking her back.

“small kids are attached to the mothers and when mother is unhappy or depressed they can feel it…Uma told her going back to the kitchen.

“i‘ll keep it in mind bebe.”she answered her putting the baby in the little portable cot and zipping the mosquito net.

“what happened Twinkle, you don’t look yourself after our talks this evening.” Uma asked her.

“no bebe, I am okay… it is just I kind of missed him.” she lied because she didn’t want to tell her about the dream.

The dream meant something her mother in law wanted and it was against Twinkle’s liking, she was starting to see Kunj in a different light lately but the outburst of Neha has made her feel she wasn’t supposed to think about him anything other than the brother of her deceased husband.

“it is okay beta.” hugging her with affection Uma soothed her daughter in law without knowing the inner turmoils of her.




“i can not believe you fooled me Neha,” he was still amazed of the trap he was fallen into.

“well , I thought it was just three days left to 1st april so I should take advantage of it in advance.” and she again laughed as they left the place.

“but you still didn’t tell me what she talked with you.” he complained to her.

“she complemented my ex-fiance,” she didn’t tell him whole contents.

“oh…” suddenly he held her palm and pulled her towards himself as a reflex to save her from the wet mud because of rains in the city.

“what happened?” she asked stilled with this gesture.

“did not want the dimples to get filled with mud.” he said seriously showing the mud and she took a moment to understand the thing.

And for a moment she looked into his eyes and again broke in laughter and holding her arms as a support laughed again.

“i didn’t know you were this talkative and had this beautiful smile.” he commented after a moment.

This comment made her blush into 100 shades of red and she left his arm.

“i hope you keep smiling this way always.” he wished honestly.

“i too hope for the best of us.” she whispered as they walked to the parking where their cab was waiting for them.

“Thank you for understanding me always Neha.” he said after a while.

“there are a few people in your life you just cant stop liking, I always had this stupid crush on you and I don’t think I am going to hate or stop…. loving you.” the last words were spoken but in her head.

“anyway you came to meet me and exclusively me… I never expected this, but now I want you to go home and meet them.” she told him with a smiling face.

“it was not in my plans ,i have a flight to catch in morning.” he told her with big eyes.

“then how are you going to make her budge from her decision.” she argued softly.

“she doesnt feel anything about you and if there was anything that was blooming then I apologize I turned it down.” she spoke in a low voice sad about the fact that she had burst on Twinkle in their last meeting.

“But seriously Neha, I don’t need to do this… I ‘ll keep trying until she agrees.” he replied and something stung hard in Neha’s heart seeing his belief on his love for Twinkle.

Cab driver was waiting for them and as soon as he saw them he started typing something in his phone to confirm their booking.




Earlier they used to retire to their beds around or after 11 but now who was their to wait for and so both ladies of the house used to sleep around 9:30 or 10 now a days.

But old habits die hard so even if they used to enter their rooms, they would try hard to sleep like nothing was wrong.

It was again one of those nights where sleep was not visible in her eyes because of the short nap in evening.

Thinking to take a walk she opened the balcony door and the cold air touched her face.

She came back to take a shawl and cover her baby with one more thin sheet.

“how to make bebe understand that the wedding should not be called off.” she asked her mind.

“and what if Yuvi’s soul wants what the dream said.” her heart asked.

“but dreams are nothing but a reflection of our own thoughts.” she answered herself.

“then does it mean she also wants what Yuvi wants.” and she stopped in her tracks.

“No, how could she think like that.” scolding her strange thoughts she pulled the shawl more to herself.

And suddenly she noticed a cab making its way to their lane, it seemed they were having some guest this night.

She waited for the door to open and the person(s) to come out but no one left the cab for a few moments.

She felt strange and a curiosity grew to her heart and she leaned to the railings to get a better view.

When no one came out she felt a kind of terror crawling to her self and she ran to her room closing the door and putting down all the curtains she sat on her bed all the while not noticing the lit but mute screen of her phone suggesting some call.

When she calm down a bit she thought to go to her mother in law and not wishing to disturb her baby and welcome her cries she closed her room doors with no sounds and made her way to the ground floor.

“i thought you were sleeping.” She jumped with the voice, a cry left her mouth and she covered her face out of terror.

“hey , its only me.” he answered and she also realized after a while and her heart fluttered with an unknown happiness.

“didnt want to disturb Bebe so called you so many times to open the door but you didn’t take the call.” he said keeping his bag on the table.

“where is bebe?” she asked after a while and cut her tongue as she realised it wasn’t the question she should have asked.

“in kitchen.” he replied.

“how come you are here?” again a wrong question she was making a fool of herself.

“This was a brilliant surprise son.” Uma entered the hall with water and something else in her hands.

“i am full bebe, don’t trouble yourself.” he said turning to his mother.

Standing on the last stair she questioned the surge of happiness seeping through her veins.


And in the same city another lady typed a quick message to someone, “I think It is going terrible Doctor, I need to meet you urgently…”


Who said love was easy to handle, it has the power to heal but at the same time it has the power to break you totally.



Hello guys! So how many of you are happy seeing Neha helping Kunj?

Is it the end of their complicated story and start to Twinkle and Kunj’s story?Find out in next update, well the crucial moments have started.

I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter

With love Morusya.



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