My Lovestory SWASAN RAGLAK Episode 5

Hii guys this is smiley back with a new chapter and sorry for a late update. In my ff, Uttara character will come lately that to not from maheshwari family. It’s a suspense. And Characters age order:
Maheshwari family:
Adarsh, Laksh, Sahil, Sanskar. (Yeah guys you might be wondering why sanky last. You will get to know)
Gadodia Family:
Your confusion clarified.

Then Lets go,
At 6:00 a.m,
In GM,
Swara woke up early. She got bored and started making different type of sounds with utensils. All came down in a sleepy mode.
Shekhar(angry but sleepy): Whats this shona?? Why are you disturbing our sleep, this much early morning?
Swara(innocently): Papa, today is Diwali. Daily u all will tell me to wake up early and now if I woke up early, you are scolding me.
Ragz: Papa, I think it will be better to join shona in mental hospital.
Riya: Ha Ragz ur right, really our shona became mad.
Swara starts chasing Ragz.
Swara: Ragz plz stop. For god sake I’ll kill u today.
Ragz: If you are brave then catch me.
Swara: You!!!! Underestimating Swara Gadodia.
Ragz: Ha
They are teasing each other like this, until Shekhar interrupts.
They both stopped teasing.
Shekhar: Shona, Lado, why u both are fighting and teasing like small kids. Stop behaving like this.
He starts his speech. Riyayush (Riya+Ayush) are laughing and grinning while Swaragini are angry on them but still can’t do anything.

In MM,
In dining room,
Dp and Rp are having their dinner whereas Sujata and Ap.
Dp: I am very happy, today.
Ap: Why dp ji??
Dp: Because Shekhar is coming to our house again today after many yrs!!!!
Rp: Even I am thinking about the same.
Sujata: I am also happy about that matter.

Adarsh and Parineeta comes.
Adarsh: Happy Diwali Ma, Papa, Choti papa aur ma.
Pari: Even me.
Sujata: Happy Diwali beta.
Adarsh and Parineeta takes everyone’s blessings.
Sujata: Still how many days I have to wait beta to get my grand son.
Ap: Ha parineeta.
Pari: Ha ma par mera 3 duffers kaha hai.
All giggles while Sanskar, Laksh and Sahil comes.
Laksh: Why you all are giggling ma???
Ap: Nothing Laksh come have ur tiffin.
Trio will be seated in their places.
Adarsh: So papa maybe this Diwali is gonna be awesome.
Sahil: Why adarsh bhai???
Adarsh: Because we are going to celebrate our Diwali with them this yr.
Sahil: Ohhh
Sanskar: Really bhai. So we are going to ave lots of fun with our childhood friends.
Laksh: Yes Sanskar.
Dp: Ha beta.
Sahil gets bored by this convo. Then Sanskar gets a phone call, its from Yash. Yash tells him a bad news.
He gets sad by hearing the news.

In GM,
Swara also gets a call from Anamika. She gets sad by hearing the news.
All won’t understand why shona is sad.
Ragz: What happened shona??? Why are you sad??
Riya: Ha shona say why are u tensed??
Swara: I can’t come to MM tonight.
Shekhar: But why, Shona???
Swara: Because I had an important Practical Semester test, tonight.
RiyayushRagz: What Semester, That to Tonight!!!!!
Ragz: Anyone will write any exams during night.
Ayush: Ha
Swara: But medical students should be ready to write any exam 24 hrs.
Riya: But Shona….
Swara: I know Bhabhi but even I am not getting time to enjoy or to celebrate Diwali with my family.
Shekhar: It’s Okay beta. You can go.
Swara: Really papa.
Shekhar: Ha really beta. You are a doctor. You shoud be highly responsible in ur operations.
Swara: Thnx papa.

In MM,
Even Sanskar was also in same problem.
Sujata: But sanskar you are new joiner in the college and no one had right to destroy our festive mood.
Sanskar: Ha ma but upto now I missed many classes and tests. At least I want to attend this Semester.
Dp: Beta we won’t force you in ur career as ur career ur wish.
Sujata: But Bhaisa
Sahil: Ma allow bhai. ( Sahil POV: Atleat he can miss this boring Diwali)
Sujata: Teek hai but you must be in home by 12:00 tonight.
Sanskar: Yes mom. Thanks.

Isn’t this episode nice. Plz comment.

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