My Lovestory SWASAN RAGLAK Episode 4


Hiii back with new episode. And here are the links of previous episodes. Episode 1

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Here we go,
Shekhar and Ayush enters Maheshwari mansion. They ring the bell. Ap opens the door. She is shocked to see Shehar.
Ap: Shekhar Bhai. You here. Come inside.
Shekhar: Ha.
Trio goes inside.
Dp was talking to someone in phone. He turned back and is shocked to Shekhar. Dp shouts Shekhar!!!!
He runs and was about to hug him. But stops and Shekhar also knows the reason.
Shekhar: Sry, Dp actually………….
Dp: You no need to give any explanations. You forgot your friends.
Shekhar: Don’t say like that Dp.

Dp: Ok. Leave about that. Come on hug me otherwise I will die here.
Saying this Dp hugs Shekhar tightly and even shekhar. Then rp comes.
Rp: Hey Shekhar!!! Forgot me.
Shekhar sees Rp and even hugs him. He releases
Shekhar: In these many days I missed you all. Even you Ap and Sujatha.
Sujatha: Ha hum bhi bhaisa.
Ap: Bhai come and sit. And even you beta………………
Ayush: Aunty. You didn’t remember me. That’s not fair.
Sujatha: But I remembered you Ayush.
Ayush takes the blessings of ap and sujata.
Shekhar: Ha durga, he is my only son Ayush. And Ayush this is dp and rp uncle.
Ayush: Namaste uncle. Dad says about you both all the time.
Dp: Hi ayush, do you remember adarsh??
Ayush: How can I forget him, uncle? And where is he????
Dp: Sry beta, actually he went to park with parineeta.
Just then Laksh and Sahil comes.
Dp: Laksh, Sahil come here.

They both go to dp.
Laksh: What happened papa?
Dp: Do you remember him????
Laksh and Sahil see Shekhar and starts memorizing their past. Still they don’t remember him.
Then suddenly from back someone shouts “Haa!!! Papa Shekhar uncle”
They turn back and see Sanskar.
Shekhar: Is he……….
Rp: Haa. He is my son Sanskar.
Sanskar comes down and takes shekhar blessing.
Sanskar: Ha Ayush bhai, how are you???

Ayush is shocked as sanskar didn’t met him even and even every one there are shocked.
Ayush: How did you remembered me, Sanskar?
Sanskar: Arree bhayya, u are the only son of shekhar uncle? Aren’t you?
Laksh and Sahil still didn’t remembered anything as they are still small that time.
Laksh: But bhai I didn’t remember anything.
Sanskar: Arre Laksh aur Sahil. He is our shekhar uncle, shekhar uncle. Remember.
Laksh and Sahil are trying even. Laksh remembers something.
Laksh: Lado’s dad, right???
Shekhar(shocked): Ho you still remember Ragini?
Sahil: Yes shekhar uncle.

The conversation goes like this. Adarsh and Parineeta comes. Adarsh brings Pari slowly as she is pregnant.
Ayush: Adarsh!!!!!!
Every one see adarsh and pari coming.
They reach down.
Adarsh goes and hugs Ayush.
Adarsh: Oye Ayush how are you ra??
Ayush: Fine ra and Adarsh, this much fast in upgrading your family?? He winks.
Adarsh sees pari and understood his intension.
Adarsh: You still didn’t changed? Even ur time comes don’t worry

They all had fun time. But it is boring chatting for Sahil.
Shekhar: Had fun time with you durga and ram? Time to return.
Dp: This much early.
Ayush: Actually we even want to be here but our house ladies gang will be angry on us?
Dp: Oh how is sumi behen?
Shekhar feels sad but: Actually durga she died in an accident.
Every one mood becomes off after listening this.
Dp consoles shekhar.
Dp: Tomorrow all of you should come here for Diwali celebration.
Shekhar: Damn sure uncle.

Shekhar and Ayush leaves mm and reach baadi.

In baadi its 9:30 p.m.,
Riya, Ragini and Swara will be waiting for Ayush and Shekhar and even are worried for them.
Both of them enters,
Swara and Ragini runs and hugs Shekhar and Ayush.
Swara: Papa, why are you late today?
Ragini: Ha baba, even Bhai is late to home
Ayush: Sry for you 3, actually we went to meet dp ji.
Riya: Who is dp ji?

Swara remembers something.
Swara(Excitedly): Sanky’s bade papa.
By saying Sanky, Ragini remembers something.
Ragini: Lucky’s dad.
Ayush and shekhar are shocked listening their both names.
Shekhar: How do you remember them.
Swara: Actually we are childhood friends na.
Ragini: But papa, they are shifted to Mumbai na.
Ayush: But again they came back.
Ragz: Ohhh.

Shekhar: We are going for dinner to their house tomorrow.
Swara: Interesting.
Ragz: Papa, you can say all these later but see we went to Diwali shopping.
Riya: So papaji it’s our wish to see our dresses.
Swara, Ragini and Riya starts showing them.
Riya and Swaragini bring two gift packed covers. They both go to Ayush and Shekhar.
Trio: Surprise!!!!
And gives the gift covers to both.
They both take and open it.
They are surprised to see 2 beautiful sherwanis.
Ayush: Wow!! Riya this sherwani is Awesome. Whose selection is this???
Swaragini sees towards Riya.
Ayush: So Riya this is ur selection. It’s very nice. And also temptingggg ( He winks at her)

Riya blushes. Shekhar: By the way, whose selection is this?
Riya: It’s Swaragini’s selection
Shekhar: Really its nice.
Ragz: Thanks papa.


So how’s the episode. Is it boring or interesting. If boring or interesting. Plzz comment.

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